On this Developments page are listed all the proposed new football stadiums and stands, that I am aware of for the Premier & Football League Clubs. The page is divided into; firstly, those developments that are currently being built. Secondly, those that are not far off (i.e. within in a season or two, but plans are pretty well advanced). Thirdly those that are on the radar (a bit further off in terms of time, but may well happen) and lastly those where its anyone's guess if the proposals will actually come to fruition. If you know of any others or can give me updates on those below then please e-mail me:

Being Built

Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham Hotspur New Stadium

The Club have commenced with the building of a new 61,559 all seater stadium, on the existing White Hart Lane site. Works are well underway with part of the structure of the new stadium now in place as well as the complete demolition of the old ground. It is believed that the new stadium will cost in the region of £450m. and will be open for the start of the 2018/19 season. Meaning that Spurs will play the entire 2017/18 season at Wembley Stadium whilst it is being built. The new stadium will feature a large single tiered home end, which with a capacity of 17,500, will be the largest in Britain. The artists impressions show above is courtesy of the official Tottenham Hotspur FC website where more images can be viewed. 22.7.17

Thanks to Doug Bagley for sharing this photo of the new stadium building work outside White Hart Lane. It was taken in April 2017:

New Tottenham Hotspur Stadium Building Work 2017

Exeter City

The Club have commenced with the building of a new 2,800 capacity stand, which is replacing the former old Grandstand that had stood since 1926. The new single tiered stand will be all seated. Although fairly standard looking, it is going to be much larger than the present Grandstand and will afford better spectator facilities and better views of the playing action as it is supporting pillar free.Like its predecessor though it will not run the full length of the pitch, due to the very close proximity of a railway line, running behind this side of the ground. It is expected that the new Grandstand will open in October 2018. The artists' impression below of the new stand is provided courtesy of the official Exeter City FC website, where more information and images of the progress works can be found. 31.10.17

New Exeter City Grandstand

The Club  have  also purchased a covered terrace from Barnet FC, which was in place at the North End at the Hive Stadium ,  before a new all seated stand was constructed. It is intended that this pre-fabricated stand will be erected at the St James' Park End of the Exeter ground. Preparatory earthworks have commenced  to put  in place a foundation for the stand to sit on. Once complete it will be the first time that away fans have had cover at that end and should further to help to boost the atmosphere inside St James' Park.


The Club have commenced with preparation works at the North End of the ground, for a  new 1,500 all seated covered stand, to be put in place. The stand which is believed to be costing around £1m, should be ready for the start of the 2018/19 season. It has been financed partly by the Football Foundation and the rest from supporters via a bond scheme.

An artists impression on how the new stand will look:

New North Stand

Image courtesy of the Stevenage FC website.

Ebbsfleet United

The Club have announced ambitious plans to effectively build a new stadium on the current site of Stonebridge Road. The new stadium, which will be built in phases will have a capacity of around 8,500, including 2,000 seats. The first phase of the proposed development has been completed with the opening of the new Main Stand. The other sides of the ground (and alas the final demise of the classic looking old Main Stand) will also be redeveloped, including next, the Swanscombe End. Works are due to start in January 2018 to upgrade the existing open terrace, to increase the overall capacity of the Kuflink Stadium to 4,790, which will fulfil league criteria. 

The Club have also received planning permission to build a new terrace at the Plough End. This will also include the building of a new tall hotel building situated directly behind it. The terrace which will have a capacity of 1,750, but will be built in such a way that it can easily be converted to seating at a later stage if needed. The Club are expected to commence with the building of the terrace and hotel in 2018, with the works taking a year to complete. At some point, after this, the classic looking old Main Stand will also be redeveloped with a new stand. 12.12.17

Derry City

The Club have commenced with the redevelopment of the West side of Brandywell Park.This will involve the construction of a new Main Stand. The Club will groundshare for the 2017 season, whilst the building takes place. Initially 'home' games will be played at Maginn Park in Buncrana, which is in County Donegal, in the Irish Republic, around 15 miles away from Derry. 20.2.17

Gloucester City

The Club were forced to leave their Meadow Park ground in July 2007, after some of the worst flooding recorded in the area, engulfed the stadium, with water almost reaching the height of the crossbars! The Club have been desperately trying to return to Meadow Park, but only recently have received planning permission to build a new stadium on the Meadow Park site. The new 4,000 capacity stadium will include a 1,000 seat Main Stand. To prevent future flooding the stadium site will be raised by four metres. Works have commenced with the demolition and clearance of the old ground and preparatory works are now taking place for construction of the new stadium to begin. 27.6.17


The Club have commenced with the building of a sizeable extension to the Main Stand. The stand which is being extended towards the South End of the ground will have an additional 800 seats. In fact the extension is around twice the size of the existing Main Stand. It is due to be completed by the end of this year and should increase the overall capacity at the Silverlake Stadium to around 6,000. 1.9.17

York City

After a number of delays, work has finally begun on the construction of a new 8,000 capacity all seated stadium at Monks Cross, which is located just over four miles away from the centre of York. The new stadium will form part of a larger development, including a cinema and leisure complex with swimming pool. It is expected that the stadium will be completed in June 2019. The new stadium will become home to both York City Football Club and York Knights Rugby League Club. 12.12.17

York Community Stadium

The artists impression above of how the stadium will look is courtesy of the York Community Stadium website, where more images and information can be found.

Not far off...

Accrington Stanley

The Club have announced plans to build a new stand on the Whinney Hill side of the ground. The single tiered covered stand, will have a capacity of 1,500 seats. The Club have yet to announce formal time scales as to when construction will take place, however it is expected to take place before the end of this 2017/18 season. The artists impression below of how the new stand will look and others can be found on the official Accrington Stanley website. 

New Whinney Hill Stand

AFC Wimbledon

The Club  are  progressing well with their intention to build a new stadium on the site of the Wimbledon Greyhound Stadium. All relevant agreements and permissions are now in place to commence works in clearing the site in early 2018 with the construction of the new stadium starting in July 2018. It is expected that the new stadium will take 12 months to complete. The new ground will have an initial capacity of 11,000 seats but will be built in such a way that it can be easily expanded to 20,000 at a later date. 18.12.17

New AFC Wimbledon Stadium

Above is an artists impression of how the new stadium might look, courtesy of the official AFC Wimbledon website, were other images can be found.

The Club have applied for planning permission to increase the capacity of the Hive Stadium to 8,500. This will involve the construction of a new covered seated South Stand at one end of the ground, replacing the current terrace. Although similar in design to the North Stand which was opened in 2016, it will be larger with a capacity of over 2,000. The Club will also replace the seating on the East side of the stadium with terracing. As part of the application, the Club  are  seeking to have lifted the restriction that currently limits the maximum number of spectators that can attend a match to 5,176. There may be some opposition to the scheme by local residents, but if it approved then the Club already have the finances in place and so can move quickly forward on the project.  Drawings of the plans can be viewed on the Barnet FC website. 5.12.17
Boston United

The Club are planning to build a new 5,000 capacity stadium, located South West of the town, just off the A16 near Woodside. However, it was expected that works would have commenced on the building of the stadium by now, although other elements of the wider regeneration project known as Quadrant, are underway. The Club  have  been able to extend their lease on the Jakemans Stadium, past the original expiry date of January 2018, although the Club  have  not announced how long they have extended the lease for. With costs of the proposed new stadium rising then it will be interesting to see how this progresses. .Artists impressions of the new stadium and details of the wider regeneration project for the area can be viewed on the Quadrant Project website. 17.11.17.


The Club have received planning permission to build a new 17,250 capacity stadium on a site at Lionel Road (which is located in-between Kew Bridge Railway Station and the M4), which is located just under two miles away from Griffin Park. It is expected that construction will begin in March 2018, with the stadium completed in late 2019 or early 2020. 15.8.17

New Brentford Stadium

Shown above is an artists impression of how the new stadium may look. This image is shown courtesy of the Brentford FC website.

Plymouth Argyle

The Club have now secured funding to finally redevelop the Grandstand side of the ground with a new 5,000 capacity stand. It is hoped that works will commence in March 2018 with the new stand taking around 12 months to complete. 27.8.17

Oxford United

The Club have received planning permission for a fourth stand at the current unused end of the Kassam Stadium. It is likely that this will be temporary in nature and will have around 735 seats.12.9.16


The Club  have  announced plans to replace the existing terrace at the North End of the ground, with a new 1,600 all seated covered stand. The stand will cost £950,000 and the Club have been approved a grant of £450,000 from the Football Foundation towards it. The remainder has been raised from supporters, so expect soon an announcement as to when works will commence. 29.8.17

On the radar


The Club have announced their intention to leave Dean Court and build a new a 25,000 capacity stadium. As the Club do not own Dean Court, they have decided that the future long term growth and security of the Club would be best achieved by having a ground that they owned. The Club  have  identified a site quite close to the current ground in Kings Park in an area which includes an existing athletics stadium. It is expected that detailed plans will soon be announced. The Club have signalled their aim to be kicking off the 2020/21 season at the new ground. 12.7.17


New Stamford Bridge Stadium

The Club have announced that they have now received planning permission to build a new 60,000 capacity stadium on the existing Stamford Bridge site. Designed by Swiss Architects Herzog & de Meuron, who also designed the Bird's Nest Stadium in Beijing, the new proposed Stamford Bridge looks quite unusual. Whether the local residents will be impressed remains to be seen! This artists impression as well as others from Herzog & de Meuron, can be viewed on the de Zeen Magazine website. 10.1.17


The clubs owners have purchased land near Camperdown Park and Dundee Ice Arena, with a view to possibly building a new stadium for the Club. The site is located on the North Western edge of Dundee, around two and half miles away from Dens Park. It is believed that a planning application will be made during 2017. 4.3.17


The Club have purchased a site at Bramley Moore Dock with the aim of building a new 50,000+ stadium there. The Bramley Moore Dock is located on the East Bank of the River Mersey and is north of the City Centre. Formal plans and proposals of how the stadium may look have yet to be announced. 4.9.17

Forest Green Rovers

The Club have put in plans to the Local Council for approval, to build a new 5,000 capacity stadium near to Junction 13 of the M5. If successful then the new stadium would be build in such a way that the capacity could easily be expanded to 10,000 at a future date. Interestingly and in keeping with Club's green credentials the new stadium is to be mostly constructed of wood. The Club have also selected World renowned architects Zaha Hadid to design the new stadium. Zaha Hadid are currently involved in designing new stadiums for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and previous works have included the Aquatic Centre built in London for the 2012 Olympic Games. The image below of an artists impression of how the new stadium will look is supplied courtesy of the Forest Green Rovers website where more images of the proposed stadium can be viewed. 8.3.17

New Forest Green Rovers Stadium


The Club have announced that they intend to seek planning permission before the end of 2017 to build a new Riverside Stand, plus apartments and a pub/restaurant. The new stand will be quite sizeable, having a capacity of just under 9,000. If built this would take the overall capacity at Craven Cottage to over 30,000. The plans have been put out for public consultation and more information can be found on the Hammersmith and Fulham Local Council website. 1.10.17

Grimsby Town

The Club have announced their intention leave Blundell Park and move to a new stadium, to be built at Peaks Parkway. The site at Peaks Parkway, which is located two miles South of Grimsby (and around 2.5 miles due West of Blundell Park), has been identified as a preferred site and is land owned by North East Lincolnshire Council, who would be partners in the development. The site would see the building of a new 14,000 capacity stadium, as well as an ice rink and other leisure facilties. Formal planning permission for the scheme is now being sought by the Club and its partners. 12.2.17

Luton Town

The Club have recently announced that they are to seek planning permission to build a new 22,500 capacity stadium, at a site known as Power Court, which near to Luton Railway Station. There are lot of hurdles that need to be overcome before this new stadium can become a reality, but at least the Club are now moving in the right direction. Below is an artists impression of how the new stadium will look. This plus lots more information can be found on the 2020 Developments website. 12.6.16

New Proposed Luton Town Stadium at Power Court

The Club have received outline permission to expand the Anfield Road End, which could further boost the overall capacity of Anfield to 60,000. No formal timescales  have been announced as to when this might take place, although the current planning permission expires in 2019. 18.12.17
Manchester City

The club have planning permission to extend The North Stand by constructing a new third tier. This could add approx. 6,250 seats. A timescale for this work has not been announced. Once these developments are finished the overall capacity will rise to around 61,000 making it the second largest football stadium in the country. 1.10.15

Manchester United

It is believed that the club are now actively considering rebuilding the old Sir Bobby Charlton (Main) Stand on one side of the ground. This side of the stadium is the only side that hasn't been rebuilt or expanded in the last 20 years. Up to now the close proximity of a railway line directly behind this stand has meant that any redevelopment would result in a stand that didn't have much more capacity than the present structure. However, as building technology and stadium design has evolved, it is now thought that a much bigger stand could be put in place that would increase the overall capacity of Old Trafford to just under 90,000. Already Old Trafford has the largest capacity ground of any league club in the British Isles and if this expansion goes ahead it will become the second largest football club ground in Europe, with only Barcelona's Nou Camp being larger at over 99,000. 20.12.17

Southend United

The club  have  submitted plans to build a new 22,000 capacity stadium at Fossetts Farm, just behind the club’s training ground in Eastern Avenue.The scheme plans also to feature a hotel, retail space, a cinema, plus indoor soccer pitches and residential accommodation. It planning permission is quickly forthcoming then works could start towards the end of this year. However,  initially  the stadium will be restricted to a capacity of 14,000 and will only have three sides. It is hoped that revenue generated from the new build will then be used to fund future developments. 29.4.17

Swansea City

The Club have put in a formal planning application to extend the capacity of the Liberty Stadium to 34,000. The first phase of the developments would see an additional tier being added to the East Stand, increasing the number of seats by 6,000. This would be followed at a later stage with additional tiers being added to both ends of the stadium. No time scales have been announced as to when these developments would take place. 17.4.14

Anyone's guess when....

New stadiums

Carlisle United

The Club have announced that they are looking at the possibility of leaving Brunton Park and moving to a new stadium. Originally it was proposed that this might be built in the Kingmoor Park area, in North Carlisle (near to Junction 44 of the M6), but this seems to have stalled. More recently moves have been made to find an alternative site that is more centrally located. The proposed capacity of the new stadium is around 12,000.  17.3.13

Colchester United

Alison Wells informs me; 'When the stadium was built the necessary foundations were put in place so that the capacity could be easily increased at a later date. This would include filling in the corners, which would increase the capacity to around 12,500. A second tier could also be added onto the North, South and East stands, raising the total capacity still further to 18,000. There are no time scales as to when this may take place.'

Crystal Palace

Jack Laws informs me; 'The Club have announced that they wish to redevelop Selhurst Park in a modern stadium with a capacity around 35-40,000. It is intended that this will be achieved by replacing one stand at a time, starting with the Main Stand on one side. No timescales have been given as to when this might happen.'


The Club have re-announced their desire to move to a new stadium. Land near to the Club's Beeching's Cross training ground has been suggested by the Club as a possible new stadium site. The scheme which is being referred to as the Medway Village is dependant on obtaining a retail partner to provide finance for the scheme, plus getting the agreement of Medway Council. It is still very much at the feasibility stage. If the Club were to move then Priestfield would be re-developed for housing. 18.6.12

Lincoln City

The Club have announced that they are looking at the prospect of building a new stadium on the Western side of Lincoln, towards the end of Beevor Street, around one and a half miles away from Sincil Bank. The Club are proposing to build a 10-12,000 capacity stadium and are hoping to design something unique. However, the proposed site has poor access and is hemmed in by railway lines, so a bridge will need to be built to give access, which could be a stumbling block. 1.5.17

Rotherham United

The stadium has been built in such a way and the necessary foundations have been put in place to further expand the stadium capacity to 20,000. This would be achieved by adding an additional tier to the North, South and East Stands. This may be done in phases; a first to 16,000 and then the second phase to 20,000. 12.5.13

New stands

Aston Villa

The Club have received planning permission to re-develop the North Stand. This would involve building a new stand that would extend around the current open corners at that end of the stadium. There are currently no firm timescales as to when this will take place.

Charlton Athletic

Mike Keeler informs me; 'The Club have now got planning permission from Greenwich Council to increase the capacity of the Valley to 30,900. This will involve adding a second tier to the East Stand as well as the 'filling in' of the South East corner of the stadium'. However formal time scales have yet to be announced as to when this will take place.

George Packman adds; 'The Club intend to increase the capacity of the Valley to over 40,000. Following on from the first phase of the scheme, which would see an additional tier added to the East Stand, the Club then intend to re-develop the Jimmy Seed (South) Stand. This would be replaced with a similar looking structure to the existing North Stand. This would result in the Valley becoming totally enclosed and boosting capacity to 37,000. Lastly a third tier could be added to the new South Stand at a later stage, meaning that the Valley would have a final capacity of 40,600'.

Crewe Alexandra

At some point in the future, the club hopes to replace the Blue Bell BMW Stand (formerly known as the Popular Side) with a new two tiered stand, which will also contain executive boxes.

Derby County

The stadium has been built in such a way that an additional tier could be added to three sides of the stadium, namely the North, East and South Stands. This would increase the capacity of Pride Park to around 44,000. However, this is unlikely to happen unless the Club become established in the Premier League.

Hull City

Craig Harper informs me; 'The Club have plans to add an additional tier to both the East & South Stands, which will increase the capacity of the KC Stadium to around 34,000'. However, no firm timescales have been announced as to when this may take place.

Ipswich Town

The Club would at some point like to re-develop the Cobbold Stand and boost the capacity of the ground to 40,000. However this is unlikely to happen unless the Club established itself once again as a Premier League Club.

Leicester City

The stadium has been built in such a way, that if required, an additional tier could be built onto the East Stand. This would increase the capacity to 42,000.

Newcastle United

The Club have announced plans to re-develop the Gallowgate End of the stadium. The plans which also include the construction of a new conference centre, hotel and residential apartments, would see the overall capacity of the ground increase to around 60,000. The plans are subject to local authority approval and as of yet no formal timescales as to when this might take place have been announced.

Norwich City

Craig Johnson informs me; 'The Club have announced that at some point they would look at possibly replacing the Geoffrey Watling City Stand, with a new 12,000 seatstand, raising the overall capacity of Carrow Road to 35,000.  There is also still the option to add an additional tier to the Jarrold (South) Stand (the foundations are already in place) which would further raise the capacity of the ground to around 39,000.'

Oxford United

Foundations have been put in place for the future construction of a fourth stand, at the West End of the stadium. However it is unlikely that this will be built for at least a couple of years.

Queens Park Rangers

The Club have announced that they are planning to build a new 40,000 seater stadium at Old Oak in North West London. However the Club have yet to purchase the required land from its present owners, who it is believed are not willing to sell. So we'll have to wait and see as to whether this proposed scheme actually progresses. 27.9.14


The Club have received planning permission to increase the capacity of the stadium to 38,000. This would involve further extending three sides of the stadium (the West Stand would remain as it is) and replacing the roof and would take around three years to complete. This would be achieved by first by increasing the size of the East Stand, adding around 7,000 additional seats. The following year the North Stand would be extended adding another 3,500 seats and a year later a similar construction would happen at the South end of the stadium. However, it is unclear when work will commence and it would probably be dependant on the Club gaining promotion to the Premier League.

Sheffield United

The Club have announced their intention to further develop the Kop End of the ground. It has been proposed that the stand be extended backwards, adding around another 3,000 seats to the overall capacity of Bramall Lane. The stand would be cantilevered (so no supporting pillars) with a video screen built into the front of the roof (reminiscent of White Hart Lane). The development would also see some executive boxes added to the back of the Evolution corner, whilst in the corner between the Kop and the South Stand, a business centre would be built. No firm timescales have been announced as to when work might start. An artists impression of how the stand might look can be found on the Sheffield United website.

Sheffield Wednesday

The Club had previously announced plans to increase the capacity at Hillsborough to almost 45,000. This was primarily through the proposed expansion of the Leppings Lane End, including the building of an additional tier and the 'filling in' of the corner between this and the South Stand. This was in the hope that England would win the bid to stage the 2018 World Cup (Hillsborough was listed as one of the potential venues). However the failure of this bid, means that plans have been shelved for the time being. They may be 'dusted off' if the Club gain promotion to the Premier League. 29.1.12

Shrewsbury Town

The stadium has been built in such a way that the corners of the stadium can later be filled with seating, which would raise capacity to around 12,500. However the Club have not announced as to when this will take place.


Kevin Davis informs me; 'The club have secured planning permission to add another 7,200 to the Metro FM (South) Stand, which would take the capacity to 55,000. The club have not yet confirmed when (if ever) they will go ahead with this. If the club then proceed after this to add another tier to the McEwans Stand the the final capacity would be around 64,000'.

West Bromwich Albion

The Club are believed to be drawing up plans to expand the capacity of the Hawthorns to over 30,000 by either redeveloping or adding an additional tier to the Halfords Lane Stand.


The Club have announced that they have been granted planning permission to redevelop the Sign Specialists (William Sharp) end of the ground. The new stand would look similar to the Tile Choice Stand and add 2,300 seats to the stadium, raising the overall capacity to 13,500. It would also mean that up to 4,000 away supporters could be accommodated at that end. The back of the stand will also feature a giant advertising hoarding, clearly visible from the M6. However there are no firm time scales as to when this might actually happen.

Wolverhampton Wanderers

The Club have made it known that they are once again looking at expanding the capacity of Molineux to around 40,000, if and when the Club return to the Premier League. The Club have previously received planning permission to re-develop the Steve Bull (East) Stand. Along with a new stand on that side of the ground, the Club are also looking at investigating the feasibility of building a new large single tiered stand to replace the Sir Jack Hayward (South Bank) Stand at one end. 10.10.17

Yeovil Town

The Club are investigating the possibility of building a new 3,500 capacity seated stand at the Copse Road End of the stadium. It is believed that this would be dependant on selling some land adjacent to Huish Park for retail development.