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Free bet Codes (valid for Apr 2021)

Intro to free bet promo codes

At some point in your life, you have no doubt stumbled across the term ‘promo codes’. These little beauties can be applied to a whole scope of things, and generally, a promo code is designed to benefit the user in some way, shape, or form. As you might have guessed from the title of this post, promo codes can also be applied to your online betting accounts as a way to unlock some pretty exciting rewards.

Now, free bet promo codes will naturally be different for each individual betting site, and they won’t always guarantee the user the same bonus as what is available elsewhere. It’s not that free bet promo codes provide players with a minefield to navigate by any means, but it is important that you pick and choose codes that suit your ultimate needs and goals.

As an example, if you are looking for online sports betting rewards, it wouldn’t make sense to then go and apply some casino promo codes to your account. We will be touching upon all of these details within this article, but for now, let’s delve a little deeper and identify exactly what free bet promo codes can achieve for you. This is covered in the section below.

What promo codes can do for you

Generally speaking, promo codes are mainly targeted towards new customers who are considering signing up with a new online betting site. If you are reading this post, it is highly likely that you would fit this description, and the whole point of using promo codes in the first place is to unlock exclusive sign up bonuses. In some instances, it can be the case that a promo code must be applied to get a standard welcome offer, but in other cases, a promo code can give you an even greater boost when you register for a new account.

As a quick example, if a standard sign up offer was a £20 free bet for a site, yet the offer available through the promo code is a £30 free bet, it is then obvious that it is more beneficial to apply the promo code and get the higher offer. Note that things won’t always work this way, but this is a way in which you could use free bet promo codes to your advantage.

It isn’t just free bets that promo codes can bag you either, which we will be covering in more detail a little later in the post. With this said, what you do need to understand for now is that promo codes are a great tool to use for new customers to receive exclusive bonuses and further rewards when creating a brand new online betting account.

Just before we continue, we would like to note that it can be difficult to find sites that give out reliable promo codes for you to use. If a site isn’t reliable or trustworthy, you might find that the codes advertised are expired, or just don’t work to begin with. This is why we are happy that you’ve found a site like this one and are reading a post where you can trust the information provided.

Sites with bonuses assigned to promo codes

Assuming that you are based in the UK, you have the great advantage of having an enormous pool of betting sites to choose from and sign up with. With this said, this effectively translates to players based in the UK having a much wider pool of sign up bonuses to take advantage of too. As you can see, this is an extremely positive position to be in, but we would like to take the time to show you some sites where free bet promo codes can be applied for some of the top welcome offers in the nation.

Paddy Power

Paddy Power is a fantastic online betting site that operates within the UK market. This site has some of the best horse racing betting markets you can find, and it even has live streaming for domestic and international races. To add to the appeal of the Paddy Power site, you can use our free bet bonus codes to grab a £20 risk-free sports bet. This is twice the value of the standard sportsbook sign up offer with Paddy Power!

William Hill

Just like Paddy Paddy, we have some exclusive bonus codes that can also be applied if you choose to sign up with William Hill. Right now, if you decide to sign up with the use of these codes, you can bag yourself a rather handy £40 in free sports bets. These can be claimed following just a £10 initial wager within the sportsbook, and let us tell you now, William Hill has one of the most extensive sportsbooks in the UK.


Ladbrokes football betting

If you’ve walked down any high-street in the UK before, there’s a fair chance that you have seen some of Ladbrokes’ stores. This brand has been involved in the UK betting industry for an extremely long time, and during this journey, it has grown to become one of the most reputable and successful brands that there has ever been. Through its online platform, new customers can grab £20 in free sports bets, and there is more than £100 in further rewards for the other available products.


When we talk about online betting bonuses, things really don’t get much better than what you’ll find with Coral. This betting site has more than 5 different gaming products for members to use, and there is an exclusive sign up offer available for every single one of them. Not only that, but Coral is super generous with handing out bonuses for existing players too, which makes this site quite different from some of the others in the UK.


The final betting site that we’d like to bring to your attention is Betfred, or as you might know them as – The Bonus King. Betfred, like many of the other sites in this list, is one of the most long-standing and indeed the most successful brands in the UK today. While this site is well regarded as having one of the best online casino libraries, it is actually a terrific site for other online betting options too. This includes sports betting, poker, bingo, and several other products. You can sink your teeth into a whole scope of rewards on the Betfred site right now too, with well over £100 up for grabs for all new customers.

Products with bonuses resulting from promo codes

As we have touched upon in earlier sections of this post, bonus codes can apply to a range of different online betting products. It is by no means the case that promo codes can only be used to obtain sportsbook bonuses, casino bonus, or any other product. In fact, online promo codes are pretty versatile things, so let’s run you through some of the more common online products that you can use promo codes for.

Sports betting

Of course, the first product on this list has to be sports betting. Not only is this the product where you will find the most bonuses for new players, but it is also the product with the greatest variety of bonuses too. You can use online bonuses to bet on a whole range of sports, including ones that are hugely favourable among UK punters like football, rugby, tennis, and horse racing. These bonuses can come in the form of free bets, profit boosts, insurance, and so many others.


Arguably, the product that has the second greatest variety and indeed the number of bonuses is online casinos. As you might imagine, promo codes will result in a slightly different set of bonuses for online casinos. Some of these bonuses include free spins, deposit matches, a combination of these, and even weekly/monthly prize draws.


Online poker might not be as popular as online sports betting or casino play, but it is still a product that entertains thousands of players every year. Some of the more common bonuses associated with promo codes for online poker include free tickets to cash tournaments, as well as insurance for a set time period. These can pop-up for both new and existing players, but they are generally more common for new players.


You might not have thought it, but online bingo is having quite a surge in popularity in recent years. This is largely thanks to the various adaptations that have been made from regular offline bingo into the way that it is now played online. There are loads of varieties for online bingo these days, including 90-ball and 75-ball games, different themes, but most importantly, low ticket prices and hundreds of players involved! Concerning promo codes, however, they can often entitle you to free bingo tickets, exclusive prize draws, and other promotions.

Live Casino

While the clue is somewhat given in the name here, through the various live casino platforms that are online today, you can get the real feel of a live casino without the need to even leave your home. Games can be up and running around the clock thanks to the streaming measures that are now in place on the top sites, and in the way of bonuses, you can often enjoy free casino play, ‘golden tickets’ at certain live tables, and even insurance against net losses.

Main types of offers you can find

We’ve highlighted quite a number of the bonuses that promo codes can set you up for in the previous section, but as a bit of a recap, we’d like to go into a bit more detail for the most common and indeed the most popular ones that you can redeem. All of this information is given for you below.

Bet X receive Y

This promotion, such as bet 5 get 10, is much more common for sports betting than for any other product, and you will generally need to bet through a pre-set amount of money in order to unlock your free bets. In rare cases, you could get a no deposit free bet, whereby you won’t need to deposit and wager anything at all, but this isn’t quite as common.

Risk-free sports bet

A risk-free bet is sometimes referred to as an insurance bet, as you are effectively protected by the betting provider through these offers. As an example, if you see a £10 risk-free sports bet, this simply means that on your first bet, you really cannot lose. This is because the site will reimburse you if your wager does not win.

Deposit match

Unlike the previous two bonuses described above, you’ll find that deposit match offers claimed through promo codes are generally reserved for online casinos or other products. It is very rare that you’ll find such offers for sports betting. With this said, a deposit match is often presented as a percentage of your first deposit, and some of them will give you a chance to double your money if they are up to 100% or more.

Free tickets

‘Tickets’, in this instance, refer to entry tickets for either poker or bingo play. Since you must actually purchase a ticket to engage in any online bingo games, and you definitely need to purchase tickets to compete in cash-poker events, these freebies can get you involved for no cost at all. Obviously this is pretty beneficial, especially when considering that you could also win some cash in these events.

Free spins

The final offer that you can regularly find for online casinos is free spins. Just like the others on this list, you might need to apply some casino bonus codes to get such offers, but free spins are always some of the most exciting offers. All you need to do is grab the offer, visit the game that they apply to, and then set the reels to ‘auto-spin’ – it doesn’t get much easier than that!