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How to get the Best betting Odds? Check out our comparison tool

Best Betting Odds Overview

In the world of online sports betting, there is one particular element that has an enormous impact on the satisfaction with your chosen provider, as well as the potential returns in the long run. Of course, we are referring to the odds that each individual bookmaker provides across the board. And to state the obvious, it can be fairly difficult to decipher which bookmakers actually do provide the best betting odds. After all, they all seem to claim to have the very top odds, but this obviously can’t be true for them all!

On that note, we’d like to discuss some of the bookmakers that truly do offer the best odds across the board in the UK. But we won’t be stopping there – we will also be highlighting how you can perform your very own odds comparison between various sites, as well as which bookmakers have the best odds according to some of the more popular sporting events for punters to bet on. As you can imagine, this is all fairly important information for you to become familiar with, so let’s get started.

Our pick of the UK’s top 4

As stated above, there are all kinds of bookmakers that claim to have the best odds in the UK, but how can you tell the pretenders from the genuine ones? Well, it can be difficult, especially if you try to research this information on your own. However, if you’ve got a well-versed team that does this research, you’ve got a better chance of actually finding the bookmakers that do have the top odds. Thankfully, we have such a team at our disposal, which is why we’ve been able to shortlist the bookmakers in the UK that really do have the best betting odds. Check them out right here.

Paddy Power

If you’ve stumbled across Paddy Power in the past, you’ll know that these guys have one particular sport where they truly excel – horse racing. Not only does Paddy Power offer tremendous betting odds for most horse races that they cover, but the site also comes up with unique markets where the odds have been given an extra special boost. This basically means that Paddy Power has pumped the price of that particular market, meaning that if you back it and it does win, your returns will be significantly larger. But here’s something that many punters don’t actually know about Paddy Power – it’s not just horse racing where you’ll find solid odds, as Paddy Power offers extremely competitive odds for many other sports.


If you’re looking for all-around quality, the bet365 app is a platform that will rarely let you down. Not only have these guys managed to establish one of the best sportsbooks in the business, but they also have incredible odds for a large number of sports and events. One of the sports where bet365 really do come into their own as far as odds are concerned is for football, both domestically and on an international scale. When looking at an average market here, you’ll usually find that bet365 equals or offers the price listed at other leading bookmakers. And beyond the odds, bet365 is loaded with premium features like cashouts, bet builders, live streaming, and even partial cashouts too.

William Hill

Besides the ‘best odds guarantee’ for horse racing that the William Hill joining offer has in place, there’s actually more than what meets the eye with William Hill. First of all, keep in mind that a best odds guarantee doesn’t actually indicate that the price you see is the best price in the market. It merely means that if you manage to find a better price and show it to them, it will then be matched. This can take a lot of legwork if you really wanted to go down this route. For us, we prefer the easier route of simply finding a sport where William Hill regularly offers fantastic odds, and this sport would be tennis. Not only can you live stream events from all around the world at William Hill, as long as you’ve got a funded account, but you can also benefit from sensational odds for a wide range of markets.


The final bookmaker we’d like to draw your attention to is Ladbrokes. Not only is this brand one of the most favoured in the entire UK, but it’s a site that has a few tricks up its sleeve when it comes to odds. First and foremost, Ladbrokes has two sports where it really provides top-level odds, and these sports include football and horse racing. But beyond these two sports, Ladbrokes customers can also benefit from two other features that can be used to unlock exceptional betting odds. One of these features is the option to use a ‘daily odds boost’, which will instantly bump the odds on any market you wish to bet on. To add to this, Ladbrokes is a big fan of selecting their own markets and giving them a boost – so you don’t have to!

How to analyze the odds ‘competitiveness’

best odds
Example of odds prices for a game between Chelsea & Altetico

Here is the real magic to finding those bookmakers that really do have the best betting odds. Basically, unless you are comfortable in knowing that you are wagering with a bookmaker that generally offers great odds (like the 4 mentioned above), you might want to perform a quick comparison to see what kind of value you are getting. Seasoned sports punters will likely have an idea of how to do this, but if you are relatively new to placing sports bets online, we’d like to show you how this is done.

Step 1 – choose your market

Before you even analyze the odds of any given market, you need to decide on what bet you actually want to make, first and foremost. This is the very first step in the process, and it’s one that you cannot skip. Before deciding on your market, make sure you perform some individual research to assess the true chances of this outcome happening. And remember, the higher the odds, the less chance (in theory) this outcome has of actually occurring. Of course, this is why the returns can be much greater if you go for riskier outcomes.

Step 2 – pick a handful of competitors

After finding your market, this is when you can begin to look at different sites and ‘shop around’ to find the best price. Let’s run through a quick example to keep things simple. Say that you’ve signed up with bet365, and you’ve found that they are offering odds of 2.50 for Manchester City to beat Barcelona in the Champions League. To then check out whether this is a fair price, you might want to jump over the Ladbrokes, Paddy Power, or even a betting exchange like Betfair to see what odds these guys are offering. If you find that bet365 has the best price for this market, it makes sense to place your wager with bet365.

However, for the sake of the example, let’s say that Betfair actually has odds of 2.80 for this same market. This is where you’d pump the brakes at bet365 and look for a different provider – ideally the one with the best odds.

Step 3 – bet with the best price

As stressed above, with our example, if Betfair offered the same market at 2.80, you would logically then go and make the bet with Betfair. Here’s another kicker to doing this however, you need to have an open account with each of the providers before you can make a wager with them. So, with that said, we’d suggest that you open an account with the providers in the UK that do provide the best odds. By doing so, every time you want to make a wager, you can quickly run through the price with each bookie, and then simply wager on the one with the best value.

To highlight just how much of an impact this can have, let’s assume you made a £10 wager on the market stated above. If you made this wager at bet365 at 2.50, you’d get a £25 return. If you made this bet with Betfair, you’d get a £28 return. You might be thinking, a £3 difference isn’t that much. However, if you’re a regular punter, and you did this 100 times, you’d have lost out on £300 by not taking the time to find the best odds.

Important competitions and who has the best odds

Among punters in the UK, there are certain competitions that carry more prestige and definitely attract more attention than others. We’ve listed these competitions below and concluded which the best bookmaker is in terms of the odds for these competitions.

Premier League Football

It almost goes without saying that football is the most popular sport to bet on in the UK, by a long way! And with the Premier League being the premier division for domestic football, it’s the league that generally receives the most interest from a betting perspective. On that note, there is one site that really provides the best betting odds for most Premier League games, and that bookmaker is bet365. It’s not like bet365 covers just a few markets for Premier League games either, for punters often have the option of 150+ markets when top teams clash.

Grand Slam Tennis

Believe it or not, tennis is actually one of the top sports as far as betting goes. Of course, in the UK we have Wimbledon (a major Grand Slam event), but beyond the domestic interest, punters like to bet on tennis as there is never the potential of the dreaded draw, like there is in football. Some say this makes it easier to predict, but regardless of personal opinions, if you like to bet on tennis and you want to get the best odds, it has to be William Hill that you go for. These guys always raise the bar for odds listed for both single games, outrights, and even accumulators!

Horse Racing – Grand National / Royal Ascot

Note that the two races mentioned above are just two examples of major horse races in the UK, but there are several others too. And in horse racing, punters often like to go for the outside bets given the enormous returns that they promise if that selected horse does in fact win. But whether you like to back an outsider or back the red hot favourite, there is one bookmaker that we highly recommend for major horse races, and that bookmaker is Paddy Power.

Boxing – Major Heavyweight Fights

Nothing beats the thrill of watching two heavyweights clash in boxing! But if there is one thing that comes close, it’s finding the bookmaker with the best betting odds before you make your wager. With that in mind, we’d actually stray away from the regular sportsbooks when betting on such major events. Instead, we’d recommend hunting down an exchange like Betfair or Smarkets, as these guys often come up with insane odds for heavyweight fights!

FAQs on bookmakers with the best betting odds

Is it difficult to sign up with the bookmakers you’ve mentioned?

No, not at all. Pretty much all of the bookmakers follow a fairly similar registration process, which often takes just a few minutes to complete. And if you’d like to go straight there, just follow our links to make it even easier.

Can I change the way in which odds are presented?

Absolutely. While a lot of bookmakers will have the default odds setting as ‘fractional’, you can usually change these odds into American and decimal if you want.

How long does it actually take to perform an odds comparison?

This depends really. But if you sign in to the betting accounts of the sites which you will be comparing, you can generally get an idea of the competitiveness of the odds in question within a minute or two.