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Arsenal vs Tottenham Prediction: Odds & betting tips

In this London derby, there are going to be absolute fireworks, and we’ve got the very best predictions for you ahead of this clash.

Tottenham vs Arsenal 2024: Top Operators to Choose


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Paddy Power

For football betting, Paddy Power is an absolute superstar. It has markets for all Premier League games, multiple leagues around Europe, and much more. For new customers, there is a great welcome offer too, which makes this brand all the more special.

Arsenal vs Tottenham 2024 Tips: Favorites to Win


The Gunners as they are affectionately referred to are a bit superior to Tottenham recently. While both teams have been struggling for form, it is Arsenal that seems to have turned the tables around in the best fashion. Tottenham is still struggling to find the ideal balance of team chemistry and individual play, much to the frustration of Mourinho. For this reason, Arsenal is the favourites for this one.

Who will win the game in 2024?


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Why is Arsenal listed as favourites?

Arsenal is listed as the favourites thanks to their recent surge in form, and their overall class as a team. To name a couple of key players, it is the likes of Aubamayeng and Ozil that are keeping the side afloat, and they can definitely cause some issues for Tottenham when they play in the next game. Tottenham clearly isn’t without their great players, but they don’t seem to gel quite as well as Arsenal’s recently, which is why the bookies have Arsenal down as favourites.

Arsenal vs Tottenham 2024 Tips: Underdogs

tottenham arsenal


When Mourhino took the reins at Tottenham, things started to look very promising. He has breathed new life into the team, and the fans have started to warm to the well-renowned manager. In recent months, he might have faltered a bit, but he’s still a very good manager, and Tottenham still has a great team. They can beat anyone on their day really, and Arsenal aren’t exactly the top team in the Premier League right now, so Tottenham definitely has a chance.

Arsenal vs Tottenham 2024Odds Comparison

These teams will not meet again until the 2020/2021 season, so you’ve got plenty of time to assess your bets and see what you’d like to wager on. Since the Premier League is now heading towards the summer break, there are transfers galore taking place, and the calendar has yet to be finalized. With this in mind, it almost goes without saying that Arsenal will be favoured by the bookmakers based on recent form, although this could change if Tottenham hosts them at home following decent form.

Most common bets for Arsenal vs Tottenham 2024 predictions


Ozil with an assist

Ozil has always been a great player, yet he seems to be a bit less attacking than he used to be. For this reason, it’s a good idea to look for an Ozil assist, especially given the more relaxed midfield role he has settled into at Arsenal. He can supply players all day long when he wants to, so this bet is a good shout.

Both teams to score

Tottenham and Arsenal are two dangerous teams, yet in a derby game, there’s always something special. Both of these teams will want to beat one another for bragging rights, and of course, for their respective positions in the Premier League. Neither side will be content with a draw, so we do believe this is a good wager to place.

Heung-min to score

Tottenham fans are always concerned when Kane isn’t performing for whatever reason. However, they needn’t be, as a certain Heung-min always steps up to the plate and seems to deliver amazing football. For this reason, it wouldn’t be at all surprising if he does manage to hit the back of the net in this London derby.

Arsenal to win

We cannot really see beyond an Arsenal win when these teams play, even with Mourinho’s special tactics to outfox his opponents. Obviously, if the game was to be played at Tottenham, things could get a little more interesting, but it’s still likely that Arsenal could emerge on top.

Arsenal vs Tottenham 2024 – Special Bets

Number of corners

That’s right – this really is a market that you can bet on! Obviously, this is a bit of a gamble since there are so many factors at work, but if you feel like a team will continuously attack the goal, this is a good option. This is purely because corners are then more likely to occur.

Each-way goalscorer

Many people think that each-way betting is only associated with horse racing, but it’s also for football too. By betting on an each-way goalscorer, you’ll get a nice payout if your chosen player does indeed score first, but you’ll also receive some cash if your chosen player scores second, or even third.

Odd/even number of goals

This one is pretty much like flipping a heads or tails on a coin, but many people fail to see that this is actually a favourable thing. While it really is a huge gamble, the odds are often floating around 2.00 for this market, and if you are sure that some goals will be scored, why not give it a shot?

Injury time 

This bet may not always be an option at our selected bookmakers, but if not, you can always jump on and request it. If you feel like there may be a bit of bad blood between the teams and therefore plenty of injuries, the injury time could easily add up. You can actually bet on the amount of injury time added with some bookmakers, as an ‘over x minutes’ type of bet.

Top 3 types of bets to choose

To score anytime

There are some rather talented players involved in this game, and there are many players who are tipped to score at some point. That’s why this is one of the most common markets, and there are many different players you can bet on.

To win 

If all of these ‘specialty bets’ and other features seem a bit too advanced, you can always just bet on which team will win. All of the statistics and predictions currently point to Arsenal, which is the logical bet to go for.

Over/under goals 

Everybody has their own opinions on how many goals will be scored, or won’t be scored in this game, and it’s a red hot market to bet on. Some of the more common markets involve over/under 1.5 goals, over/under 2.5 goals, and even over/under 3.5 goals.

Arsenal vs Tottenham 2020 Predictions FAQs

Who will win the 2024 derby?

We believe that Arsenal will take the win here, but as we are all aware, anything can happen during a derby game!

How to wager on Arsenal vs Tottenham in 2024?

To find some wagers on this game, you’ll need to get established at an online bookmaker. To do this, all you need to do is register for a new account.

Where to wager?

After successfully completing registration, all you then need to do is search for the actual Arsenal vs Tottenham market, and here you can find all of the different bets.

Are there any free bets?

This depends on the bookmaker, but since it is a high profile derby game, there is no reason there free bets would be excluded from this game.

Where are the Arsenal vs Tottenham 2024 matches?

Arsenal plays at The Emirates, and Tottenham plays at The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, so the game could be played at either one.

What date are the games?

For the 2020/2021 season, there is no set date, but this will be revealed in just a few weeks time.


Everybody loves a good derby, and this one promises to deliver on excitement, quality, and everything else that goes along with a derby match. There are some excellent markets right now and some excellent free bets, so why not make use of them all?


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