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Chelsea Live Stream: Where to watch online the Reds Games?

Streaming Chelsea games online 

Now that you are armed with a bit of knowledge about this prestigious club, let’s get into where you can actually live stream Chelsea games. There are several platforms you could choose to stream Chelsea games, and there are positives and negatives for each. Let’s get into it below.

Online bookies

The UK is home to some of the biggest and best betting brands in the world, which is a good thing if you are looking to stream some games. Live streaming is a feature that plenty of brands have started to implement into their offerings. After all, this is something that members of these sites almost expect in , which is a big positive if you are wanting to check out some Chelsea games through streaming options.

Basically, to make use of this avenue, you must sign up with an online sportsbook so that you can access streaming services. You will also need to deposit some money into your online account, as this is often a requirement of online sportsbooks. On a positive note, once you’ve done this, you will be able to stream as many Chelsea games as you want, and the quality of these streaming services are generally quite good.

Third-party streaming sites

This is probably not our most preferred option, but it is still an option that you may want to pursue nonetheless. There are loads of streaming sites out there today, and by performing just a quick Google search will display some of the more popular ones. These sites used to be highly suspicious, with tonnes of marketing material and streaming problems being quite common. However, it would seem that in these third-party sites are trying to be a bit more ‘legitimate’.

With that in mind, there are still quite big question marks surrounding their legal status and the quality of the stream can still be low from time to time. However, these sites are always completely free to use, so there’s always that cost factor to think about.

Amazon Prime

You might not have thought it, but Amazon Prime has started to offer Premier League streaming through its Prime Video service. This is a service that costs users just £8.99 per month for regular users, and this price gets even power if you are a student. To be fair to Amazon Prime, the quality of streaming for games is fantastic, and you can even access this feature through your mobile, which only adds to the convenience factor.

Our recommendation – find an online sportsbook

We’ve briefly looked at the positives and negatives of each online streaming service above, but all things considered, we would still choose an online sportsbook over any of the others. When you think that online sportsbooks offer this online service for free basically, combined with the fact that there are plenty of games to stream each year, we can’t think of any other platforms that have made Chelsea games so accessible to stream. Please see the list of recommended betting sites below if you want to find an online sportsbook to stream Chelsea games:

Just on a side note – these sites are not actually permitted to stream Premier League games, on the whole. There are exceptions to this, but generally, due to the TV rights in the UK, you won’t find Premier League games available with an online sportsbook.

Getting started with an online sportsbook

Now that we’ve identified what online sportsbooks to check out when trying to stream Chelsea games, you should also know how to get started with one. Please see the steps below for a description of how to do this.

  • Choose a betting provider (stick to our recommended sites)
  • Run through a quick registration process (access from the main homepage)
  • Use your new username and password to log in to your account
  • Proceed to make a deposit of £5 – £10
  • Find a Chelsea game and watch it

It really is that simple to get set up with an online sportsbook account, and with Chelsea games taking place throughout the year, now is a great time to sort this out.

What competitions do Chelsea play in

With Chelsea being such an enormous club, they play in all sorts of club competitions. In fact, we have broken down a list of the top competitions that you will see Chelsea playing in so that you know what to try and tune in for. Please see these competitions below.

Champions League

Chelsea makes regular appearances in the Champions League due to their domestic form, and this helps them to qualify for the tournament almost every year. The Champions League always begins towards the beginning of the season, and knockout stages start after Christmas time. Of course, you will be able to stream these games since they are so important.

Premier League

Chelsea participates in 38 Premier League games each season, and if you choose the right online streaming service, you can catch the majority of them. Since they are competing with some of the best clubs on the planet like Manchester City, Liverpool, and others, this is without a doubt one of the most competitive leagues in the entire world.

Fa Cup

The FA Cup is a knockout competition that always gets the blood pumping and the heart racing, especially if you are a fan of clubs that are involved. Chelsea always seems to perform moderately well in this tournament, so of course, you will have plenty of chances to catch their games through your chosen streaming service.


Chelsea is one of the best clubs in top tier UK football right now, and their fan base both within the UK and worldwide is enormous. Chelsea is no stranger to success in football, with Premier League trophies and Champions League trophies sitting in their cabinet. However, like some of the other big clubs in the UK like Arsenal and Manchester United, they have struggled to regain such superior form in recent years. With the legendary Frank Lampard at the helm these days, things could be turning around at Stamford Bridge, so now is a fantastic time to start following Chelsea and watching their games online.

This is what we will be looking at throughout this post – where you can live stream Chelsea games online, which is obviously important if you are a Chelsea fan! But before we jump in and start looking at that, let’s have a bit of fun and identify some key players that you should be looking out for when watching Chelsea games.

Key players at Chelsea

You don’t get to be a club the size of Chelsea without having key players in your ranks, and that is precisely what they do have. We will be looking at the very best Chelsea players right now, so read on and enjoy.

  • Olivier Giroud

Giroud is one of Chelsea’s star players up front, with his experience and stature proving to be absolutely pivotal for the clubs success on the pitch. Not only is Giroud highly skilled at finding the back of the net, but he is also able to pick out passes and selflessly supply other Chelsea players with prime chances. This is exactly why he is one of the most valuable players at the club at the time of writing.

  • Timo Werner

Werner doesn’t exactly have any track record to go on at Chelsea, as he has quite literally just joined from the Bundesliga. With that said, for the 2019/2020 season, Werner was the second top scorer in the Bundesliga, behind the one and only Robert Lewandowski. Let’s be honest, it’s not exactly a bad thing to come in second behind that guy given the form that he has been in.

  • Kovacic

We can’t only focus on the strikers, can we? Kovacic is also a major player who has helped to strengthen Chelsea's midfield in a big way. The Croatian international has a good head on his shoulders and he often plays very intelligent football, while of course, being rather skilful at the same time.

All of these guys are currently playing under Frank Lampard, a Chelsea legend who took over the role just a short while ago. So, with such a great role model at the helm, we have a feeling that Chelsea could be making their way back up the top before we know it.


It is becoming easier and more convenient than ever to live stream sports online. We have discussed plenty of options within this post but ultimately, it is down to you to choose which platform would be the best fit for your needs. Even if you want to catch every single Chelsea game throughout the season, you will need to get in place a blend of these providers, so just keep this in mind.