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Cosenza vs Vicenza Prediction, Odds, and Free Betting Tips 20/05/2022

The second leg of the Serie B play-out between Cosenza and Vicenza is scheduled for Friday and we expect to see an exciting game, especially after Vicenza won the first leg by one goal. So, here's our detailed preview of this match.

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Cosenza and Vicenza to Draw

The first leg between these two teams was a very close one, but Vicenza ultimately emerged victorious thanks to a late goal – the winning goal came in the 90th minute of the game.

With that in mind, we expect to see another exciting and close game and we can see this match ending in a draw. After all, Cosenza and Vicenza drew in three of their last five h2h duels, so that is certainly a realistic outcome.

Cosenza and Vicenza to Draw at Half Time

Since we expect this game to end without a winner, we can also see Cosenza and Vicenza being tied at half time. After all, that is often the case with matches ending in a draw.

In addition to this, Cosenza and Vicenza drew at half time in three of their last five head-to-head meetings. So, we wouldn't be surprised if that happened again on Friday, especially given the significance of the game.

Under 2.5 Total Goals

Four of the previous five head-to-head duels between Cosenza and Vicenza have gone under 2.5 total goals and we can see that being the case again in their upcoming match.

Meanwhile, Cosenza averaged 2.50 goals per game in Serie B this season, while Vicenza averaged 2.55 goals per game in the league so far. However, with this game deciding who gets relegated to the third rank of Italian football, we can see the teams being more careful not to concede.

Cosenza vs Vicenza preview: Which Team Will Stay In Serie B After This Game?


After they finished the season in the 16th place and avoided relegation by just one point, Cosenza is in the play outs of Serie B, trying to stay in the league. However, the team lost the first leg against Vicenza 1-0 and now they need to find a way to beat Vicenza or they will have to move to the third rank of Italian football.


Three wins in the last three games of Serie B helped Vicenza avoid direct relegation and that was only by one goal since they had the same number of points as Alessandria. That being said, the last game of regular season Vicenza played against exactly Alessandria and beat them 1-0 away from home. But the job is not yet done – Vicenza now has to beat Cosenza on aggregate to stay in the league and they are on good path to do this since they won the first leg 1-0 thanks to a goal in the 90th minute.

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Frequently asked questions for Cosenza vs Vicenza

Cosenza vs Vicenza Prediction

  • When is the game starting? The game is starting at 7:30 pm GMT on Friday, May 20th.
  • Who is hosting the second leg? Cosenza is hosting the second leg at Stadio San Vito in Cosenza.
  • What was the score in the first leg? Vicenza won the first leg 1-0 at home.