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How to bet on FIFA games

fifa 21

An overview of betting on FIFA games

It’s a given that FIFA is one of the best and most popular of all video games, arguably of all time. Every single year the developers behind this game give it an extra boost, and there are literally millions of FIFA gamers around the world today. However, did you also know that betting on FIFA games is actually a very real thing? That’s right! In order to bet on FIFA, you will need to find an online bookmaker that supports esports betting, find the FIFA betting markets, and then away you go.

While this might sound overly simple, this is the basic premise of how to bet on FIFA if you are based in the UK. But it isn’t just any old FIFA game that you can bet on. For example – you won’t be able to get a betting market for a game between a couple of buddies. These FIFA events need to be sanctioned by the relevant authorities before any real money can be wagered on them. This is another reason why jumping into FIFA betting in 2021 is a perfect time. More and more competitions and leagues are emerging all over the world, which means more chances to bet on FIFA, and more excitement to be had.

On that note, if you are looking to bet on FIFA, you’ll want to find a bookmaker that covers plenty of FIFA gaming events, as well as one that offers decent odds. These bookmakers do exist, and we’ve got you covered below by showing you some of the very best.

Best bookmakers for betting on FIFA in the UK

To get the obvious out of the way, although plenty of bookmakers will cover esports, they won’t always give decent odds or cover a large range of events. On that note, there are certain bookmakers today that have taken to the world of FIFA betting a bit better than the rest, and you can find these bookmakers listed below.


Bet365 is one of the best in the business when it comes to placing bets online. And as it happens, bet365 has a whole section dedicated to esports in the main sportsbook. By clicking this link you can find all kinds of esports events to wager on, including many of the most prestigious FIFA leagues and competitions from around the world. The odds are generally fantastic too, so it’s a bit of a win-win by choosing this bookmaker. Use code to register & start betting on next Fifa competitions.

William Hill

Much like bet365, William Hill has continued to impress punters around the UK by offering competitive betting markets. And in 2021, this includes the markets that are on offer for esports. By signing up with William Hill today, you could get £30 in free bets to use for any of the FIFA betting markets too, which is a great way to dip your toe in the water with FIFA betting if you haven’t previously done so.


Unibet is often regarded as one of the newest and most modern bookmakers. So of course, it’s a bookmaker that has kept with the times and included esports betting markets for FIFA. Unlike the other two bookmakers we’ve mentioned, however, Unibet has taken things a step further by offering live streams for certain FIFA events. This means that you can bet on the outcome of FIFA games and actually watch them unfold at the same time. In our opinion, it doesn’t get more exciting than that.

Competitions to lookout for

Now that you actually know where to bet on FIFA, how about what you should be betting on? Since FIFA is one of the most popular video games, this bodes well for those who wish to bet on the outcomes, as there are leagues and competitions taking place all the time. Some of the key ones you should look to wager on are listed here:

FIFA Interactive World Cup

You can probably imagine just by the name that this one is the biggest of the bunch. Just like the real-life World Cup, this event draws the best FIFA players from all over the globe, and the competition is always pretty extreme. There are some huge cash rewards on offer for those that participate and reach the final stages too. And if you like to play FIFA, you can sit back and marvel at the skill of some of these guys that play.

EChampions League

Although the World Cup might be the biggest and the best event, the EChampions League isn’t super far behind. There are regularly thousands of viewers that tune in to watch this one, and of course, you can bet on as much of the action as you please. Since the cash prize pool here is more than $100,000, the stakes are high – and so is the drama!

last update : June 2024
How to bet on FIFA games

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