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Liverpool vs Man United 2020: betting tips, predictions & Odds

We are fairly excited about the prospect of another Liverpool vs Manchester United clash – are you? If so, check out these tips and predictions. 

Liverpool vs Manchester United

Liverpool vs Manchester United 2020: Top Operators to Choose


Here we have a mouthwatering contest between the best and previous superstars, in the form of Liverpool and Manchester United. With bet365, all new customers can get one of the very best promo code in the nation, with a three-figure sum on the table. 

William Hill

William Hill has long been a favourite among UK punters, and it covers all of the Premier League games, all season long. With that in mind, William Hill will definitely cover the next game between Liverpool and United, and all new customers can get £30 in free bets. 

Paddy Power

Paddy Power is also a fantastic online sportsbook for football, with attractive odds available across the board. Concerning new customers, your first sports bet will be completely risk-free to the tune of £10. 

Liverpool vs Manchester United 2020 Tips: Favorites to Win


Liverpool are undoubtedly the favourites ahead of this game, as they are the current holders of the Premier League title. Manchester United have been finding some form again recently, yet we feel it just cannot be enough to overcome Liverpool the way they are playing. Manchester United have been playing better, there’s no denying that, but Liverpool will likely have a bit too much firepower in this one. 

Who will win the Liverpool vs Manchester United game in 2020?








William Hill



Paddy Power




Why is Liverpool listed as favourites?

Liverpool is the favourites in this one for two reasons really. First and foremost, they are the current Kings of the Premier League. Their 2019/2020 season has been nothing short of miraculous, and Manchester United have been nowhere near the same kind of success that Liverpool has experienced. Secondly, Liverpool has a much better lineup, consisting of players like Firmino, Mo Salah, Mane, and others. 

Not only are they clinical when attacking, but they are also very good with defence too, hence the goal difference they boasted for the 2019/2020 season. 

Liverpool vs Manchester United 2020 Tips: Underdogs

Manchester United

Manchester United has come on leaps and bounds in recent months. They have transformed from a team that looked shaky and lost into a team that is brimming with confidence. This has been thanks to an injection of self-belief from the manager, and from individual players starting to play incredibly well. Most notably, the likes of Fernandes and Rashford has been particularly effective of late, with goals scored regularly for the Red Devils. 

It will not be a walkover by any means when these teams get together, and if Manchester United can grab an early goal or two, things could get very interesting. 

Liverpool vs Manchester United 2020 Odds Comparison

Every single bookmaker will have Liverpool down as favourites to overturn United in the next meeting unless something quite major occurs between now and then. Even if Manchester United are to entertain Liverpool at Old Trafford for the next meeting, it’s still quite likely that Liverpool will be marginal favourites. Of course, if the game is going to take place at Anfield, Liverpool will be heavy favourites. 

Most common bets for Liverpool vs Manchester United 2020 predictions

Specific goalscorer

Liverpool and Manchester United have some pretty talented goalscorers in their ranks. With players like Salah and Rashford taking centre stage, there’s always going to be a flurry of goals (in theory). You can bet on such players to score during the next game between these teams, and Rashford, as well as Salah, are good options. 

Singles bet – Liverpool to win

You’ll often see three key betting markets in the initial sportsbook presentation for this game – home win, draw, and away win. Since Liverpool are the favourites to take a win in the next Manchester United clash, a good shout would be to bet on a Liverpool win. If Manchester United are home, you might find even higher odds for a Liverpool win too. 

Underdog spread

It’s common to bet on a spread for the favourite in football, but given United’s performances in recent months, we feel an underdog spread is a decent bet to make. Here you’ll find that United will be listed with a +1.5 or +2.5 option, and this means that they will lose by less than this number of goals. If they win, of course, you will also win the bet. 

Over/under number of goals

This is specifically for the number of goals that will be scored in the game overall. By betting on this market, you do not need to worry about who scores, who wins, or anything else that happens. The only focus is on the number of goals scored, and with such great teams involved, there could be plenty! 

Liverpool vs Manchester United 2020 – Special Bets

Time of first goal

If you feel like having a bit of a gamble, this is always going to be a bit of a hair raising market. It’s not like this is entirely unpredictable, especially if a team is a good starter, and there are always high odds. 

Player to have an assist

While these teams are full of great goalscorers, there are many playmakers too, which is why bookmakers offer a shot at a player to have an assist in the markets too. You will typically find markets for many players here, so with a bit of homework, it’s perfectly possible to unearth a gem. 

Final score

It’s pretty tough to predict the final score in a game of football, but it’s not impossible. If you want to look into this market for Liverpool vs Manchester City, you might want to shoot for a 2-0, 2-1, or even a 3-1 win for Liverpool depending on the form shown. 

Red card in the game (Yes/No)

Liverpool and Man United might not be a derby game, but it’s still a game where there is a fierce rivalry. As with any game in which two teams are quite close competitors, there can be bad temper, bad challenges, and subsequent red cards! 

Top 3 types of bets to choose

Favourite spread

While we’ve talked about the underdog spread, it’s going to be more likely that you can make an accurate bet for the spread on the favourite. It just goes without saying really that the favourite is always the favourite for a reason, yet the ultimate spread choice is up to you. 

Player to score anytime

There are a bunch of players that are capable of scoring goals with ease for Liverpool and United, and we’d recommend looking at players like Fernandes, Salah, Firmino, Mane, and Rashford to try and sneak a win in this market. 

Both teams to score

This is a pretty self-explanatory bet really, as by betting on both teams to score you will win if both teams manage to hit the back of the net. It’s quite rare that a game between these sides ends in a complete shutout, so this is a decent bet to make. 

Liverpool vs Manchester United 2020 Predictions FAQs

What is Liverpool vs Manchester United outright betting 2020?

Here you are wagering on who you think the winner will be when these teams play, and it is arguably the easiest form of betting. 

Who will win the derdy?

It is most likely that Liverpool will grab the win when these guys play next, although anything can happen on the day, of course. 

How to wager on the game?

All you need to do to make a convenient and easy wager on this game is to sign up with a recommended bookmaker, such as the ones we’ve discussed in this post. 

Where to wager?

When this game is upcoming, it will be listed in the relevant slot of the sportsbook, and it should be easy to find. 

Are there any free bets?

When these teams play each other, it often draws plenty of attention from online bookmakers, so free bets are usually not far behind. 

Where are the Liverpool vs Manchester United 2020 matches?

It depends – if the Red Devils are at home the game will be played at Old Trafford, and if it’s scheduled for Liverpool, it will be Anfield

What date are the games for Liverpool vs Manchester United 2020?

We don’t have an exact date yet, so we'll just have to wait for the announcement to be made. 


Liverpool is truly the top dogs of English football right now, which is why they are the Premier League holders. Manchester United, on the other hand, are the old-school greats of the game, which is why this matchup is so tasty! It’s always going to be a great game, so make sure you tune in and make a bet if you would like to do so.