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Man United vs Man City Prediction: Odds & Betting Tips

Looking forward to the next Manchester derby? We certainly are, and we’ve got the best tips and predictions for you in this post. 

Manchester United vs Manchester City : Top Operators to Choose


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William Hill

Fancy £30 in free sports bets? That’s precisely what William Hill has in store, and by taking advantage of it, you can essentially place a bet with free cash. There’s always the possibility that you can win real cash too, which makes it even better. 


By betting just £5 with Coral, you will receive £20 worth of free bets into your account. These free bets can be used on any sport you like, and if you sign up when there is an upcoming Manchester derby, you can use your bets on this game. 

Manchester United vs Manchester City Tips: Favorites to Win

Manchester City

Manchester United have improved a lot in recent months. Under Solskjaer’s guidance, they have managed to improve their position in the Premier League and start to feel like a real threat again. We haven’t felt this about Manchester United since the days of Alex Ferguson, but now it seems things are turning around. While this is good news if you are a Manchester United fan, we still believe that Manchester City would be favourites in a Manchester derby. 

This will be reflected by the odds at Coral, William Hill, and Unibet. 

Who will win the Manchester United vs Manchester City game in ?






Manchester City


William Hill

Manchester City



Manchester City



Why are Manchester City listed as favourites?

Manchester City has been amazingly dominant in the Premier League in recent years. With Pep Guardiola at the helm, the team has topped the Premier League several times, and have contested for the Champions League crown too. Manchester United have been nowhere near this level of success, and the Man City squad definitely has more depth to it than Manchester United’s. With this being said, there is still plenty of transfer market activity to take place between now and the next time these guys play. So, this could make the odds fluctuate quite drastically depending on what moves are made. 

Manchester United vs Manchester City Tips: Underdogs

man city 2021

Manchester United

Wherever these teams clash next, whether at Old Trafford or the Etihad, Manchester United will likely be the underdogs. The only exception would be if Manchester City had been displaying some pretty poor form and the game was to be played at United. Even still, Manchester United just doesn’t have the same superstars such as Aguero, Sterling, De Bruyne, and all of the others who Manchester City have. On top of that, Manchester City play as a great team unit.

This doesn’t mean that United cannot cause an upset, however. They still have players like Bruno Fernandes and Rashford who are playing great football. 

man u 2021

Manchester United vs Manchester City Odds Comparison

The bookmakers will all have Manchester City as favourites over Manchester United for the next game they play. On the whole, Manchester City is a much stronger team and they are definitely dominant over United. To see the best odds at the recommended bookmakers in this post, simply check back when the next game between these games has been announced. 

Most common bets for Manchester United vs Manchester City predictions

Manchester City win

This is one of the main moneyline markets, and it is always a great shout right now to back a Manchester City victory. They have shown great dominance in English football, and there is a reason that they are consistently in contention for the title. 

Aguero to score

He’s one of the greatest goalscorers in the Premier League of late, so you can always find a market for Sergio Aguero to score. This is especially true for when Manchester City are playing at home, as he seems to feed off the home crowd very well. 

Both teams to score

Both teams have players who can knock them in from anywhere on the pitch. Just look at Sterling, Aguero, Rashford, Pogba, and Fernandes, as this is all you really need to know to understand that both sides can score easily. 


With Manchester City as heavy favourites, especially at home, it’s worthwhile looking at the spread markets in favour of Man City. You could put them down to win by 2 or even 3+ goals, and you will get good odds for this too. 

Manchester United vs Manchester City Special Bets

Red card shown (Yes/No)

A Manchester derby is often full of drama, and tensions can be soaring on the pitch. This tension can sometimes spread to the managers too. For that reason, looking into whether a red card will be shown or not is quite an interesting market. 

Number of goals

This is different to spread betting as here you are betting on the exact number of goals. You may pick that there will be 3 goals, 4 goals, or even 5, or you may want to put this down as part of a spread bet. There are possibilities for both. 

Bet builder

If you’re looking for a little extra customization and flexibility, the bet builder is another speciality bet you can look at. This allows you to make several sections and combine them for the same game, even if those actual markets are not readily available in the main pre-match markets. 

Exact score

If you are feeling really adventurous, you could try and pick the exact score of the game. This is obviously very tricky to try and get correct, but if you are able to do it, there can be some hefty rewards. 

Top 3 types of bets to choose


Before the game even begins, you’ll always see three different odds presented. One will be for a home win, another for an away win, and the final odd for a draw (shown as X). This is by far the most popular type of betting during a football game, especially for a Manchester city derby where pride is on the line. 


If you don’t particularly want to try and predict which way the game will go, you can always just try and predict some goalscorers. If you want to, you can make some bets between different teams too, meaning you could choose some goalscorers for both Man City and United. 


To try and scope out plenty of value after the whistle blows to start the game, we’d suggest checking out some in-play markets. Things can swing pretty majorly in a game of football, especially in a derby game, so by holding out for the in-play markets you might just get some huge odds. 

Manchester United vs Manchester City Predictions FAQs

What is Manchester United vs Manchester City outright betting ?

This is basically where you make a wager on who will be the outright winner of the game, often referred to as 1×2 or a ‘moneyline’ bet. 

Who will win the derdy?

Obviously, nothing is certain in football, but Manchester City are likely candidates to get the victory in this game. 

How to wager?

From our list of bookmakers earlier in the post, you can just choose one and sign up, which will grant you access to the markets we’ve discussed. 

Where to wager?

Once you’ve opened a brand new account with your desired sportsbook, you then just need to browse through the football markets to find this event. 

Are there any free bets?

You will probably find some free in-play bets for this game if you proceed to make a pre-game wager. 

Where are the Manchester United vs Manchester City matches?

The games are either held at Old Trafford, Manchester United’s home stadium, or at the Etihad, Manchester City’s home stadium. 

What date are the games?

The exact dates for the next Manchester United vs Manchester City game are yet to be released, but we will be watching the headlines closely for more news. 


It’s always an absolute classic when these teams meet. There is a huge amount of pride on the line, a great atmosphere, and some awesome bets to make ahead of the game itself. We are waiting with great excitement for the announcement of the next meeting between these teams, and you are no doubt doing the same! For now, we all must sit and wait.