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Next Arsenal manager odds: What’s happening in May 2022?

Looking for the next Arsenal manager odds? Here are our latest tips to consider when betting on this special market.

Next Arsenal Manager Odds – Current Situation

Arsenal Manager Mikel Arteta

After the 22 year run of previous Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger, it’s been a rather turbulent time at the club as far as managers go. In fact, ever since Wenger left the post in 2018, Arsenal has had 3 different managers, including the current manager, Mikel Arteta. Of course, Arteta took over the role in December 2019, which does mean he has held the job for over 2 years. But as we know, nothing is safe regarding managers in the Premier League, which is why we are looking into the next Arsenal manager odds in search of some value bets.

To add to this, it’s public knowledge that Arteta has toyed with the idea of a move, that’s if he doesn’t get the boot before leaving on his own accord. So, of course, it’s a good time to look at the odds for who the next manager to be sacked might be before too much public news comes to light. After all, the more news that materializes, the lower the odds can become for certain candidates. So, with this out of the way, let’s have a look at some of the managers who might be likely to step into this role following Arteta – and there are some that are more likely than others!

Where you can find the next Arsenal manager odds

Before we look into the more likely candidates, let’s briefly run through some of the betting sites where you can find these odds in the first place. After all, if you visit an online bookmaker that doesn’t offer the market, you won’t be able to make the bet. Therefore, we’d advise that you stick to some of the following sites:

Note that for some of these sites, you will still need to request the market if it isn’t readily listed. Then again, most betting sites will be willing to provide you with these odds given the relatively poor form from Arsenal and the current unrest with Arteta as the manager. In order to do this, you can contact the customer service teams at these sites and/or use tools such as ‘pick your punt’ to request markets via social media methods.

Next manager to be sacked – red hot candidates for the Arsenal job

Now we are getting into the real business – who will be the next Arsenal manager and what are the best odds to justify the bet? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered below.

Brendan Rodgers

Next Arsenal manager candidate Brendan Rodgers Rodgers is actually quite a surprise candidate for the job, in our opinion. Given that he is currently enjoying a decent level of success at Leicester City, it would seem an unusual move for him to give up on Leicester and move to Arsenal. Then again, the odds at bookmakers sometimes take into account certain things that aren’t mainstream knowledge, and at 3.00, this is something we can’t ignore. And to be fair to Rodgers, he is a ‘big team’ manager – just look at his record with Liverpool to understand the kind of things he is capable of.

Despite the fact that Leicester City is currently well above Arsenal in the league, one has to wonder, could Rodgers potentially do more at Arsenal than Leicester? He’s certainly a guy that knows how to take teams to that next level, and the odds reflect this.

Thierry Henry

Come on, what Arsenal fan wouldn’t want the legend of Henry to return to The Emirates as a manager? Sure, he might be listed as an outside shot at odds floating around the 12.00 mark, but we believe there are many reasons Henry could ultimately take the role at Arsenal. At the time of writing, Henry is the manager of CF Montreal, a team that competes in the MLS in North America. While he’s going okay at the club, we feel that Henry is a guy that would be able to achieve great things if he managed the right team.

And after all, he’s been one of Arsenal’s best all-time players, so we’d think that the fans would be ecstatic if he came through and took the role. But wait – there’s more too. His contract at CF Montreal is finishing at the end of the season, so maybe all of the stars will align for this move to occur?

Massimiliano Allegri

Besides Brendan Rodgers, Allegri is the guy that is filling all of the headlines concerning the next Arsenal manager odds. And let’s be honest, he’s a guy that has already demonstrated his abilities to lead a big club. Just look at this record at Juventus! Although he was dismissed from Juventus back in 2019 following a fairly poor Champions League run, we feel that he still has plenty in the tank, and this dismissal does not signify that he is beyond his best years as a football manager. As it happens, we feel that his managerial style and Italian flair would fit in perfectly at Arsenal.

Unlike the other guys on this list, Allegri is one of the few that is currently available to make the move as and when requested, with no concerns over existing contracts. This is one of the major reasons why the odds on Allegri taking the job are quite low compared to some of the others, and yes, it would be a good bet to make! Here is the only stumbling block surrounding Allegri – he has never coached anywhere but Italy, so many wonder whether he actually wants to leave his home nation.

Rafael Benitez

In recent years, Benitez is a guy that has definitely bounced around concerning the different managerial roles he has held. In fact, the guys managed 6 clubs in the last 10 years. This is a rather volatile track record, to say the least. And despite the fact that Benitez has managed larger clubs like Real Madrid, Liverpool, and Chelsea, he’s struggled to land consistent roles. In fact, he’s just finished a stint in China as of January 2021. However, given that Benitez has since left his Chinese club, he is now available for work! This puts him in a similar position to Allegri, although there are more signs that Allegri could take the job compared to Benitez.

This is why you’ll find much higher odds for Benitez to take the job – more than 10.00 at most online bookmakers! Don’t let the odds cloud your decision too much, however, as we cannot forget that Benitez is a manager that has enjoyed great success over the years, and this will definitely be something that Arsenal executives will be looking at.

What needs to happen for Arteta to leave Arsenal?

next arsenal manager odds

This is the question on most punters lips, as in order for the next Arsenal manager odds to have any bearing, there needs to be a few slip-ups at The Emirates. We’ve discussed this right here.

  • Failure to qualify for Europe

At the time of writing, Arsenal is sitting at 10th in the Premier League. As you can see, this isn’t the position that fans and players alike thought that the team would be in at this point in the season. And with just 14 games left in the season, the pressure is mounting for Arsenal to even make a push for European football next season. In fact, they are still 8 points off 5th place West Ham, and that’s to qualify for the Europa League, never mind the Champions League!

  • Poor performance in Europa League

Those that follow Arsenal and indeed European football will know that Arsenal is involved in the Europa League this season. And as it happens, Arsenal is actually listed as one of the favourites at many of the top bookies in the UK. However, expectations obviously come with a certain degree of pressure, which Arteta will definitely be feeling for his Europa League performance. While the club will no doubt have its own internal expectations, we feel that if he fails to at least make the semi-final, this will not help his cause at all.

  • Ongoing dissatisfaction from Arsenal fans

It’s no secret that London football clubs have some of the most passionate fans around, and Arsenal is no different. As the vast majority of fans utilize social media tools these days to vent frustration and give opinions on the manager, we can confirm that it isn’t looking pretty for Arteta. And after all, if the fans are not happy, ticket sales can drop, and the players will lose that crucial support when playing at home.

When you look through the various fan pages and/or videos regarding Arteta’s future as manager right now, it’s difficult to think of another word than bleak! Unless he can turn this around and win back the support of the fans, it’s definitely looking like it could be curtains for him at Arsenal.