Premier League betting tips & predictions (2020)

Looking to find the top Premier League betting tips right now? This is the perfect post for you, so do read on. 

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Premier League Betting 2020/2021: Top Operators to Choose


Coral has one of the largest sportsbooks in the nation, and it offers a wealth of football betting markets throughout the season. This is specifically true for Premier League betting, and by making just a £5 wager after signing up with Coral, you can get your hands on £20 in free bets. 

Genting Bet

Genting Bet isn't often considered one of the top bookmakers in the nation, yet it is absolutely awesome when it comes to Premier League betting. You can regularly access live streaming and live markets for the entire season, and your first bet of up to £10 is completely risk-free with Genting Bet.


New users of the Betfred sportsbook can enjoy a rather large £30 in free sportsbook bets. The only requirement to unlock the bets is that you first place a wager of £10, and there are no wagering conditions whatsoever for this bonus. 

Premier League Betting 2020/2021 Tips: Favorites to Win


With the Premier League already decided for 2020, all eyes are now on the 2021 season. On the Coral website, you will see that Manchester City are currently the favourite to take home the trophy yet again, with odds of 2.00. 

Genting Bet

Just like Coral above, Genting Bet has also listed Manchester City as the most likely team to lift the title in 2021. We still find this somewhat surprising given Liverpool's breathtaking dominance in the 2020 season. 


To complete the hat-trick, Betfred has also listed Manchester City as prime contenders to emerge victorious in the 2021 season. Once again, Liverpool is a close second. 

Who will win in Premier League Betting 2020/2021?






Manchester City


Genting Bet

Manchester City



Manchester City



Why are Manchester City listed as favourites?

The recent 4-0 victory over Liverpool will no doubt play a part in making Manchester City the favourites for the 2021 Premier League. In addition to this, there is still the belief that Manchester City has a more well-rounded squad compared to Liverpool, and this will set them up for success in the following season. 

Premier League Betting 2020/2021 Tips: Underdogs

Sheffield United

Many had Sheffield United tipped to be relegated before the 2020 season, but look how that has turned out. Sheffield is one of the stronger top-10 teams right now, and they certainly can hold their own against some of the very best in the Premier League. 


Chelsea was once a bit of a powerhouse in the Premier League, yet the club does seem to have lost its way of late. However, with Frank Lampard back at the helm and a recent win over Manchester City, things are looking up for Chelsea for the next season. 

Manchester United

Manchester United have been displaying some blistering form of late. Just like Chelsea, there is an ex-manager that is now the boss, and he seems to be motivating the boys quite well so far. 

2020/2021 Odds Comparison

As you can see in the table above, there is a joint leader in terms of the most appealing odds for the Premier League winner. The odds at Coral and the odds at Betfred are identical for Manchester City to lift the trophy. Genting Bet isn't far behind however, as the odds are 1.95 compared to 2.00 with the other two bookmakers. 

Most common bets for Premier League Betting 2020/2021 predictions

Top 4 finish

Most of the teams in the Premier League are always shooting for a top 4 finish, as this guarantees Champions League qualification for the next season. As luck would have it, you can bet on different markets for a top-four finish with the bookmakers listed earlier.

To be relegated

From the top of the table all the way down to the bottom now, you can bet on which team is likely to be relegated next season. You will always find decent odds for teams that have recently been promoted from the championship here, but you can also get good odds for teams that barely survived last season. 

Top 6 finish

To push the boat out a little further, there is always the opportunity to bet on which teams will finish in the top 6. Obviously all of the teams would ideally like to finish in the top 4 for Champions League prestige, but a fifth-place finish does guarantee Europa football for the next season. Needless to say, finishing sixth in the Premier League isn’t bad either. 

Top 10 finish

You might not find that the odds are particularly high depending on the chosen team for this market, but there's a bit more of a safety cushion by going for a top-10 finish. It's not that you won't ever get appealing markets, for this is still possible if you choose a bit of an underdog, but then there is also the risk that the team might have a howling season too. 

Premier League Betting 2020/2021 - Special Bets

Next manager to get sacked 

As you are probably aware, the Premier League is a pretty cutthroat world. Since that is the case, you can always place a bet on which manager is likely to get the sack next, based on how their team is performing. 

Next manager to be appointed

The exit of one manager will always lead to joy for another, and that is just the world of Premier League football. While you can bet on which manager might be next to get the sack, you can also bet on which manager might get the job in the first place. 

Goal to be scored from within own half 

This is more of a speculative bet, but believe us, you can find some pretty tasty markets if you do want to go down this avenue. Obviously scoring a goal from one's own half is quite unlikely, and choosing the player to actually do this is even more unlikely, but bets like these have been known to pay off in the past. 

To be leading at Christmas 

You don't always need to pick who the eventual winner will be of the Premier League. Instead, you may want to just pick who will be leading at Christmas, and the odds can often be higher for this market since there is a bit more risk. 

Top 3 types of bets to choose

Outright winner

To a bet on the Premier League as a whole, is particularly common to bet on who the outright winner will be. You don't always need to go for the obvious such as Manchester City or Liverpool either, and you just never know what will happen in the Premier League.

Finish bottom

Once again, we can cast our eyes from the top of the table to the very bottom here, and this is something that you can bet on. While it is quite common to bet on who will be relegated, it is also quite common to place a bet on who will finish dead last. 


If you are feeling a little more ambitious, you can always go for an accumulator bet with the Premier League. You can combine multiple selections into one huge bet slip here, and if your bet does indeed pay off, there can be some rather nice prizes at the end. 

Premier League Betting 2020/2021 Predictions FAQs

What is Premier League outright?

Premier League outright betting the 2021 season is where you are betting on the eventual winner of the league before the season begins. 

Who will win?

The red hot favourites to lift the Premier League crown in 2021 are Liverpool and Manchester City.

How to wager on Premier?

To gain access to the Premier League betting markets for next season, you will need to sign up with a reputable bookmaker. 

Where to wager?

To find the actual outright markets you'll need to navigate to competition and look for the 2020/2021 season. 

Are there any free bets?

The Premier League is one of the most popular football leagues in the world, so naturally, you can find loads of free bets for this competition. 

What date is the game for Premier League Betting 2020/2021?

The Premier League runs from August through to May in a regular season. 


If you are feeling ready to get stuck in with the betting markets for next season, make sure you choose a bookmaker from this list and get yourself set up. There are already markets and odds available, so why not take advantage and check them out?



Brunton Park
Carlisle United
Phil Ball (Doing the 92) 10/3/20

Wolverhampton Wanderers
Andrew Walker (Brighton & Hove Albion) 7/3/20

Memorial Stadium
Bristol Rovers
Dan Maguire (Doing the 92) 10/3/20