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PSG vs Atalanta Prediction: Odds & Betting Tips

PSG vs Atalanta: Game overview


It’s been a fairly unusual season in football, to say the least, yet while domestic action has ceased, the champions league is still going on. there are many games that are still at the last 16 stage, and the conclusion of the event will not occur for several weeks. for this post, however, we will be taking a much closer look at the upcoming quarter-final clash between PSG and Atalanta, which will be played on august 12th.


Given the change in how the tournament is usually played due to obvious global issues, it will be played at a neutral venue in portugal. the game is due to kick-off at 8pm bst, and the pundits are already getting their bets placed ahead of this one. of course, we have our own set of betting tips for this quarter-final tie, all of which have been thoroughly researched.

To check out these tips, just read on through the proceeding sections.

PSG vs Atalanta Odds: Key betting tips

Atalanta Draw PSG
Paddy Power 7/4 13/5 5/4
William Hill 19/10 11/4 13/10
Bet365 17/10 28/10 135/100
Genting Bet 15/8 11/4 13/10
Ladbrokes 17/10 12/5 6/5


Our prediction: PSG to qualify against Alatanta



*All odds displayed above are correct at the time of publishing!

PSG vs Atalanta Prediction: both teams to score

To understand why we are shooting for this market, we need to bring a couple of key facts to your attention. first of all, let’s look quickly into atalanta’s goal scoring form this season from a domestic standpoint. besides suffering a 2-0 defeat against inter in their final serie a game, atalanta last failed to score a goal in a game in october 2019. of course, that’s pretty significant when you think about how many games are played throughout the course of a football season.


Then in addition to this, we have the mighty psg, who just cannot seem to stop scoring goals at times. before the world went a bit strange back in march, psg managed to wriggle past a fairly formidable opponent in the champions league in the form of borussia dortmund. they may have lost the first leg by 2-1, but they then blasted 2 past the german powerhouses to make the quarter-final stage.


In our opinion, dortmund is a stronger team overall when compared to atlanta, so we really do feel that psg could score several goals in this one. 


Neymar to score anytime

neymar psg

It would be fair to say that neymar has had a bit of a turbulent time at psg, however, we still feel that he has something to prove in the champions league at this club. now, based on domestic performances, it would have been logical to go for mbappe to score a goal in this one, but he's sadly on the injury list ahead of this game. so for that reason, we believe that the next best goal scorer in line is neymar. according to a recent report, neymar should be fit and healthy ahead of this game, and he will no doubt play a pivotal factor in the outcome.

There's obviously no denying that neymar is a highly skilful player, and to be perfectly honest, it's about time he showed what he's capable of in the champions league for psg. he certainly has the ability to cause havoc among the atalanta defence, and it wouldn't be entirely surprising if he grabbed more than one goal in this clash.


Over 2.5 goals

We've already established in the prediction above that we believe this game will see a goal from these teams. in addition to this prediction, however, we truly believe that the game could well involve over 2.5 goals. there is simply too much firepower on the pitch and too much at stake to see a game that only involves a goal or two. it's not just the talent of the players that leads us towards this market either. it’s also the general performances of both of these teams in their respective domestic leagues too.

When you look back through the track record of atalanta this season, they have regularly scored 2 or more goals, regardless of the strength of the opposition. of course, in the case of paris saint-germain, we have seen recent performances where they have scored more than 5 goals in a single game. sure, these were friendly games that took place over the last couple of weeks, but it just shows how capable the squad is overall to create opportunities, and most importantly, put the ball in the back of the net.

You can get some pretty tasty odds for this market as well, so it’s definitely worth a shout.


Betting Tips: Psg to win

You could look at all of the facts and figures until your heart's content, but you would ultimately reach the same conclusion every single time. it is difficult to look beyond a paris saint-germain victory in this quarter-final game, as we just feel that their squad is significantly stronger than atalanta’s overall. to justify this, you don't need to look much beyond the lineups of the teams.

Even with mbappe missing, psg still has so much talent in the squad that nine times out of ten, they should really be beating a team like atalanta. besides mbappe, psg has still got the likes of cavani and di maria to hold it together, whereas atalanta doesn’t really have any ‘superstars’ in their team. it’s not that they don’t gel well as a team – they obviously do, otherwise, they wouldn’t be in the champions league quarter-final in the first place.

It’s just that when you compare the squads, the results in general, and the style of play for each team, psg really should take the win in this one.

PSG vs Atalanta Betting Tips: Conclusion

Now is a great time to place your bets ahead of this game, as the market is still stable and the odds are relatively consistent. Needless to say, you do not have to go with our predictions, but you should know that there has been plenty of research behind each of the suggestions within this post.

Whether you want to see a psg victory or an atalanta victory, there is one thing that is certain –  this game should have plenty of drama and plenty of amazing football for us all to enjoy.

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