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Scottish Premier League betting tips 2020/21: Odds & Predictions

scottish premier league

The SPL, otherwise known as the Scottish Premier League, is the top division in men's professional Football in Scotland. It's also called the Scottish Premiership sometimes. Besides being a fan-favorite for watching games, plenty of punters enjoy wagering on it inside and outside of the UK. This article will give you our latest Scottish Premier League betting tips and explain what the main market choices are for the event.

2020/2021 SPL Betting Tips

If you want to make the most out of your SPL betting, then choosing an outright market to place a bet on is smarter, especially since the earlier you place the wager, the bigger the payout. The most popular outright market available is the 2020/2021 SPL Winner market. And although bookies have different odds, they all agree that the Rangers have the best shot at winning this competition. The table below lists the most popular bookmakers and their odds for the outright winner market.

Rangers Celtic
2/5 8/5
Betfair 2/5 9/5
Coral 4/9 13/8
4/9 13/8

The table's odds are correct at the time of writing, but please check each bookie platform for any changes that may have occurred.

As you can see, the odds are very similar bookmakers seem to be thinking that Rangers have the best chances of winning. In addition to the Winner market, some bookies offer additional outright markets related to the Scottish Premiership. We wouldn't be giving you the best SPL tips if we didn't mention the rest of the markets you can wager on before the event has started. Here are some of them, and if you don't like these, you can always try your luck at requesting the market via the “Request a Bet” feature if the bookie has one, and you might get lucky and receive some odds for it.

  • Top Goalscorer 2020/2021
  • Top 6 to Finish 2020/2021
  • Winner Without Celtic and Rangers 2020/2021
  • Bottom 6 to Finish 2020/2021

Top Betting Market Choices for Specific SPL Matches

Besides the outright betting options, punter also has the standard match betting options available once the SPL begins on each match. Most popular bookmakers provide plenty of betting markets per game, especially when it comes to Football, so you don't have to worry about not having enough options. Below we have described the most popular choices people tend to wager on when it comes to the Scottish Premier League.

Final Result

Betting on who will win a particular match is the most popular and oldest type of bet in bookmaking history. Despite being around for so long, people still mostly prefer to choose this betting market over the newer options available. If your gut is telling you that a particular team will tin this match, don't hesitate to place the match odds/final result/90 minutes market bet, and if you are lucky, you might win.

Draw No Bet

The draw no bet type of market makes betting easier by removing the draw option, so you only have two options “Home” and “Away.” If the match does end in a draw, your stake would be returned to you, making the market safer than the traditional final result market. The odds wouldn't be as appealing as the match odds types of markets, but that's understandable.


BTTS stands for “both teams to score,” and it's a trendy betting market where you wager on whether or not both teams will score goals during the match. It doesn't matter who the winner of the game is and how many goals are scored. You only bet on if both of the competing teams will score goals or not. The odds for this type of market are average, but you can bet on combinations, like BTTS + Match Result or BTTS + Correct Score, and the odds will be greater.

Over/Under Goals

Over/Under goals is a prevalent market because the winner of the match doesn't matter. You bet on whether or not the total goals scored during the game by both teams will be over or under a specific number. The numbers usually have decimals so that bookies can avoid pushes. Some bookies offer different types of over/under markets, like half-time over/under, first half over/under, second half over/under, etc.

Correct Score

The correct score types of markets are harder to predict because to win, and you need to guess the exact score the match will end in. Whether additional time counts toward the market is a bookmaker's choice, and the odds provided for these types of markets are better than any other because they are so hard to predict.

The Best SPL Betting Bookmakers

We listed the best bookies for betting on the Scottish Premiership below:


Betfair is well-known in the UK and around the world. They have a wide range of betting markets available for pre-game and in-play markets, and you can use some of their free sports betting features to increase your chances of winnings. They also have a highly-rated betting exchange platform where you can find an even more comprehensive range of betting markets, and the odds are considerably better.


Coral is a leading brand in UK bookmaking, and they have one of the best online platform designs. When it comes to Football markets and the SPL in particular, they offer a moderate number of markets, but you can win big if you decide to use betting features, like live streaming, bet builder, cash-out, etc.


Bet365 is one of the best bookmakers globally, and they have a wide range of sports and markets you can wager on. Punters everywhere praise them for their substantial odds of popular events, and the SPL is one of those events as well. They have a wide range of betting features you can benefit from, starting with their very own creation, the “bet builder.”

888 Sport

888 Sport is widely known in the UK and has an impressive online platform design which attracts plenty of customers. The betting markets they offer are various, and they have a fantastic welcome offer for new customers. The bonuses available for existing customers shouldn't be underestimated, as well. You wouldn't regret choosing them for SPL betting.