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To Lead Anytime Tips


Football markets are getting more and more interesting as time goes on. It seems that you can bet on just about any situation or statistic in a game of football these days, and there is one of these situations that will be the focus of this short post – ‘to lead anytime’. If you’re wondering how this bet actually works, the clue is somewhat in the name, for it means quite literally what it says. By making this bet, you are wagering that a team will be leading at some point in the game. 

Of course, you will generally find quite low odds if you are looking at the favourite for this market, but if you look for the underdogs to lead anytime, you can find some pretty high odds. After all, anything can and does happen in football, so there is always that chance that an underdog could snag an early goal, and then the bet is already won. One of the best things for us about this bet is that it is never dead in the water unless the favourite goes up by a goal or two.

Even then there is still that sliver of hope that the bet might come in, and this is what makes the market so fun to bet on. Now that you know how this market actually works, let us show you some hints and tips for how you can use this particular bet to your advantage. 

To lead anytime betting tips

You can almost always find a ‘to lead anytime’ market within the sportsbook of a regular site. Not only is this one of the most common bets you can find in a betting site, but it is also one of the simplest to make and understand. It’s also one of those bets where things can quite easily go in any direction, but without further ado, let’s look at some tips you can use when looking into this market. 

Tip #1 – find an underdog with good strikers

As is the case with pretty much any sports bet, the real value can be found in the underdog markets compared to always betting on the favourite. So, with this in mind, there is one particular situation that you should absolutely try to use concerning the lead anytime market. We would encourage you to browse through the available games on any day, and if you see an underdog team where you know that they have a strong strike-force, it could be a good idea to bet on this market for that particular team.

This is because a strong strike-force can make anything happen on a football pitch, and there is always the chance that if they start quickly, they could snatch an early goal and go ahead of the favourites. Of course, if this happens, then this bet would prove to be a winner, so it really is worth a roll of the dice if an underdog team has some very capable goalscorers

Tip #2 – wait for a game with the right situation

When we say ‘the right situation’ here, we are specifically referring to a situation where the underdog has more to play for than the favourite team. This can be the case during cup competitions or during main leagues, and if the underdog team needs a win more than the other team, they will obviously push hard and try to score goals. A prime example of this would be when a team who is battling to avoid relegation plays a side that is mid-table towards the end of the season. 

Here you will notice that the motivation for the underdog team will obviously be far greater than the other team, but the odds might not always reflect this. There are, of course, other factors that will influence the outcome of a game like this, but if you see this situation arise, it could be a great time to make a ‘lead anytime’ bet on the underdog. 

Tip #3 – wait for the game to start

If you are well versed in sports betting, you will know that the real value in the markets can be found once the game begins. This is also true for the lead anytime markets, as things can happen in the game that will turn the odds in your favour. It could be the case that the underdog team starts quickly and has a few shots on target, or it could be the case that the favourite team gets a man sent off early in a must-win game, so they will still push hard for victory. The situations and possibilities for finding value once a game has kicked off really are endless, and by tracking these situations, you might find a few surprises in the in-play market for this one.

Usually, you will find a whole range of in-play betting options if you stick to the most prestigious betting sites in the UK. This is true for sportsbooks like William Hill, Ladbrokes, and bet365, but there are also other ones too. 

Tip #4 – make your own judgements by watching the game

This is something that sports bettors really should do more often. When you are watching a game, you will always start to build up your own opinions on what team is dominating, what team is looking likely to score, and most importantly – what team looks like they could go ahead at some point in the match. Most of the football games you might be interested in betting on will be shown on TV through various sports packages, but if you also sign up to an online sportsbook, you will be able to live stream the games through your account. 

We would highly advise watching the game to begin with, and see which team starts quicker than the other one. This is because if you back a team to lead anytime and they go ahead and score first, the bet is already over – in your favour!