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Top other sports (beside football) to bet on

The most famous sports all around the world is Football, and that's what the numbers say. The popular European sport is outstanding everywhere from the UK to Africa and South America. There are certain regions in the world where the sport isn't as popular as North America, but the fan base in that part of the world is growing by the day. In this article, we will explore the best sports to wager on, except for Football.

Horse Racing

horse betting

The United Kingdom and even other parts of the world have long appreciated this beautiful sport. People think it originated in ancient times in Asia, and since then, many cultures have adopted it. Betting on this sport is very popular, and many Sportsbooks feature it. There are even platforms solely dedicated to Horse Racing betting. We aren't going to mention any but keep that in mind the next time you look for a specialized bookmaker. In addition to placing bets on horses via online and offline Sportsbooks, you can also place bets on racetracks. There are different kinds of wagers you can place, and each of them has different chances of succeeding, such as:

  • Show
  • Win
  • Place
  • Quinella
  • Superfecta
  • Trifecta
  • Exacta
  • Daily Double
  • Pick 3, 4, and 6


tennis betting

Tennis is famous worldwide, and the first official Wimbledon dates back to 1877 in England. The sport is exciting, and you can wager on it by placing the typical wagers in sport, like:

  • Futures
  • Props
  • Over/Under
  • Moneyline
  • Game Spread
  • Set Spread

You can find wagers and odds for Tennis in almost all well-devised Sportsbooks. Moneylines are the most common bets and the most straightforward ones. You only have to pick who you think the winner of the match is going to be. Futures and Props aren't that popular among punters, but there are still those who like to place them very once in a while. Bookmakers use Game or Set Spreads to level the playing field if one athlete is favored over another one too much. In the Over/Under type of wager, you bet on how many games a match is going to have. A middle line is usually an odd number, like 22.5, for example, so there isn't a chance for your bet to be refunded to you.

American Football

US football betting

American Football is top-rated in the United States and Canada, but the rest of the world is still adjusting. It's nothing like the classic Football (also called Soccer in North America), instead of kicking the ball, players run with it so they can score a touchdown or a field goal. When you want to wager on an American Football match, you can choose between the following bet types:

  • Moneyline
  • Over/Under
  • Point Spread
  • Futures
  • Proposition Bets
  • First Quarter and First Half Props

There are more wagers you can choose between, but these are the most popular ones. The most popular bet type on this sport is the Point Spread. It's also known as a handicap or betting line. The outcome of this wager is 50/50, and you have to bet on which side of the margin the game will end.


cricket betting

Another sport with English origins is Cricket. It's been around since the sixteenth century, and it's played with a bat and a ball. Based on the audience and fan number, it's estimated that Cricket is the second-most-popular sport in the world, after Football. The most popular types of Cricket bets are:

  • Match betting – you bet on which team would win
  • Series winner – you bet on which team would win 3/5 games
  • Outright winner – you bet on which team would win a tournament or a cup

There are also many types of Cricket Prop bets, like Team Props, Player Props, and In-Play Props. Some of the prevalent prop bets are:

  • Win toss
  • Match scores
  • Over/under
  • Partnerships
  • Top batsman
  • Batsman runs
  • Over/under totals
  • Team of top batsman


boxing betting

Boxing is a popular sport anywhere in the world. Who doesn't love watching two people fight each other? The game dates back to the ancient Olympic Games, and it's prevalent throughout history. It was introduced at the Olympic programmed in 1904 and only one country – the USA – entered the contest, so they won all the medals. Throughout the history of the new-age Olympic games, the USA has the most medals to pride themselves with, but Russia and Cuba are close behind.

The most common type of betting on this sport is the so-called "bout betting." In this type of bet, you choose who the winner of the match will be. Another possiblity is to wager if the fight will last until the final round or end early, which is hard to predict, and not many people place it. Another way you can wager on Boxing is to predict the method of victory. A wager that typically has good odds is "Round Betting," where you predict which round the match will end. Another option is Group Round betting where you have a slightly better shot at winning because you wage on if the fight will end in:

  • The first three rounds
  • Rounds four to six
  • Rounds seven to nine
  • Rounds ten to twelve

Last but not least, you can bet on whether a fight will end over or under a certain number of rounds.

William Hill is the boxing specialist in the UK.


You might think that finding this game on this list is absurd, but the fact is that Golf is one of the top sports people around the world wager on every day. Its history began in Scotland in the fifteenth century, and its purpose is to use different clubs to hit a ball in a few strikes as possible across a course full of holes and checkpoints. The most popular Golf bet types are:

  • Tournament Winner betting
  • Each-Way Golf betting
  • First, Second and Third Round betting
  • Top Five, Ten, Twenty betting
  • Futures
  • Hole-in-one and Head-to-head betting

Honorable Mentions

There are many sports popular around the world, and different punters enjoy betting on various sports. In addition to the top choices we described above, we would like to mention some sports that are also very popular in certain parts of the world:

  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Cycling
  • Greyhounds
  • Ice Hockey
  • Rugby League & Union
  • Volleyball