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Lazio vs Bayern Munich Prediction: Odds & Betting Tips (23/02/2021)

Bayern Munich is facing Lazio in the Champions League Round of 16 1st leg on 23rd February. If you want to know some useful betting tips and where you can find the best odds, then read on below.

Lazio Vs. Bayern Top Betting Tips

Here’s our pick for the best betting selections and possible predictions for the Champions League match between Lazio and Bayern.

Note: Odds are subject to change and do not stay fixed. These odds mentioned here apply to the time of writing, but they may change by the time you visit the betting site later. Always check the odds carefully before you decide to place a bet.

Our recommended Champions League bookmaker for this matchday is William Hill.

Match Preview

Both Bayern and Lazio have shown good form in their recent matches, and the strikers on both sides – Lazio’s Ciro Immobile and Bayern’s Lewandowski – are clinical in front of the goal. Immobile has 19 goals to his name this season, scoring 14 of them in Serie A and 5 goals in the Champions League. Robert Lewandowski is in great form with 31 goals in all competitions these days, of which 26 came for the Bundesliga while 3 from the Champions League. So it’s a match between two sharp strikers which should bring some interesting results and a lot of goalscoring action.

lazio vs bayern munich prediction

Our Pick for Top Betting Selections

Not sure what to bet on and what the best odds are? We’ve down a complete analysis of the Lazio vs. Bayern match, and here are the predictions that we recommend:

Final Match Result: Draw

The match between Bayern and Lazio does not seem to have a clear favorite. Bayern may be the stronger team on paper. Still, Lazio won’t just be handing over a victory as they have got the opportunity to play in the Champions League after two decades, as the last time they were in the UCL knockout stages was way back in 2000. So they are going to put up a tough fight to move ahead in the competition.

Bayern has been playing excellent in terms of attack but not so good defensively. They are struggling to keep clean sheets this season, and one of their key defenders, Pavard, is out of action. Lazio is in a similar situation, where their attacking has been impressive but is lacking defensively. So both teams are likely to find the back of the net by the end of the match. Lazio can also be very resilient, so they won’t be giving Bayern a comfortable lead in their home ground, which is why there is a high probability that the match will end in a draw.

Total Goals Over/Under: Over 4.5

Citing the same reasons as before – both teams are stronger at the fact and shaky at the back – we will likely be seeing some great display of goals. Neither Bayern nor Lazio will sit back and park the bus, so both sides will try their best to outscore the other. It’s safe to expect more than 4 goals scored from both sides, and the odds for over 4.5 goals make it an excellent bet.

First to Score: Ciro Immobile

First to score bets are always unpredictable, even when you’re betting in-play. There are 20 players total (excluding goalkeepers) and at least 8 to 10 attacking players from both sides combined, so betting on just one to score won’t be easy.

But after looking at different factors and the odds for various players, we think it’s best to bet on Ciro Immobile. He’s been in good shape and has already scored 5 goals in the Champions League. And the team also has the home ground advantage, so there’s a good chance for Ciro Immobile to be the first to score.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Is The Lazio Vs. Bayern Munich Champions League Match?

The Lazio vs. Bayern Munich Champions League First leg of Round of 16 will be played on 23rd February 2021, 8 pm GMT.

Where Can I Watch The Match Live?

You can watch the match on sports betting sites with live stream features or through subscription sports streaming services.

Where Can I Find The Best Odds For The Lazio Vs. Bayern Match?

Bet365, 888Sport, and William Hill are currently offering the best odds for the Lazio vs. Bayern UCL match.

Which Team Is The Favorite To Win The Match?

Betting odds are high for Lazio, meaning they are less likely to win, so the odds favor Bayern, but they aren’t clear favorites, so the result can go either way.

Can I Bet In-Play On Lazio Vs. Bayern UCL Match?

Yes, many sports betting sites allow in-play bets for the Lazio vs. Bayern UCL match, including the ones we have recommended.