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Jahn Regensburg vs Darmstadt Prediction, Odds and Free Betting Tips (19/11/2021)

The last match of the 18th round in the 2. Bundesliga includes two of the most impressive teams this season – Regensburg and Darmstadt. This game is crucial for both teams as they fight for promotion. Which side will come on top?

Jahn Regensburg vs Darmstadt: Top Free Betting Tips

Regensburg have fallen into some kind of a mid-season crisis and lost 4/5 recent games in the league. Darmstadt, on the other hand, won 4/5 recent games and are sitting comfortably below the leaders in the standings. Yet, the teams are separated by just 4 points and a win here for the hosts could push them next to Darmstadt. Overall, this game is crucial for both sides.

Total Goals – Over 2.5

No team has had more goals in their games this season than Regensburg. And curiously, Darmstadt are right below them at second place in this regard. Both sides have predominantly had over 2.5 games throughout the entire season and we can expect the same from this crucial head-to-head fixture. Regensburg have had over 2.5 goals in 13/17 games this season with an average of 3.6 goals per game – the highest in the league. Darmstadt, in turn, have had 12/17 over 2.5s with an average of 3.5 goals per game. The teams played once already in round 1 and Regensburg won 0:2 but that was at the start of the season and the teams have changed significantly since then.

Double Chance / Total Goals – Tie or Darmstadt and Over 1.5 Goals

Since the odds for the regular double chance market are quite low, we pick the option that includes over 1.5 goals. Darmstadt were known as a better home team at the early stages of the season but they have won 4/5 most recent away games, including those against strong teams like Paderborn and Schalke.

Regensburg have been having serious problems overall and appear to be out of shape and definitely weaker than Darmstadt at the moment. We expect the visitors to get at least one point in this match but we are not certain about the three points – in this case, the double chance is the safest option. Regensburg have had over 1.5 goals in 17/17 games while Darmstadt in 15/17.

Team Total Goals – Darmstadt Over 1.5

There is just one team that has scored more goals than Darmstadt in away games this season – Paderborn. Yet, Darmstadt have scored 18 goals in 9 games. On the other side, Regensburg have conceded 15 goals in their 9 home games, which is surprising given that the team has been near the top since the start. We expect Darmstadt to be the stronger team in this match and they will have plenty of chances to score – the question is whether they will make good use of those chances.

Top Betting Odds and Stats for Jahn Regensburg vs Darmstadt

Here are the top stats for the game along with a tool to help you pick the best odds.

FAQs regarding Jahn Regensburg vs Darmstadt

Jahn Regensburg vs Darmstadt Prediction

• In which places are Regensburg and Darmstadt?

As mentioned at the start, Darmstadt are sitting right below the leaders at 2nd place. The team has won 32 points in 17 games. Regensburg have lost a lot of games but remain at 5th place with 28 points.

• When does the match start?

This game wil begin at 12:30 UTC on Sunday, December 19.

• What is the goal difference of both teams?

As the two teams that have had the most goals this season, it is interesting to see their goal differences. Regensburg have 35:26 while Darmstadt's is far better – 39:20.