Fulham Receive Go Ahead For New Riverside Stand

The Club have been given planning permission to build a new stand on the Thames Riverside of Craven Cottage. The new stand will be quite sizeable, having a capacity of just under 9,000. It will have a large lower tier and a smaller lower tier. The development will also include restaurants, meeting facilities, bars and nine flats. It will also feature a newly opened riverside walkway,

An Artists Impression Of How The New Stand Will Look

New Riverside Stand

The above image is supplied courtesy of the Fulham FC website.

The existing Riverside Stand (pictured below) which was originally opened in 1972 will be demolished to make way for the new stand. It is expected that works to build the new stand will commence in the Summer of 2019. When completed it will take the capacity of Craven Cottage to just under 30,000.

The Existing Riverside Stand

Riverside Stand Craven Cottage



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