New Chelsea Stamford Bridge Stadium Moves Forward

It has been reported in the media that Chelsea Football Club have come to an agreement with local property owners affected by the proposed building of a new 60,000 capacity stadium on the existing Stamford Bridge site. If this is in fact the case, then this will allow the building of the new stadium to commence.

New Stamford Bridge Chelsea

Although with the current season almost at a close and the new 2018/19 season already on the horizon, then it may be too late for major works to start this year (although some preparatory works could start in late 2018). This is because the Club will need to leave Stamford Bridge and groundshare at another stadium, for at least a season, as the existing ground will be demolished. Having seen the success that Tottenham Hotspur have had in using Wembley Stadium for their home matches, whilst White Hart Lane is being rebuilt, then it seems likely that they will end up there. We shall wait and see! 

The artists impression above as well as others from Herzog & de Meuron, can be viewed on the de Zeen Magazine website.

The formal planning permission request can be viewed on the Hammersmith and Fulham Council website.



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