New Home, New Beginnings For Champions League Finalists Tottenham

Tottenham will contest the Champions League final at the beginning of June against fellow English team Liverpool. The club are hoping to win their first European trophy since 1984, and their first ever Champions League trophy, against a team who have won the competition five times in their rich history. This would move them to the top tier of European football, and to go along with that, they also have a new stadium, the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, that is most certainly in the top tier itself.

New Tottenham Hotspur Stadium External

Spurs moved into their new ground back in March after delays forced them to begin a second season at Wembley. Understandably, fans were frustrated at the delay but now that people have been inside the ground and witnessed the facilities available to their team, that has quickly been forgotten.

Football is far more than a game played on the field, the sport is now huge business and what happens off the field is just as important. That is why Tottenham have spent so much money on a new home for the team, to bring themselves up to the level required to compete with the best clubs in Europe.

Although we are at the end of the 2018/19 Premier League season, this is a period where Tottenham will feel they are starting afresh, and early success in their Champions League final next month will only add to that. However, they are outsiders to do that and the latest selection of odds at Oddschecker shows them generally available at 6/4 to lift the trophy in Madrid.

Whether or not Tottenham are victorious in the match itself remains to be seen, but there is no doubt that it is fitting for them that they are in the final just after moving into their new home. In recent years, Tottenham have tried to compete with those at the top of the Premier League, but finances have held them back. That should no longer be the case, thanks to the advancements off the field, with their new stadium at the heart of all that.

New Stadium, New Tottenham

Their new stadium holds just over 62,000 fans, which makes it far bigger than the 36,000 seater White Hart Lane that used to be their home until recently. That means an additional 26,000 people inside the stadium buying tickets, spending money on merchandise as well as food and drink. Tottenham have placed great emphasis on this inside their new ground, they want fans to arrive early and spend their money inside, rather than staying away and buying food and drink before they enter the stadium. This includes a cool and unique way to serve beer, which has already got the fans talking after just a few home games, and allows the club to quickly serve large groups of people in a fashion that we haven’t seen before.

South Stand Tottenham Cockerel

While all of this doesn’t mean success on the field, the new stadium will open doors that Tottenham have been unable to open in the past. They did not sign a player for the current season either last summer during that transfer window or in January during the most recent one. They have been waiting for their moment and it looks as though this is the summer they will go all out to become a serious contender in Europe.

Will It Ever Host the Champions League Final?

There is no doubt that Tottenham want to showcase their stadium, and in October the stadium will host two NFL games. This was announced some time ago, but it is a clear sign that Tottenham want to use their stadium as often as possible, and they want everyone to see what a fantastic facility it is. While the NFL games bring another sport to the stadium, there is a way to get more football into the ground. That is to apply to host one of the big European finals, with the main one being the Champions League final Tottenham are about to contest themselves.
This year’s final will take place in Spain at the home of Atletico Madrid, but it would be no surprise to see the competition come to England and to the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in the future. The biggest problem for Tottenham in doing this is the close proximity of Wembley, which is bigger and at the moment more prestigious. But if UEFA want to try something new, then this ground has the required potential.

The facilities inside the ground are not just good enough to host a final, but innovative enough to make ti the ideal setting. Added to that, the transport links on the outside can handle the thousands of people that would want to be in and around the ground on matchday. If Tottenham were to succeed in winning the Champions League next month, having that trophy on show in the new stadium would surely add more weight to their bid.

Tottenham are coming across as a very forward-thinking club at the moment, and they know the importance of their new stadium. Don’t be surprised to see them apply to host the Champions League final in the near future at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. Should they get the chance, you can expect to see them making a real push to win it that year.


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