Tottenham Aim To Play First Match At The New Stadium In April

The seemingly never-ending saga of when Tottenham Hotspur will move into their new stadium may finally be coming to an end with the news that the Club are planning to play their first competitive fixture there in early April. This will happen if two warm-up events planned for late March are successful. The first of these will be an Under 18's Academy Match against Southampton on Sunday, March 24th, where up to 30,000 fans with be attendance. The following Saturday (March 30th) will see a legends match against Inter Milan, with up to 45,000 fans attending. If the relevant safety test certificates are then granted, the Club can go ahead with the full opening of the new 62,062 venue.

The New Stadium

New Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

Update 30th March

The Club have successfully held the two test events and are to now play their first Premier League game at the stadium on Wednesday 3rd of April against Crystal Palace. Unfortunately, this match won't be televised. The stadium which was due to open at the start of the season has been beset by delays and has seen overall construction costs spiral, so it is a relief all round to finally see it open.



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