Michigan Lottery promo code 2021: Enter *PLAYMAX* to get your bonus

Find your way to the new offer is using the Michigan Lottery promo code which is eligible to be used throughout

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Receive 50% of the first deposit + 10 free instant games
Expires on: 31-12-2021
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Michigan Lottery promo code

Michigan Lottery Promo Code

  • Welcome bonus – Receive 50% of the first deposit and 10 free instant games
  • Giveaways – Multiple bonuses where users can receive $5000 in cash and a $100 free play credit
  • Daily spin to win – Get up to $5000 in cash per month

How to use the Michigan Lottery Promo Code during registration

Every player has to register with Michigan Lottery before they can start to experience the site. This process is relatively easy. Crucially, the player has to be 18 years old before they can create accounts on the site. The easy steps involved are:

  1. Open the Michigan lottery site and click the register button
  2. Provide personal details like name and email address
  3. Choose a password that will be used for logging into the account
  4. Enter the ‘PLAYMAX’ promo code in the designated field
  5. Complete the registration by agreeing to the terms
  6. After successful completion of the process, check the email to receive an exclusive offer

How to use the Michigan Lottery Promo Code during registration

Best Bonuses from Michigan Lottery along with Terms and Conditions

The welcome bonus is one of the crucial ingredients of Michigan Lottery with players receiving a maximum of $100 bonus with 10 free instant games. The latter tends to vary according to the season and it can be used on games like Treetop Treasures. The player will receive the bonus by matching the deposit at 50%. In order to claim this bonus, the player has to enter ‘PLAYMAX’ – the Michigan Lottery promo code when creating the account.

The giveaways are quite popular on the Michigan Lottery site with many options available. A player will get the option to receive $5000 cash along with $100 in bonus credits, which can be used online. The $5000 reward will be handed out to just one player, while 50 users will get lucky with the bonus credit. In order to take part in the offer, users have to play select titles on the site during specific months.

The ‘daily spin to win offer’ is a fun way to pick up rewards on a daily basis. After creating an account, players have to just log in and make this spin – once per day. A player will be able to get online free play or in-store free play depending on the luck. The latter will be applicable for redemption at Michigan Lottery retailers, while the former will be automatically brought into the online account. A player can only claim a single bonus credit, bonus cash, or bonus games offer.

Frequently Asked Doubts

What is the need for a promo code at Michigan Lottery?

A Michigan Lottery promo code is necessary Michigan Lottery for users who want to get attractive bonuses. For example, the use of a ‘PLAYMAX’ – the Michigan Lottery promo code during registration will entitle users to an attractive bonus.

What is the minimum age required for signup?

A player has to be at least 18 years old before they can start creating an account with Michigan Lottery. This is in line with local gambling laws.

Is it necessary to purchase services for using a Michigan Lottery promo code?

No, there is no need for making any purchases when trying to redeem the code.

Is responsible gambling promoted by the site?

Yes, Michigan Lottery is a supporter of responsible gambling and it provides assistance to addicted gamblers through various features like deposit limits.

Can members exchange a Michigan Lottery promo code for cash?

No, the Michigan Lottery promo code cannot be exchanged for cash. If found guilty of this practice, Michigan Lottery could terminate the account of such users.

How many times can a promo code be used?

The Michigan Lottery promo code is meant to be used only once. The signup process comes with a designated field for the same.

Experience of using the Site

Gaming options that can be used by Players

Michigan Lottery promo code for Casino Games

Michigan Lottery goes for a vast collection of games to meet the requirements of every player. It does not come with the same set of slots and table games that are seen in online casinos. Instead, the site goes for a unique mix of titles that include:

Scratch Card/Instant Win titles – The Instant Win games are seen as the foundation of Michigan Lottery. Even though these would sound alien to users who have been used to slot and table games on a regular basis, it does not take long to get the hang of things. These games to be quite simple and there is an extensive library of options. Since there is decent variance, a newcomer will be able to fill up their pockets much sooner than expected. Some of the popular games in this segment would be:

  • Blackjack Doubler
  • Road Trip USA
  • Holiday Cheer
  • Merry Multiplier
  • Frosty Fun

Online Keno – There are just over seven online keno titles, which are similar to lottery-style titles found at casinos. In recent times, Michigan Lottery has been slowly increasing the presence of titles in this segment. The keno games come with many payouts and options to win. The key titles to watch out for are:

  • Top Shot Keno
  • Instant Keno Multiplier
  • Instant Keno

Draw Games – The Michigan Lottery comes with the advantage of being able to access draw games after the site started online sales in 2016. The top choices would be:

  • Lotto 47
  • Powerball
  • Mega Millions
  • Fantasy 5

Interface and Interaction

Michigan Lottery promo code

The site created by Michigan Lottery is excellent when it comes to simplicity and user-friendliness. The interface makes it easy to navigate to various sections without scratching the head. At the same time, the site lacks the modern touch found in many of the new online gambling sites.

Review of Customer Support

There are different options for those who want to get assistance. The toll-free phone number is one of the best options for reaching a customer care representative. This will also help in solving any urgent queries regarding the games or accounts. If users do not want this approach, they can resort to email, which is particularly useful when trying to send documents.

Options to Add or Withdraw Funds


After registration is complete and the account is verified, a player has the option of putting funds using the payment options supported by the site. The payment options will be:

  • Credit/debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover)
  • Online game card
  • ACH bank transfer
  • PayPal

Undoubtedly, the online game card is the payment option that would make users sit up and take notice. It is an option that makes it easy to make an online transfer without the use of credit cards, debit cards, or bank transfer. A player can choose the preferred payment options and the funds should be reflected in the account within a few minutes. This is possible due to the support for instant deposits.


At some point, users will want to collect the wins or take out funds from the account. The payment options that would be applicable in this scenario are:

  • ACH bank transfer
  • Check (only through a phone call)
  • Visa debit
  • PayPal
  • Cash withdrawal at Michigan Lottery retailer

Each payment option comes with its own set of maximum and minimum limits. For example, the minimum amount required to make a withdrawal request irrespective of the payment option is $10. For those looking to get funds through bank transfer or PayPal, the maximum limit would be $50,000 in a single transaction. There is a vast difference between the time taken by PayPal and bank transfer. The latter takes around five business days while PayPal requires less than one business day. The cash withdrawal option could be the least convenient for big withdrawals, as it is limited to $200 per transaction.

Experience on Mobile Devices

Michigan Lottery promo code for Mobile

Mobile Application

There has been a tremendous increase in the number of users who rely on mobile devices to access online casinos. The trend is likely to go in favour of mobile devices in the next few years. Aware of this situation, Michigan Lottery offers apps that run on Android and Apple devices. The latter can be downloaded directly from the App Store, while one can get the Android app directly from the official site. Apart from keeping things secure, the official site also provides information on the mobile app which will be crucial when getting it up for the first time. The app has been optimised in such a way that it is able to run on mid-range and high-end devices with aplomb.

Mobile Site

If you are one of the individuals who does not sports like to have gambling apps or too many apps on the phone, it is a better idea to use the mobile site. Michigan Lottery have also designed a mobile site that works flawlessly. It is able to accommodate the request of such individuals with ease. Typically, a user will be losing a significant chunk of features when making the transition from a desktop site to a mobile site. However, this is not the case with Michigan Lottery, which manages to put things well in an attractive package. Apart from being able to enjoy the games, the user can also use the mobile site to do the various account management functions.

Pros & Cons

Lots of bonuses and offersThe site is available only for Michigan residents
Terms and conditions are quite relaxedHigh taxation levels
Unique choices
Online lottery ticket sales

Our Review – A Great Choice for Players in Michigan

There is no doubt that Michigan Lottery is an interesting option for a player who is seeking some alternate route to the regular stream of online casinos. The biggest focus from the site is on lottery games. Therefore, players will not be going through the same list of slot and table games that are present in any online casino. The decision to go with Instant Win and Online Keno as the primary offerings is a breath of fresh air. Furthermore, there are also options for lottery lovers to buy tickets and put themselves in a position of being able to win big. The availability of a Michigan Lottery promo code does make the deal a lot sweeter.

Top 3 Alternatives to Michigan Lottery

Pennsylvania Lottery

Widely regarded as one of the best lotteries in the United States, Pennsylvania Lottery manages to offer a ton of games that are interesting for online gamblers. The jackpot provided at this site is quite interesting and the presence of the site on mobile devices makes it doubly better for those who want to entertain themselves even when on the move. Just like Michigan Lottery, users will be able to make use of a special PA Lottery bonus code and claim numerous advantages.

New Hampshire Lottery

One of the latest online lotteries to hit the market, New Hampshire Lottery brings in a lot of fresh elements that make it endearing as an alternate to Michigan Lottery. The site has its biggest focus on delivering lottery games to players who are in the state of New Hampshire. While this is one of the biggest hindrances for enjoying the site when on the move, New Hampshire Lottery is a legal and attractive online gambling destination. The gaming choices and promotions are a strong factor to consider New Hampshire Lottery.

Delaware Lottery

Delaware Lottery comes with a lot of options for the player in terms of the jackpot and games. Even though the site has to improve a lot compared to the competitors, there are a lot of signs that things are progressing in the right direction. The site manages to stay user friendly even if it is not the most attractive. This can be very crucial for being attractive in the eyes of users. The gaming variety not only includes the Instant Win and Keno options, but users will also come across table games like roulette, blackjack, and poker. This can spice up things quite a lot. Overall, the promotions and bonuses provided by VA Lottery are on par with the best.

Michigan Lottery promo code validity: 31/12/