Super Bowl LV 2021 (KC Chiefs vs TB Buccaneers) free betting picks: Lines & Predictions

As far as global sport in January goes – it doesn’t get bigger than the Super Bowl. To wager on this one, follow the Superbowl betting tips given right here.

Super Bowl 2021 lines and tips

There are just a few short weeks between now and the Superbowl for 2021, so it’s a great time to explore some Superbowl tips like the ones provided in the table below. Of course, we can’t be certain whether our predictions will come true, but we’ve done our homework and found some top lines for our suggested markets! Check out our predictions alongside their odds and respective bookmakers right here:

Superbowl tips KC Chiefs vs TB BuccaneersSelection and oddsBet here
Match Result TB Buccaneers to win @+143 Add to betslip
Spread TB Buccaneers + 3 @-103 Add to betslip
First Offensive play from scrimmage will be Pass @-143 Add to betslip

As things change in the build-up to the Superbowl event, it is highly likely that these Superbowl odds will shift around somewhat. With that said, just check in at the mentioned bookmakers for the latest odds whenever you feel like placing a wager.

Super Bowl 2021 lines – outright markets to shoot for

When you are considering any form of Superbowl betting, you will likely see that the outright markets are pretty popular with punters. Essentially, outright markets are where you back an event that will not be decided until the game has been concluded. Here are some of the key outright markets for this year’s event, and of course, there are Superbowl odds currently available for them all.

Outright winners

Right now, one of the most popular Superbowl markets is to bet on the outright winners. The name is kind of in the title here for this one, as your chosen team must lift the trophy if your bet is to win. Since there are still 4 teams in the running this year, you can get some pretty tasty Superbowl odds for teams like the Greenbay Packers and Kansas City Chiefs.

Most touchdowns

Not everybody likes to follow Superbowl tips on outright winners. In fact, with touchdowns being such a crucial part of American football, many punters look to this market as a way to spice things up a bit. And the beauty is that there are all kinds of options on the table here, which gives you a good deal of flexibility.

Other markets for Super Bowl 45

  • Over/under points

When you shoot for this market, you aren’t dependent on the actual result of the game, not as far as winning/losing is concerned anyway. Instead, your sole focus will be the number of points that get put on the board.

  • Winning margin

If you feel like one team may dominate the other in Superbowl LV, the winning margin market is another good one to look at. The winning margin is indicated by a negative symbol next to the number of points, and the greater the margin, the higher the odds.

  • Race to (points)

Here you can bet on which team will reach a certain number of points before the other, which means that the game is exciting right from the start.

Good online sportsbooks to make Super Bowl 45 bets


Draftkings is a giant, and currently, it is the US largest online sportsbook. Check latest bonuses & promos for the Superbowl.


Fanduel has a great reputation for DFS markets, but when a major event such as the Superbowl comes around, Fanduel really gets impressive. With exclusive bonuses, competitive odds, and a huge range of markets, these guys are a good choice.


BetMGM has actually been around for some time, even though they are still seen as a rather youthful bookmaker. Here you will get awesome Superbowl betting odds, and BetMGM Bet also has a solid mobile app that comes with features like cashouts too.

Super Bowl 2021 odds – FAQs

What kind of bonuses can I get for the Superbowl?

Well, this can vary depending on your chosen bookmaker. However, some of the better ones are already coming up with free in-play and pre-match bets, as well as insurance for certain outcomes on the game.

How will I know if I can cash-out my bet?

If a wager you’ve placed is eligible to be cashed out, this will be seen in the ‘my bets’ section of your account. If things are going well, you might find that your offer is much larger than your stake, but this isn’t guaranteed.

How long will it take to sign-up with these bookmakers?

It doesn’t take very long at all to register with any of our mentioned bookmakers. In fact, most of the sign-up forms take less than 5 minutes to complete, and you can sign-up from your mobile if this is what you prefer.