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List of famous Manchester United fans | Elon Musk, Stormzy, Tyson Fury & more

Famous Manchester United fans
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Manchester United are one of the most followed football clubs in the world. Stats posted online indicate that there are at least 500 million people globally who support the club and they include famous Manchester United fans such as Usain Bolt. But he is not the only famous person who has come out expressively about his support for the English top flight club.

This post is all about famous people who support Man United, so dive in with us as we explore more.

Are there any famous world leaders supporting the Red Devils?

The love for Manchester United grew significantly during the days of Sir Alex Ferguson, and no doubt the retired Scottish tactician who is now a member of the board at Old Trafford, influenced many popular leaders to back the Carrington club.

At the top of popular world leaders who support the Red Devils is North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un. This is quite bizarre, especially for someone who is known to love secrecy. But according to the Sun, Kim Jong-Un is said to have confided in former Italian Senator Antonio Razzi about his love for Man United. And as bizarre as that would sound, some reports indicated the ruler is a huge fan of Manchester United legend, Wayne Rooney.

Further revelations in 2017 indicated that the Korean leader demanded that the state television broadcast Manchester United matches.  So, while you may never in this lifetime, spot Kim Jong-Un at Old Trafford cheering on United, we all agree on one thing there are probably many world leaders like him who support the Red Devils but may never show up at Old Trafford.

Does Elon Musk support Manchester United?

While most people know the American billionaire as someone who loves to court controversy on his Twitter platform, the excitement that comes with football is often attached to fandom. Apart from saying he wanted to buy Manchester United, something he later said was a joke, the billionaire confirmed he was a fan of the Red Devils as a kid.

Once a Red Devil, always one, so they say. And we cannot forget that even Elon's acquisition of Twitter also started as a joke. And when asked by one of his followers if he would fancy buying a football club, Musk said if that were to happen, it would only be Manchester United.

Who are the Celebrities supporting Manchester United?

Something that most people would agree with is the fact that apart from having the largest number of supporters globally, Manchester United also enjoy a massive following from celebrities. So, at this point, we answer the question, who are the celebrities harbouring unwavering support for the Red Devils?

Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt is not just an athlete but also a celebrity whose support for the Red Devils is an open book. At every chance, Usain Bolt has expressed his love for the Manchester club, even attending several home matches at Old Trafford. So, while we may have missed his towering height at Old Trafford in the 2023/24 season, perhaps due to a bad run, Usain Bolt remains a staunch supporter.

The Jamaican sprinter even had ambitions of becoming a football player after retiring from the track. Unfortunately, he could not secure a trial with the Red Devils.

While revealing how he became a supporter of the Red Devils, Bolt said he first became a fan of former United player, Ruud Val Nistlerooy. The Jamaican participated in a UNICEF charity match at Old Trafford in 20023.

Tyson Fury

World Heavyweight Champion is a famous Manchester United supporter. Fury has not only been seen wearing the famous red jersey but also been expressive about his love for the Red Devils on social media. A case in point is when Man United signed Mason Mount and Tyson Fury took to social media to welcome the England midfielder to Olt Trafford.

Like Usain Bolt, the heavyweight champion has been spotted at Old Trafford in the past and on several occasions. The boxing champion was among the United fans who took to social media to express optimism about the reign of Erik Ten Hag as soon as United confirmed the Dutch as the new manager in 2023. In 2019 when United hosted Barcelona for a Champions League clash, the Gypsy King was among the top celebrities who were at the venue to support the club.

Conor McGregor

We wouldn't want to say boxing champions have a thing for Manchester United but we do agree big names in the sporting world seem to favour the Red Devils for some reason. Like Kim Jong-Un, McGregor's name appearing in the list of famous Manchester United fans is quite unusual. But when rumour mills had it that United were up for sale, McGregor strongly expressed his desire to place his bid. Unfortunately, he may not have had the money to meet the billions in market valuation that the owners slapped on the club.

In a past interview with Manchester United's official website, McGregor said Sir Alex Ferguson is a don of football and even went ahead to praise the work of then caretaker manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. He also had a lot of admiration for Man United legends like Roy Keane, Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. For McGregor, a strong winning mentality that was installed by Ferguson is the spark that attracted him to Manchester United.


When British rapper Stormzy appeared in a Sky Sports match coverage alongside United legends, he said that he was starstruck. As a renowned lifetime supporter of the Red Devils, Stormzy's support for Manchester United is in the public domain.  When asked some years back how he became a fan of the Red Devils, the British rapper said his was a case of stars aligning.

In 2016, he took part in the announcement of Paul Pogba as a new Red Devil signing, albeit, his excitement about the French joining the club made him reveal the news too early.

Floyd Mayweather

Who would have guessed we have another boxing champion in the list of famous Manchester United supporters? in 2017, during an interview with United Legend, Rio Ferdinand, American boxer Floyd Mayweather said he has been a fan of the Red Devils and expressed his desire to visit Old Trafford to watch the football club in action.

And while narrating a past incident during which he wore a United Jersey to unsettle a Man City supporter, the boxer said he did not know about the club at the time.

More famous Manchester United fans

While some famous supporters of Manchester United do so to align themselves with the stardom and the glory that the club has enjoyed for years, some are dyed-in-the-wool supporters who would stick to the Red Devils whether they are winning matches or not. Former players like Roy Keane, Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo and many others have always felt there is a need to talk when performance goes downhill at Old Trafford and that is loyalty.

But apart from those who support the club because they are former players or managers, football fandom goes a long way to rope in people who naturally find themselves aligned with a club.

Hollywood star Julia Roberts reiterated her love for the Red Devils, something we know did not go down well with Pep Guardiola or Manchester City fans. Manchester hosts many top clubs, so choosing the Red Devils must have felt special among fans of the club. During a recent visit to England to film a movie, Julia Roberts said she is a true fan of Manchester United.

She visited Old Trafford and posed for pictures with Ten Hag and several players, including Marcus Rashford. She also visited Manchester United camp during a pre-season tour of the USA. She further added that she and her three children found themselves supporting Manchester United and it became sort of an obsession in the family.

Irish golfer Rory Mcllroy has been a supporter of Manchester United since childhood and so are other famous people such as Justin Timberlake, Megan Fox, Rick Astley and many others.

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