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Football stadiums, they really are a special place, aren’t they? Whether they house hundreds or tens of thousands of fans, they have a unique way of bringing together groups of people that would never ordinarily come together and, from both inside and outside, they can blow your socks off with their sometimes quirky and often […]

There are several aspects of football that make it a beautiful game with billions of followers around the world. One of them will be the size and breadth of football stadiums in different parts of the world. As with the most popular sports, it is not a surprise that the game demands big stadiums so that incredible memories can be created. Yet, there are some stadiums that manage to overwhelm others in their size and magnitude. The top 10 football stadiums in the world are:

When you consider the outrage that something like Mike Ashley selling the rights to St James’ Park generated in Newcastle it is hard to believe that some clubs have completely abandoned stadiums. Here we look at some of the most impressive derelict football grounds. Estadio Lluis Sitjar Team: RCD Mallorca Built: 1945 We kick off […]

The safe standing debate has been rumbling on amongst football fans, clubs and authorities for years now. There is some strong opposition to the idea but also plenty of appetite for the return of standing with many paying punters feeling they should have the option to stand in support of their team. The calls for […]

If the last year has proven anything it is that football is simply not the same without fans packing out the stadiums. Sometimes though, fans gathering in their thousands can lead to some horrific scenes. Here we look at the worst football stadium disasters to show exactly why safety protocols are in place. The worst […]

Making changes to stadiums is always a risky game with long time supporters. That’s especially true when the stadium you’re adapting has been about for 125 years. Well, the Craven Cottage redevelopment is doing exactly that. Here we take a look at the history, the process and the future of Fulham football club. Why change […]

London is one of the important cities in the world of football. It has the unique situation of boasting more than 10 clubs and several large stadiums. Many of the clubs in London are professional and they play in the top leagues like the English Premier League and Championship. Apart from housing the Wembley Stadium, […]

1992-93 : Manchester United The inaugural Premier League trophy went to the hands of Manchester United, as Sir Alex Ferguson was able to lead the club into an era of success. Aston Villa finished in the second spot followed by Norwich. This was the eighth league title for United, who had Eric Cantona and Mark […]

It would be fair to say that the last 12 months have been somewhat turbulent as far as the world of sport is concerned. In fact, this would be accurate as far as the world, on the whole, is concerned. And while there is still quite a bit of worry and unknown elements regarding sport […]

Euro 2021 tickets – how things currently stand The Euro 2021 Championships are quickly approaching, and there’s one double-edged question that is on the lips of every fan looking to attend – can I get tickets, and will the event go ahead as planned? At the time of writing, we’d love to be able to […]

Top NFL stadiums Apr 10, 2021

NFL Stadiums – a brief overview As many of you may already know, the National Football League (NFL) is the top professional football league in North America. Now, just to set the record straight, we are talking about American Football here – not soccer as it is referred to across the pond. And on that […]

Have you ever wondered how to rent a football stadium for an event? There are a lot of different things to consider. Thankfully, our guide should have you covered. Why would you rent a football stadium? Before we dive into the ‘how to rent a football stadium’ we just want to answer the question of […]

What criteria should you use when defining the weirdest football stadiums in the world? You’ve got some real extremes to consider from the setting all the way through to the design. What we won’t be doing is laughing at naming conventions like the Young Boys’ Wankdorf Stadium – although it is still pretty weird. Instead, […]

To some, a football stadium is just a building. To others, it’s a home. Then you have the brains behind them; for them a football stadium is everything. Thankfully, each year, there are numerous stadium awards ceremonies – like the architects equivalent of the Oscars – to recognise the best of the best. Here we […]

Designing a sports stadium isn’t a job for the faint-hearted. Why’s that? Well, stadium architects have to design and create a building that works in so many ways. You’ve got the local environment to worry about. Then it has to be able to facilitate the flow of thousands of fans in next to no time […]

Have you ever heard someone use the term ‘football pitches’ as a unit of measurement? We sure have. It’s a strange thing to do though because football pitch sizes actually vary quite considerably. Here we look at the most common standards and the reasons why people opt for different measurements. What size is acceptable for […]

Football pitches at the elite level are as close to carpet as you can get. It’s a far cry from your back garden and Sunday league pitches. Here we explore the most common football grass types and how they get them looking so damn good. What is it that makes football pitches so special? Before […]

The beautiful game of football has been around longer than any of us have been on this planet. And as the game has evolved over time, both through its status and through the overall interest in football, we’ve seen quite a change in the way in which spectators can watch the game. Specifically, when you […]

What actually makes a ‘green stadium’? Green stadiums, also referred to as ‘eco-friendly’ stadiums are those that have a significantly reduced impact on the environment compared with your regular sports stadiums. Of course, this is beneficial for the overall future of the planet, whether we like to think about it in terms of this generation […]

Top MLB stadiums Apr 08, 2021

MLB Stadiums – a quick overview Baseball is a sport that runs in the blood of many American sports fans, so as you would expect, there are some truly amazing MLB stadiums right now. Since this league is played all across the USA, these magnificent structures can be found in every corner of the nation, […]

Besides the World Cup, it doesn’t get much bigger than the European Championships. This is another event that only comes around once every 4 years, and of course, there are some rather impressive Euro 2024 grounds that will host the various matches being played. This is actually what we would like to investigate right here, […]

It’s no great secret that there is some serious money involved with professional football these days, and this also extends to the stadiums that host professional games all around the world. Here, we’ve covered the 10 most expensive stadiums ever built – and some of the figures are just astounding! Wembley Stadium: £1 billion If […]

Euro 2020 Stadiums Overview Although the 2020 Championships may have been pushed back due to the obvious global disruptions, the event will still go ahead – in 2021! And as it happens, the Euro 2020 stadiums are exactly the same as originally planned, and there are some truly terrific stadiums that host the games. The […]

Champions League Final Stadiums Overview As the largest club tournament in Europe, and indeed the world, the Champions League has seen its fair share of classics over the years. And of course, none of this would have been possible without certain Champions League stadiums being used to host such intense football games. While we all […]

For years a rumor has been around, that right-backs at football serve the least amount of purpose. Most of the right backs are made fun of that they couldn’t fit elsewhere on the pitch and were pushed back to one of the least significant positions on the field. We firmly believe that this is completely […]

Find above the extensive list of the 24 League 1 Grounds Map for the season. League One Stadiums – location overview Despite the fact that League One is the third tier of professional football in England, this league is actually home to plenty of pretty appealing stadiums. As you probably know, there are 24 professional […]

Find above the extensive list of the 20 EPL Grounds Map for the season. Premier League Stadiums – location overview As you would expect, the Premier League is the division with the most impressive football grounds in the whole of English football. Then again, given the financial backing that some of these teams possess, it […]

Premier League Stadium Capacity Championship Capacity League One Capacity Stadiums by capacity – a brief overview As you can see from the list of football grounds and their various leagues of English football, there is a rather large range concerning the number of spectators that can fit into different stadiums. Then again, this is part […]

Legendary football quotes: our favorites Players and managers are usually known mainly for their deeds on the pitch. However, on numerous occasions, such people have managed to shine outside the football field with some inspiring, mind-opening but also bizarre statements. Take a look at our favorite quotes that span from the world of football. “When […]

CIES player values: How do they work and who’s the most valuable? Since the dawn of the beautiful game we know as football, people have always argued about who is number one. The only thing that changes is the characteristics by which people evaluate the rankings. Who is the best footballer of all time? Who […]