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SC Freiburg (Europa-Park Stadion)

Europa-Park Stadion

Capacity: 34,700
Address: Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany
Telephone: +49761-38551-0
Ticket Office: Sport-Club Freiburg e.V. Department Ticketing Achim-Stocker-Str. 1 79108 Freiburg
Pitch Type: Grass
Club Nickname: Breisgau-Brasilianer (Breisgau Brazilians)
Year Ground Opened: 7 October 2021
Shirt Sponsors: Jobrad
Kit Manufacturer:Nike


One of the newest stadiums to be built in Germany, the Europa-Park Stadium is modern and has all the updated facilities that you would expect from a stadium that was completed in 2021. The total cost of the venue was €76.5 million and is seen as much more than a stadium for SC Freiburg, with a vision to make the modern structure a part of the community, after moving  from their previous home of the Dreisamstadion.

One of the main things that stand out about the new stadium is the view from outside, which really makes this structure stand out. A lot of thought went into the architectural appearance of the new stadium when the club first considered building a new home and the finished product did not disappoint.

From the inside, it is just as impressive, with its compactness keeping the atmosphere for fans electric, while the steep stands close to the pitch making it an intimidating venue for away teams.

The south stand is where the SC Freiburg ultras can be found and it is the only single-tier stand in the new stadium. It can hold up to 8,000 people.

The Europa-Park Stadion uses one of the world’s largest solar roofs in a football stadium, having installed a 2.4 megawatt system in the ground.

SC Freiburg stadium | Europa Park Stadion

The Europa-Park Stadion is well connected to public transport in the area and it can be easily reached by train, bus and the 5-Bahn. Transport is free is you have a match day ticket, one of the great initiatives of German football.


New stations for the Freiburg Stadtbahn (the transport system in the area) have been set-up since the new stadium has been built. A new station has also been built at the stadium itself.


Cycling is a popular pastime in Freiburg and because of this, there are 3,700 bicycle parking spots available at the stadium.


For people who are travelling from much further afield, there are nine designated car parks available for them. In total there are 2,100 paid parking spots that can be booked on the day, however, these spaces are reserved for members and season ticket holders and only go to the general population if there are any spaces left free.

Various Park and Ride options are also available near the stadium itself.

SC Freiburg Stadium | Europa Park Stadion

SC Freiburg called building their new stadium “the biggest project in the club’s history.”

The club’s old stadion was the Dreisamstadion, sitting near the Dreisam river, hence the name. That was built in 1953 and held – and still does, because it has not been demolished – 24,000 spectators. Freiburg called it home from 1954 until 2021.

In 2012, Freiburg considered modernising their historic home but plans were deemed unprofitable and thus, three years’ later, a referendum was held with supporters to decide whether the club should leave the ground and build a new one. The answer was yes, and Freiburg citizens voted for the new ground to be built right next to the city’s airport.

Freiburg said: “In order to establish the club in a competitive position in the Bundesliga on a long-term basis, SC Freiburg made the decision to build a new stadium a number of years ago. Right from the beginning, the major priorities were to transport the friendly, welcoming atmosphere and values along with the special feel of the Dreisamstadion into the new stadium. It was also very important to the stadium designers that the new home of SC fits well not just with the club, but also with the city and region as a whole. It had to represent something very special.

“Complete with diagonal suspension supports running around the stadium, SC’s new home is set to be a real eye-catcher, even from the outside. Inside, the compactness, steep stands and closeness to the pitch are sure to impress all fans. The aesthetic and emotional home of stadium will be the south stand, where 8,000 standing Freiburg fans will urge on the team.

“The club’s desire to build a welcoming and accessible stadium that is open to all is not just reflected in the high percentage of standing capacity (36% of the total capacity), but also in the barrier-free access to the ground at each corner via four ramps. The high percentage of standing space reflects that of the Schwarzwald-Stadion, while the ramps will lead onto the promenade that runs around the entire stadium.”

Tours of the Europa-Park Stadion are offered on a group basis, with a minimum of 10 people per group and a maximum of 25 people per group.

You can book online by filling out a booking form with all of your relevant information (if any additional notes or circumstances need to be added the tour guides ask that you do include them).

What’s included in the Europa-Park Stadion tour?

The tour brings football fans around the stadium, taking a look behind the scenes of the Europa-Park Stadion, with fans getting to circulate the stadium, viewing each stand of the stadium. Included in the tour, which lasts approximately 90 minutes, is a visit to the changing rooms, press conference rooms and other areas.

At the end of the tour, each person gets to walk through the tunnel and onto the pitch side, getting an opportunity to sit in the substitute benches.

Meeting point for the start of the tour is at the Main Entrance, at the Main Stand.

The SC Freiburg stadium tour opening hours

Tours only take place on weekdays, Monday to Friday. Holidays and days on which the SC has a home game are excluded.

There are current plans to allow individuals to join tours in the future.

You are advised to book your group tour 14 days in advance

How much does the stadium tour cost?

There is a flat rate for the tour of €120 (this is for a group and not a singular basis)

Individual tours are not available, and group tours are the only option available. There are plans to introduce individual tours in the future.

The stadium has a high percentage for standing capacity, similar to most German stadiums. The Europa-Park’s standing capacity is at 36% currently. That number is set to rise in the future.

Work is being done on an airfield next to the stadium with approval needed for expansion. If this approval is granted then the visiting team may be allowed to fly to this airfield, leaving them right next door to the stadium.

The Europa-Park Stadion is also home to the one of the world’s largest solar roofs in a football stadium, with the 2.4 megawatt system having been installed into the venue.

SC Freiburg Stadium | Europa Park Stadion

Image: Badenova


Updated 24th September 2023
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