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NSC Olimpiyskiy Stadium (Ukraine)

NSC Olimpiyskiy Stadium

Capacity: 70,050 (all seated)
Address: Velyka Vasylkovskaya 55, 03150 Kyiv, Ukraine
Telephone: +38 063 900 47 49
Ticket Office: +38 044 279 52 72
StadiumTours: +38 063 900 47 49
Pitch Size: 105m x 68m
Pitch Type: Natural Grass
Year Ground Opened: 1923
Undersoil Heating: Yes
Shirt Sponsors: Nil
Kit Manufacturer:New Balance
Home Kit: Blue lines on White
Away Kit: Blue


The National Sports Complex Olimpiyskiy happens to be the home of Ukrainian outfit Dynamo Kyiv and the national team of Ukraine. This is a ‘bowl’ styled stadium that is very similar to other grounds that are seen in mainland Europe. Yet, it is still divided up into four sections that are categorised based on the location. Apart from hosting football games, this Category 4 ground is also good enough for hosting a number of other sports as well. This is one of the grounds that was able to survive the World War II. After a significant number of revisions carried out in the 1960s, NSC Olimpiyskiy Stadium stands as one of the biggest in eastern Europe. The four sections of the stadium are:

Sector A – This is the area of the ground that is situated on the western side. It happens to host the special guests thanks to the presence of VIP seats. This is also regarded as the main stand of the ground with all key aspects like dugouts and player tunnels located in this area.

Sector B – This is the place for getting some of the cheapest tickets on offer. At the same time, it also happens to host a number of the passionate supporters of Dynamo Kyiv. The views from this sector are especially great.

Sector C – This is located opposite to the main stand. In terms of prices, this section is slightly higher compared to the north and south. For the price, it is able to offer fans with a spectacular view of the pitch.

Sector D – This is usually the section where away supporters are kept in the stadium. It manages to provide a decent view of the pitch while still being able to offer a lot of ambience.

One should remember that the NSC Olimpiyskiy Stadium does not allow drinking alcohol and smoking inside the stadium. As a result, it becomes an imperative task to find some of the best pubs and bars in the city. Kiev is the capital city of Ukraine and you will be able to find some fantastic options for pubs and bars. There is also a great night out on offer provided that you choose the correct areas. The top choices to consider would be:

O’Connor’s Irish Pub

This is located just a few minutes away from the stadium. It manages to provide everything that you would expect from a top notch Irish pub, as it has excellent menu, good food, and lots of TV to help the football fan get access to a lot of live action.

Fazenda Bar

This is a funky destination that can be great for enjoying cool night outs, cocktails, and good food. Even though the bar does not get frequented by football fans, it remains a good option for someone who is looking to explore the best of nightlife at Ukraine.

OK Bar & Restaurant

This name might not stand out against many fancy pubs and bars, but it is a great choice when expecting a sports bar that is able to deliver all the goods. The restaurant specialises in Italian cuisine and it has advantages like excellent drinks section and live music. Furthermore, it is one of the few bars that happens to be family friendly.

Every visiting supporter to the NSC Olimpiyskiy Stadium will be able to enjoy their time considering that the stadium features facilities that are of the highest standard. Since the complex was renovated in 2012 so that it is capable of hosting the European championship, the facilities also received a lot of upgrades. A fan will be able to receive outstanding views of the action from anywhere across the ground. One of the key features that led to the upgrade of the stadium to the UEFA Category 4 was the availability of hospitality options. The Sky Lounge is an option of particular interest, as it will be able to provide a luxurious experience to supporters. There are also 39 sky boxes that aim to provide the highest level of luxury for spectators. More than 200 staff are in charge of the stadium, which also has 15 conference halls.

How to get there by car & Where to park?

Kiev is the capital of Ukraine and it is not difficult to reach this city by any mode of transport. Since it is not particularly prone to a lot of traffic, one can also get to the ground by car with a lot of comfort. The stadium happens to be located in the centre of the city. Hence, there may be some traffic just ahead of a matchday. In order to avoid getting lost, the best option would be to use the satnav. Furthermore, all roads leading to the stadium within 1.5 miles radius will be closed on match days. Even then, it does not take longer than 20 or 30 minutes to reach the ground from various parts of Kiev.

One of the big disadvantages of using the car to get to the NSC Olimpiyskiy Stadium would be the lack of parking spots. Since all roads near the stadium are closed on a matchday, it can be very tricky to find a spot to park your car. Another option would be to take a taxi, but you could spend anywhere from 40 Uah to around 70 Uah depending on the traffic. A similar charge is requested by taxis for getting you from the airport to the ground. It is quite remarkable that even the Zhulyany airport is not far away from the ground, as it is only 7.5 km.

However, Zhulyany airport is largely serviced by the budget airlines. If you want to take a luxurious trip to Ukraine, the best bet would be to use the Boryspil International Airport, which is around 20 miles away from the city centre.

By train or metro

The train is not the best of options for getting to the NSC Olimpiyskiy Stadium from western parts of Europe. This is particularly not advisable for fans travelling from London, as you would need around two days to make this journey. However, this is not beyond the possibility and those who want to take a train will be criss-crossing through most of Europe. They will have to pass through Paris, Stuttgart, Prague, and other cities before reaching the Ukrainian capital.

However, the train would be a great option after reaching Kiev since the city is well connected with a metro. The Blue M2 line will lead fans directly to the NSC Olimpiyskiy Stadium while the Green M3 line can also be a consideration. The stations to get off would be the Olimpiyska – if you’re taking the former – and Palats sportu – if you’re taking the latter. It is possible that these stations might be closed if there are games taking place. Hence, you also need to be watchful for the Palata “Ukraina” and Klovska on the Blue M2 and Green M3 lines.

Another public transport option will be to use the bus, which will take you close to the ground if you hop on the bus 40. Other options would also be to take the 40 Trolleybus or three.

The primary option available for fans to get a ticket to watch games at the NSC Olimpiyskiy Stadium would be to go online. There are also counters available at the ground that will sell these tickets. However, it can be quite difficult to get a ticket even with the massive stadium on offer. For this reason, one should try to pick up the ticket in advance as possible. This will also help choose the ideal hotel for the stay. The ticket prices at the NSC Olimpiyskiy Stadium depend on the seating position. There are very cheap tickets on the lower tier of north and south sections. You could end up spending around 35 Uah for these tickets. At the same time, the most expensive options would be seen in the east and west sections where ticket prices could even average at 400 Uah.

Since Dynamo Kyiv enjoys a lot of good support, it can be difficult to get tickets and admission into the match when the likes of Champions League matches are around the corner.

Shakhtar Donetsk

The renovation work that took place in 2012 for making NSC Olimpiyskiy Stadium to the standard of the UEFA Category 4 ground that saw the inclusion of many new facilities that provide assistance for disabled supporters. For starters, there are a couple of measures taken at the nearby train stations to make it easier for people with wheelchairs. These include special ramps and low-level counters. Once the fan reaches the stadium, they will be able to get access to 70 parking spaces that are designated as disabled parking spots. These spots are just 100 meters away from the ground. A disabled spectator will be able to purchase tickets by calling up a dedicated line.

If a wheelchair user is trying to get a ticket, they will receive a complimentary offer. Furthermore, a complimentary ticket will also be provided to the companion. There are special entrances available in the north and west of the stadium for disabled supporters. The total number of seats available for people with disabilities stands at 150.

The tour of the NSC Olimpiyskiy Stadium will be available for fans depending on their budget range. The tour is available for most days of the week and throughout the year, but there are some exceptions and you need to check with the official site before entering into the ticket purchase. The tour of the stadium will typically last around 50 minutes and there are various time slots on offer. Depending on the package, users will be given access to the various sections of the ground. The most basic tour package will provide entry to the stadium even when matches are not taking place. This would be followed by access to the basic sections of the ground.

For a slightly higher price package, fans will be able to visit pitch and the changing room. A VIP package will provide the option of taking pictures with various aspects of the ground. The VIP tour also comes with the advantage of being transported in golf cars, special guide, and more. The basic packages would cost around 25 Uah while the more expensive VIP packages will cost around 250 Uah.

Along with the tour of the stadium, one can also get to visit the museum, which houses the exploits of the club. The museum contains the various trophies amassed by Dynamo Kyiv, hall of fame, information about the legendary players, and more. Since the club has a history of more than 90 years, there is no shortage of things to explore the museum. Besides, a club shop is also available nearby and this will allow fans to pick up some memorabilia.

Record Attendance

Dynamo Kiev v Utrecht 1985


Average Attendance

2019-2020: 12,861 (Premier Liga)

2018-2019: 11,807 (Premier Liga)

2017-2018: 8325 (Premier Liga)

Updated 22nd October 2021