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Brechin City

Glebe Park

Capacity: 4,123 (Seated 1,528)
Address: Trinity Rd, Brechin, Angus, DD9 6BJ
Telephone: 01356 622 856
Fax: 01356 625 524
Pitch Size: 110 x 67 yards
Pitch Type: Grass
Club Nickname: The City
Year Ground Opened: 1919
Undersoil Heating: No
Home Kit: Red and White


It is a long time since I have visited a ground with such charm and character as Glebe Park. The Main Stand is overlooked by a church spire, whilst opposite a tall, well-tended hedge borders half the length of the open side, which is called the ‘hedge side. Apparently, Glebe Park is the only ground in Europe with a hedge surrounding its perimeter. This side has a small open terrace only a couple of steps high and there are a number of floodlight pylons running down the front of it. The Main Stand is a small all seated covered stand, which straddles the half way line. You would think at first glance that this was quite an old stand, especially as it has a floodlight protruding from its roof, but in actual fact, it was built in 1981 and replaced a similar looking wooden stand. At one end is the Cemetery End terrace, which is covered and has a number of supporting pillars. Opposite is the latest addition to the ground, the smart looking David H Will Stand. Built in the early 1990’s, it is a covered all seated stand, which seats 1,228 spectators. It is unusual, in being set back some distance from the pitch and sits upon a raised bank.

Glebe Park is a pleasure to visit and a friendly welcome awaits most visitors. The ground is generally maintained to a high standard (although the inside of the David Hill stand could do with a repaint) and the staff and fans have real pride in their club. If you get the chance, make your way to the rear of the Cemetery Terrace, where in true Hollywood style, supporters have been invited to have individual plaques with their names on, set in concrete. Plus the supporters have also been allowed to place their hand prints in the concrete, giving it that Hollywood look. Supporters are not normally segregated for games and both sets of fans tend to try and out-sing one another in the Cemetery End. If fans are to be segregated, say for a big cup game, then away fans will normally find that the David H Will Stand has been allocated to them. Neil Stapleton adds; ‘If you get chance, sample the soup on sale inside the ground, it is excellent’.

Calum MacLennan informs me; ‘There is the Stables Lounge Bar which is good for a pre-match pint. This is only a five minute walk away from the ground. As you come out of the ground entrance, turn left and go down to the roundabout, passing the Ashvale Fish and Chip shop on the left. Go straight across the roundabout and just past the Esso Garage and bookies (but just before the hairdressers) look for the Stables sign on the right and go down the passageway to the pub’. Marten Kats adds; ‘The Dalhousie Bar at the corner of Market Street and Swan Street is a decent alternative as well.’ It is around a ten minute walk away from Glebe Park. Also in the centre of Brechin near to the Brechin railway station, that is now used for the vintage Caledonian Steam Railway, is the Caledonian pub. This pub is listed in the CAMRA Good Beer Guide. However this the Caledonian doesn’t open until 4pm so really only good for a post-match pint or for an evening fixture.

From the the A90 take the B966 towards Brechin (if coming from the South, ignore the first Brechin turn off on the A90, the A935, and continue Northwards). Continue along the B966 and you will come to the ground on your left. The entrance is quite small between some houses and is indicated by a small Glebe Park sign. There is a small free car park at the ground which holds around fifty vehicles, otherwise street parking.

There is no railway station in Brechin itself, apart from the Heritage railway, which doesn’t go all the way back to Montrose. The nearest main line station is in Montrose which is eight miles away. You can either then take a taxi to the ground, or catch a bus to Brechin. Brian Scott adds: ‘From the railway station forecourt take a number 30 Stagecoach bus to Brechin (hourly). Do NOT get on one that says Arbroath as that is in the opposite direction. They both pull up at the same bus stop. The return fare is £5.’

Booking train tickets in advance will normally save you money! Find train times, prices and book tickets with Trainline. Visit the website below to see how much you can save on the price of your tickets:

All Areas Of Glebe Park
Adults £15
Over 65’s/Under 18’s £8
Parent + Child £18 (Additional school age child £2).

Official Programme £2 – Called ‘A View From The Hedge’

Montrose and Forfar.

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Brechin City FC fixture list (takes you to the BBC Sports Website).

Record Attendance 

8,122 v Aberdeen
Scottish Cup 3rd Round, 3rd February 1973.

Average Attendance
2018-2019: 581 (League One)
2017-2018: 923 (Championship)
2016-2017: 429 (League One)

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If anything is incorrect or you have something to add, then please e-mail me at: [email protected] and I’ll update the guide.

  • Brechin City v Stenhousemuir
    Scottish Football League One
    Saturday 21st November 2016, 3 pm
    Welsh Exile (Neutral fan)

    Why were you looking forward to this game and visiting Glebe Park?

    It was my first visit to Glebe Park and the town of Brechin. Plus I could give Jason Scotland who was playing for Stenhousemuir a bit of banter as he once played for Swansea City, my rival team in Wales.

    How easy was your journey/finding the ground/car parking?

    I got public transport and Glebe Park proved to be awkward to find. It's on the edge of the town and relied on technology to locate the place. There was car parking available outside the stadium thou I did notice people parking on the streets and in the adjacent supermarket.

    What you did before the game pub/chippy etc, and were the home fans friendly?

    I went and had a coupled of pints at a local pub not far from Glebe Park. Located the other side of the roundabout by the ground. It also did meals and was welcoming to both sets of fans. Also there's a chip shop just outside the ground. Plus the town centre is only a 5-10 minute walk away with everything you need there.

    What you thought on seeing the ground, first impressions of away end then other sides of Glebe Park?

    Again as with a lot of stadiums in Scotland Glebe Park is rather unique. Behind each goal was oddly the two largest stands at the ground. One end was a large modern all seated affair and at the other end there was a large covered terrace with the club shop located also at one. And strangely the  only way into the stadium is behind each goal. Either side of the pitch on one side was a raised flat standing area with a hedge behind and opposite is a unique vertical Main Stand not very wide at all but seemed to have a lot of charm. There was no segregation at the ground for this match.

    Comment on the game itself, atmosphere, stewards, pies, facilities etc..

    The game ended Brechin City 1 Stenhousemuir 2, in what was a pretty scrappy game. The was a group of youngsters in the home end with drums and flags, who were trying to create an atmosphere and even the small contingent of Stenhousemuir fans in attendance were having a good sing song. The food inside the ground was decent and at a good price I would definitely recommend the burgers. I found the local officials very unhelpful. My friend is disabled and asked if they had rates for him and help through the gate but this was denied. I wrote a email to complain to them about the experience and never received a reply so I would not go back.

    Comment on getting away from the ground after the game:

    Seemed straight forward we got the bus at the end of the road to take us to our destination.

    Summary of overall thoughts of the day out:

    Another cold day out, it's worth a visit. Both sets of fans got behind their team. An enjoyable day at Glebe Park was only soured by the lack of help and communication from officials within the club.

  • Brechin City v Queen of the South
    Scottish Championship League
    Saturday 28th April 2018, 3pm
    Brian Scott (Neutral fan)

    Why were you looking forward to this game and visiting Glebe Park?
    Until a few days before travelling it was just another Scottish ground to tick off the list – then I found out that Brechin City had not won a game all season, and if they lost this one they would have the unenviable record of being the only Scottish team in the 20th or 21st century not to win any matches in one season. This was after there promotion from League One a year ago. I had also been informed that I would find the ground very interesting, and I was not disappointed!
    How easy was your journey/finding the ground/car parking?
    It's a long way from my home in Suffolk, so I stayed for two nights in Kirkcaldy, travelling up to Montrose by train on the Saturday. I then caught the Number 39 bus which runs hourly from the forecourt of the railway station to Brechin. I had about 45 minutes to spare so I walked into Montrose to have a look at their Links Park ground. They were also at home, so for me it had been a toss-up as to which one to attend. As it turned out Montrose got promotion to League One that afternoon. I wondered why there were so many police hanging around the railway station.
    What you did before the game pub/chippy etc, and were the home fans friendly?
    I arrived in Brechin with two hours to spare before kick-off and got off the bus near the old railway station. Although there were no trains running on the Heritage Caledonian Railway, I was allowed to have a quick look around. Having read in this guide from another reviewer that there was a chip shop close to the ground, I walked there only to find that it is not open on a Saturday lunchtime – surely missing an opportunity on a home match day. So I did the ten minute walk into the town centre and found a cafe. I still arrived at the ground with plenty of time to spare for a good look around.
    What you thought on seeing the ground, first impressions of away end then other sides of Glebe Park?
    The man who took my money was very smartly attired in a suit and tie – I suspect that he was a Director of the club. He accepted my £5 (yes only £5 for seniors on the day! Reduced prices all round, plus a free pint for season ticket holders!) There was no turnstile as such to go through, so I wonder how they counted the attendance. Following the information in this guide I admired the hedge that runs most of the way around the ground, and then I met the local cat, who was very friendly. She followed me round into the cemetery end stand where I was able to view the plaques set in concrete and then the impression of the persons hand(s). The hedge, local cat and the hands were all first for me and I've now been to 254 different grounds. I had a chat to several stewards as I walked around, and they were all friendly and helpful with providing information about the club's dismal season, but all were upbeat about starting again next season, probably in a league where they truly belong, although last season was exciting for them. But four points in a whole season – that is truly dreadful!
    I walked around as far as I could go until my way was blocked by the dressing rooms, so to access the odd-looking centre stand I had to re-trace my steps back where I had come from. I had thought about sitting in this stand, but there were no backs on the seats and the view of the pitch was restricted by the two side screens. So I ended up at the back of the David Hill Stand. The photo in this guide shows it looking in pristine condition, but the seats have faded in colour and the metalwork inside is badly in need of a serious rub-down and re-paint! But the view of the action was good and the seat comfortable. The attendance was recorded as 661, and I guess that well over 50% were from Queen of the South. Many were in fancy dress, and they were there for a really good day out. Unsurprisingly they made all the noise during the game as there didn't appear to be any vocal home fans. After all, they haven't had much to cheer this season. Also during the game, I could hear and see several Queen of The South fans using football rattles! I haven't seen any of them since I first started going to football in the 1960's. I wonder how they would be viewed by stewards in the Premier League or other leagues in England? Offensive weapons perhaps! But it really added to the carnival atmosphere among the Queen of the South fans.
    The Fans Hands Plaque
    Comment on the game itself, atmosphere, stewards, pies, facilities etc..
    The game was packed full of action, but sadly the early action was marred by a visiting player being badly injured, with a suspected broken foot. The game was held up for 11 minutes and at half-time he was taken away in an ambulance to hospital. Actually, Brechin held out quite well for the majority of the first half until 'time added on' when they let in two goals. In the second half they seemed to collapse and by the 74th minute they were five goals down, but Brechin did manage a consolation goal in the 78th minute. One thing that I did notice, which deserves mention, is that during the long wait for the player to receive treatment on the pitch, players from both teams were chatting to each other.
    Comment on getting away from the ground after the game:
    The bus back to Montrose currently departs at quarter to the hour, so I had to wait until 17.45 – actually the wait was longer as the bus was 15 minutes late, but there was an information screen to inform me. Once back at Montrose railway station I had a fast train back to Kirkcaldy. Then on the Sunday I had a good train journey back home, via London Kings Cross and then Cambridge to Stowmarket, due to other lines being closed with bus replacement, this odd route was actually quicker.
    Summary of overall thoughts of the day out:
    It was an excellent weekend, cold for the end of the season, but I only got caught out in a shower once. I'm looking forward to my next foray over the border, probably for the League Cup in July. Only eight more Scottish league ground to visit, but there's always the Lowland and Highland leagues. And maybe Cowdenbeath will lose the play-off match this year. Anyone who has read my review of Cowdenbeath will know why I will not be disappointed if they do lose!
  • Brechin City v Stenhousemuir
    Scottish League 2
    Saturday 30th November 2019, 3pm
    Tony Smith (Doing the 134)

    Why were you looking forward to this game and visiting Glebe Park?

    Early failure of my own team in the FA Cup freed up a weekend with fortunately one of my three unvisited Scottish grounds hosting a match. Wet weather thwarted my previous attempt to visit but I was very lucky to at least see a game at Arbroath. Paths have now crossed, with Brechin in freefall and rock bottom of the ‘42’. Only two places higher visitors Stenhousemuir have similarly plummeted since a previous reporter on this site saw the same teams meet.

    How easy was your journey/finding the ground/car parking?

    I stayed in Dundee thinking on Friday I might be struggling for entertainment as the panto season is starting. (…“Oh Yes It Is”..). However, there were several options and I visited The Little Theatre to see ‘The 39 Steps – The Radio Play’. Certainly, a different presentation concept, yet no stranger than say Goggle Box on Ch4. The 7 amateur players were very good with other stats:- 52 mins excluding interval; £5 ticket; voluntary contribution for programme/cast-sheet; various food & drink including choc-ices £1; less than 50 attendees. I expected all of this to scale-up at Glebe Park. 

    ScotRail (no replacement buses this time) ran efficiently to Montrose but I was not tempted to see a higher status match there. I did however briefly look around the town and visited a chippy. On the 12:54 (hourly) No. 30 bus (Stracathro Hospital) I was offered an (all day) ‘BlackFridayDay’ £5 ticket saving 20p on the current return fare Montrose Railway Station to Brechin. At 13:23 alighting on Southesk Street – St Ninian’s Square, I noted the adjacent steam railway was fully shut with their version of Thomas the Tank Engine being refurbished. The ‘Christmas Fair’ had a stall for Brechin City Youth Team. They were unsure if the match was on so I headed up the hill, turned right for Trinity Road passing the open fish & chip shop then right as per a sign to the ground.

    What you did before the game pub/chippy etc, and were the home fans friendly?

    Although still 25 minutes before gates were due to open at 2pm. I was invited to pay (£13 adult or £9 for 65+) with no ticket issued, to access the City Club underneath the David H Will Stand where I would later sit. Newcastle v Man City was on the big screen and about 40 were inside sampling ale (£3), bottles (£2.50) or soft drinks. I stayed until about 2:30 including using some toilets which were at least heated unlike the main facilities also in this stand. Back outside the club shop informed me they have ceased producing programmes and that all the team-sheets had gone. I was not best pleased as in over 2,200 games this is a quest I can only recall failing 3 times on account of very delayed arrival and/or particularly large gate! It was suggested I try the club’s Facebook page.

    What you thought on seeing the ground, first impressions of away end then other sides of Glebe Park?

    Photos on this site give a good indication but as mentioned by a previous reviewer the plastic seat are badly faded/UV damaged with any numbering long since lost. I had whole rows to choose from and nobody offered to cuddle-up on a very cold afternoon. Not dissimilar to the layout at Woking I wondered to what extent the site constraints and economics had lead to the best stand and club facilities all being at the road access end behind a goal. Fans were however spread out along all four sides and there was no segregation.

    Comment on the game itself, atmosphere, stewards, pies, facilities etc..

    All movement on the pitch threw up rime frost and perhaps sand but it looked in a decent state after what seems like an Autumn of nonstop rain. A goal from a long-range shot from the squad numbered (but not named) Stenhousemuir No 11 within the first quarter of an hour did not deter the home team from continuing to play a passing style suited to slippery or elsewhere artificial pitch conditions. Half time revealed 50-50 ticket sales of 300 from a crowd later declared as 401 which I felt was a creditable return and I wondered how many programmes would have shifted. I visited the tea bar in the corner (good view of all the pitch) for a cuppa (£1) noting various pies (£2.50 – £3), bridies etc were available. 

    Brechin scored a pleasing equaliser after 50 mins with that classic move where a winger progresses half the pitch and puts in a deep cross for heading in. A shot across the keeper and in-off the post gave the visitors a winner 20 minutes later. Heads did not drop, but there was one silly player confrontation and some game management with 2 late visitor substitutions but neither involved revealing No 17 Trialist. Stray balls that cleared hedges on both sides of the ground were presumably retrieved and I was impressed with the enthusiasm of single tiny ball-boy at our end whose adult hi-vis vest looked like he was wearing a dress.

    Comment on getting away from the ground after the game:

    I dashed away at the final whistle (noting nobody seemed to have discarded a team-sheet) to the bus stop about 100 yards away, hoping the 16:47 was running slightly late. The electronic display suggested not, so I wandered into town with almost an hour to kill. To cut a long story short about 10 mins later I now know I could have stayed and caught a No 21 bus via Forfar to arrive Dundee at 18:17. This was not an option in town, display not working, where a No 30 finally appeared at 18:25, citing an accident, and thence by train I was not in Dundee until 19:30. I didn’t get to see the cathedral in Brechin but noted the statue to Sir Robert Alexander Watson Watt the pioneer of Radar. I wonder what he would have made of the disinformation the Stagecoach (GPS driven with transponders on buses) App gave me whilst standing in the cold.

    Summary of overall thoughts of the day out:

    Back in the warmth of my hotel, despite re-tuning it, the Freeview box failed to give viable BBC nor Quest channels (blamed on Angus transmitter switch-over phase) so it was a football free evening. The match programme and bus issues somewhat spoilt a reasonably decent match experience but I was grateful the groundstaff etc had succeeded where others had succumbed to the cold snap. I am not however encouraged to return and very much fear there will be a new entrant to the Scottish ‘42’ at the expense of Brechin City. I had a long but uneventful journey home on Sunday. Throughout my stay in Scotland, the Black Friday theme was prominent whereas I saw no evidence that St Andrew’s Day was a cause for celebration.

  • Game Attended



    Highland League



    Kick Off Time


    Team Supported

    Brechin City

    Why were you looking forward to this game and visiting the ground itself?

    I had never visited Glebe Park before. Indeed, I'd never even been to Angus before, so this was an opportunity to watch a team in a stadium I had only previously seen on live streams during the pandemic.

    How easy was your journey/finding the ground/car parking?

    We were driving up from Larbert where we were staying, so an easy drive up via Dundee and Forfar. Really easy to park on Trinity Road free of charge, without causing a problem to anyone.

    What you did before the game pub/chippy etc, and were the home fans friendly?

    Brechin City is the friendliest club I have ever visited. People were very helpful, showing is where everything was. We chatted to a few people, visited the club shop, took some photos and had a couple of drinks in the City Club before grabbing a hot dog and a seat in the David H Will Stand.

    What you thought on seeing the ground, first impressions of away end then other sides of the stadium?

    Glebe Park is an iconic stadium due to the hedge running around the stadium. The David H Will Stand has plenty of seating for this level or even for the two divisions above this level and there are plenty of place to stand and watch the game if that is your preference. There's also the main stand on the half way line.

    Comment on the game itself, atmosphere, stewards, pies, facilities etc..

    These were two of the better sides in the Highland League last season, so I was expecting and got a good game. Brechin had the better of the game but Rothes played theiur part too and 1-0 to the home side was probably a fair result. Stewards were very friendly and helpful, food was ok (not great but certainly not bad). My only critrticism would be the cubicles in the gents toilets - not one had a door which shut properly!

    Comment on getting away from the ground after the game

    Really easy as traffic on Trinity Road is minimal.

    Summary of overall thoughts of the day out

    A really enjoyable day out. We're already looking to make a return visit later this season. It's a long way from where I live, but well worth the trip.


Updated 14th January 2022
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