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Leipzig Euro 2024 fixtures, tickets, stadium fan zones and more

In this city focus ahead of the Euro 2024, we look at Leipzig. Leipzig Euro 2024 is expected to come with breathtaking moments for fans heading to Germany this summer for one of the biggest football stages in Europe. So the question is, what should you expect in Leipzig and which games will be staged at the RB Arena?

In this Leipzig Euro 2024 focus, we answer the pertinent questions and provide you with all the information about Leipzig city so you are well-versed with your surroundings. Read on for more.

Leipzig Euro 2024 – what to expect

No doubt fans whose teams will play their matches at the Leipzig Arena are anticipating great and memorable moments. But before you set forth for Leipzig and even if you already did, there is much more in the offing. Below is a view of the Leipzig Arena.

Leipzig Euro 2024
Photo by Icon Sport

Euro 2024 – Red Bull Leipzig Arena fact sheet

If you haven't booked your ticket to Euro 2024 in Germany, particularly Leipzig where there will be at least four matches, do so at the earliest opportunity.

Meanwhile, we have an interesting fact sheet about Leipzig as follows:

  • Red Bull Arena in Leipzig, Germany has a capacity of 40,000 seats.
  • Red Bull Arena hosted several group-stage and round-of-16 matches in the 2006 World Cup.
  • The current stadium was constructed inside a shell of the old stadium in East Germany known as Zentralstadion.
  • Red Bull Arena is currently the largest football stadium in East Germany.
  • RB Leipzig Arena was constructed between 2000 and 2004 and opened in November 2004.
  • The construction cost of the RB Arena in Leipzig Germany was a whooping €116million.
  • Because of the UEFA sponsoring during the 2024 Euro, the home ground to the German topflight side, Leipzig, will be known as RB Arena
  • Popular singers such as Tina Turner (deceased), Herbert Gronemeyer, Bon Jovo, Coldplay, Genesis, and many other artists have had concerts as the RB Arena.

Euro 2024 fixtures at the Leipzig Arena

Red Bull Arena in Leipzig set to host some of the 2024 UEFA Euro matches has a capacity of 40,000, so while it is not the biggest, here are the Leipzig Euro 2024 fixtures:

  • Portugal vs Czech Republic on 18 June 2024.
  • Netherlands vs France on 21 June 2024
  • Croatia vs Italy to be played on June 24
  • There will also be one round of 16 clash at the Venue.

Euro 2024 – Things to do in Leipzig

If it will be your time first in Leipzig, Germany as you wait for the big fixtures to kick off at the Red Bull Arena during the 2024 Euros, note that the city is richly endowed with history and culture.

You can explore Leipzig as much as you want provided you have the time and money.

For example, the metropolis of Leipzig boasts vibrant economic activities and cultural venues that will leave you in awe. And if you love to listen to good music, Leipzig will not disappoint, for the city's musical history is well-recorded.

Moreover, from fascinating artwork, comfy cafes, and thriving nightlife to an unmatched shopping experience, the Euro 2024 should be your chance to make the most of your trip to Leipzig.

Thus, if you are a fan or supporter of teams like Portugal, Czech, France, Croatia, or Italy, a trip to Leipzig this summer shouldn't just end with watching your team take on other European giants. Lazy Sundays, when most of the shopping malls are closed, are the best days to stroll in the Leipzig Metropolis. Remember to carry a reusable water bottle to refill at the public fountains.

Leipzig Euro 2024
Inside the RB Arena – Photo by Icon Sport

Leipzig Euro 2024 – travel guide, where to stay and more

Regardless of how you want to reach Leipzig ahead of the Euro 2024, there are several means of travelling. You should access the city centre by car a few days before matchday to avoid getting caught up in traffic. It also means you will be able to find a parking space at designated places all available through the city of Leipzig.

And given that public transport in Leipzig such as train rides is not always available as it is mostly made accessible to people with mobility challenges, you should make early arrangements. Use of taxi is highly recommended but ensure to book early to avoid inconveniences.

For more travel information to and out of Leipzig ahead of and during the Euro 2024, check out this Leipzig guide by Football Ground Guide.

Leipzig Euro 2024 accessibility guide for disabled fans

Because UEFA Euro 2024 will be about celebrating people of diverse cultures, and capabilities and connecting through football, those who have disabilities are not left behind.

Fans who are unable to walk over long distances will be able to access wheelchairs at a fee. There will be volunteers on site to provide a guide on how to acquire one, including directions.

And if you need a parking space, accessibility permits can requested when booking your tickets for Leipzig Euro 2024

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