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Best football podcasts UK for matchgoing fans

As football fans, we all love to keep in with the latest news and gossip that is going on in the footballing world. From transfer rumours to ownership changes to whatever scandal is taking place at the football club you support, football fans are always tuned in.

One of the best and most modern ways to keep in the loop is to listen to podcasts, the media outlet that has suddenly taken over our lives in the last decade.

Whilst radio shows are still a thing, podcasts provide an easy-to-listen accessible alternative. In the UK, given the craze around the Premier League, podcasts have become very popular, especially those hosted by former football stars. It means if you are no longer able to watch your favourite soccer stars on the turf, you can listen in to their weekly podcasts and keep up to date with their views about the beautiful game as well as lifestyle.

But what are the best football podcasts for match-going fans? What podcasts give fans a bit more knowledge about the game they love? Here are a few that we have found that some may or may not have heard of. Some are quite mainstream while some of them are quite niche. Either way, all of them are great listeners.

Best football podcasts UK: General discussion

For general stories and discussions around football, we recommend the following UK football podcasts:

The Football Ramble

A simple, yet effective name for a football podcast, and it is exactly what it says on the tin. Football Ramble is a mix of serious discussion, mad stories, and a bit of messing about in between. It covers all the bases, delving into the heights of the Premier League while also including stories and news from the lower leagues. 

It is produced three times a week, which means it is also keeping up to date with the going-ons in the footballing world, and it's one that football fans love to listen to while heading to a match.

The Football Ramble Podcast has been available since 2007 and can be accessed on Apple Tunes, Spotify, YouTube as well Soundcloud.  There are many other platforms where you can access the Football Ramble Podcast, so always be sure to tune in, and not miss a moment with your favourite podcasters. Football is undoubtedly the world's biggest game and on the Football Ramble podcast, unserious fans are turned into huge fans by the passionate hosts.

One interesting fact about Ramble Football is that fans of the beautiful game can listen daily and weekly. It originally aired fortnightly but that changed as fans of the channel increased in numbers and hence there was the need for more. Moreover, with at least 80 million downloads, the UK-produced football content does not disappoint when it comes to insights, inside stories and more.

Stadio: A Football Podcast

No, it isn’t a podcast just solely for stadiums, however, they do cover a lot of ground in the footballing world in this football podcast. Ryan Hunn and Musa Okwonga produce their podcast twice a week, giving football fans all the latest news and updates from the European Leagues that we love to watch. 

Best football podcasts UK: Big insights

And then there are the best UK football podcasts, providing listeners with comprehensive and big insights. They include:

Fozcast – The Ben Foster Podcast

Former England and Manchester United goalkeeper Ben Foster entered the podcasting world in July 2021. It's since gained thousands of followers who listen weekly to hear former players, content creators and celebrities tell some of their most interesting stories from the footballing world. A mix of light entertainment and information that adds to your football knowledge, the Fozcast is a great one to get you in the mood for matchday.

Tom Ochoa, is the Co-host of Fozcast since it was founded in 2021. Spotify and YouTube are some of the best platforms where you can listen to the Fozcast.

Ben Foster hosts the Fozcast - one of the best football podcasts UK for matchgoing fans
Photo by Icon Sport

Best football podcasts UK: Niche choices

If you want to stick to particle niches in football podcasting, we have sampled the best options available in the UK. Take a look.

The Sweeper Podcast

A lesser-known podcast, The Sweeper – hosted by Lee Wingate and Paul Wason – covers the little stories you may not have heard of in the footballing world. Mainly documenting European football, the duo zones in on the smaller nations, giving insights into bizarre stats and facts from countries and leagues outside of the top five divisions. If you are into your niche football, then this is the podcast for you.

The Other Bundesliga Podcast

It's a niche, but you might be into it. Three English hosts give a fantastic insight into one of the lesser-known leagues in European football, the Austrian Bundesliga. The guys regularly attend matches and give updates via their Twitter accounts while bringing all the charm and knowledge one would want when listening to a football podcast. It's a little bit different, but worth a listen.

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