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The five best football podcasts for fans

As football fans, sometimes we just can't get enough of our favourite sport. The traditional setup of a 90-minute match sandwiched between both pre and post-match analysis doesn't always cut it and leaves us wanting more.

Thankfully, in the digital era, football podcasts were invented and revolutionised the sports journalism industry. Whether you are on your commute to work, out for a run or doing some errands around the home, they can be an excellent way to consume football content.

With that in mind, here are the five best football podcasts you can listen to today.

The five best football podcasts you can listen to today

Football podcast
Football podcasts can be a great way to broaden your knowledge of the game. Photo by Icon Sport

5. The Rest Is Football

Perhaps not to everyone's taste, The Rest Is Football podcast is one of the most recent podcasts to be introduced into the industry, with its first episode published ahead of the 2023/24 Premier League campaign.

Host Gary Lineker is joined by Premier League top goalscorer Alan Shearer as well as Premier League champion Micah Richards as the trio discuss a wide array of topics in football. From the life of footballers behind closed doors to contemporary issues in the sport, this podcast covers it all.

Although analysis is a key part of the podcast, ‘banter' is always at the forefront of most episodes, meaning that this is often a ‘hate it or love it' situation for most fans.

4. Second Tier Podcast

The Second Tier podcast simply had to be in this top five list due to it largely being accepted as the go-to podcast for all things Championship.

Host Ryan Dilks is joined by Justin Peach three times a week as the pair discuss topical issues from England's second tier. The podcast is often split into a weekend preview show, and weekend review show and a midweek show – ensuring that all current affairs are discussed.

Both Dilks and Peach are tremendously versed in both modern-day and historical Championship football and are able to speak on the topics discussed with incredible depth. Their rapport is excellent, making this a good choice from both an informative and entertainment perspective.

3. That Peter Crouch Podcast

Who doesn't love a bit of Crouchy, eh?

Possibly the most geared towards ‘banter' instead of focusing on analysing the nitty gritty of the footballing world, this podcast is an excellent choice for those who just want to be entertained. Set in a pub, the ex-Premier League striker is joined by Chris Stark and Steve Sidwell, with the trio often drinking alcohol throughout each episode.

The previous two podcasts certainly have a certain laid-back feel about them, but this takes that feeling to a whole new level. With two ex-pros on the team, the topics discussed and stories told are accurate and insightful, but comedy is definitely the main appeal of this podcast.

2. Football Weekly

Photo by the Guardian

In the eyes of many, Football Weekly is the grandfather of football podcasts – and with good reason too.

First broadcast in 2006, the show is currently hosted by Max Rushden, who is often joined by Barry Glendenning as well as a wide array of special guests, many of whom are expert journalists in their respective fields.

There is certainly a focus on English football – in particular the Premier League – however there is no limit to which topics are discussed. In recent weeks, there have been episodes on the Africa Cup of Nations and the Asian Cup, as well as the situation in Saudi Arabia.

Football Weekly has such a large fanbase in fact that it recently became the first football podcast to publish its own book, with the official launch taking place in September 2023.

1. The Athletic Football Podcast

Maybe a little too heavy on the analysis for some listeners, The Athletic Football Podcast is an excellent resource to consume expert football knowledge from a variety of sources.

Journalists who specialise in one specific club, such as David Ornstein (Arsenal) and Laurie Whitwell (Manchester United), regularly appear on the show – so you can be sure that any opinions or thoughts put forward are worthy of listening to.

As with the majority of podcasts on this list, this show predominantly focuses on the Premier League, whether that be on-field or off-the-field antics. However, topics from around Europe are also discussed on almost a weekly basis.

If you are looking for a podcast that enhances your critical thinking of football, this is definitely a show you should give a listen.

Harry Dowsett

Freelance football writer with experience writing for multiple digital platforms, such as GIVEMESPORT. Recently graduated from Portsmouth University with a media studies degree - completing a dissertation on the evolution of sports journalism in the process. He has a love for Arsenal Football Club and a passion for football as a whole.

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