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Cost of a pint: Could £13 beers soon be the norm at football grounds?

The cost of a pint of beer at some football stadiums in London could soon reach as much as £13.12, according to new research into what's become known as “Drinkflation.” The study, which has been undertaken by Football shirt retailer, UKSoccerShop, has examined how alcohol prices are rising in the UK and forecasted what a pint will cost at each football stadium in the Premier League by 2030.

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the average inflation rate of alcoholic drinks is currently 9.6%. If the rate is to continue at a similar rate then drinking pints in football stadiums could soon become a thing of the past.

A spokesperson from the website that has undertaken the study said:

“Drinkflation is on the rise and it’s likely to affect our stadiums, too. Using inflation figures from the ONS, we can estimate what prices football fans could pay for a match day pint. We found that over £6 could become the norm up north and over £10 in London – some may even get closer to £15 by the end of 2030”.

Pints at football matches could soon become unaffordable – Photo by Icon sport

How much will the cost of a pint at football rise to by 2030?

As expected, the cost of a pint in London is expected to be more expensive than a pint in stadiums in the North of England. The two most expensive pints on the forecast can be found at the London Stadium and the Emirates Stadium where the average cost of a pint will be £13.12 based on the current inflation rate.

In West London, the most affluent part of the capital, pints will cost around £11 at Craven Cottage and Stamford Bridge in 2030 but £8 at the Gtech Community Stadium. Meanwhile, the most expensive pint outside of London is predicted to be at the City Ground where fans will have to fork out £10.83 for a pint before the match and/or at half time.

The cheapest pint in the Premier League can currently be found at Old Trafford, where you only have to pay £3.40. Based on the current inflation rate, this will rise to £6.25 by 2030, however, this isn't taking into account a possible stadium move or renovation which could hike up food and drink prices.

Full list of 2030 pint forecasts in Premier League stadiums

  • Arsenal – £13.12
  • Aston Villa – £10.83
  • Bournemouth – £8.33
  • Brentford – £8.33
  • Brighton and Hove Albion – £8.33
  • Burnley – £6.66
  • Chelsea – £11.87
  • Crystal Palace – £10.41
  • Everton – £9.47
  • Fulham – £11.45
  • Liverpool – £9.16
  • Luton Town – £8.33
  • Manchester City – £9.58
  • Manchester United – £6.25
  • Newcastle United – £10.20
  • Nottingham Forest – £10.83
  • Sheffield United – £6.25
  • Tottenham Hotspur – £10.62
  • West Ham United – £13.12
  • Wolverhampton Wanderers – £8.33