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Denmark fans at Euro 2024: A guide to England’s opponents

Denmark fans at Euro 2024 will be hoping to see a repeat of their miraculous triumph in the 1992 Euros.

England will face Germany on June 20 at Frankfurt Football Arena, with kick-off currently scheduled for 5pm local time.

The pair have battled it out 21 times over the years, with the Three Lions emerging victorious on 12 of those occasions.

A guide to Denmark fans at Euro 2024

Denmark fans at Euro 2024
Photo by Icon Sport

How many Denmark fans at Euro 2024

As is standard for every nation in every group stage fixture at Euro 2024, Denmark will have 10,000 tickets allocated to them for this match. As for the total number of Danes in Frankfurt for the game, that figure is likely to be far higher.

This is not only due to the incredibly passionate fanbase Denmark possesses, but also just how close the two countries are located to each other. There are approximately 570 kilometres separating them, meaning a flight from Denmark to the host country would take a little over half an hour.

As a result, there will likely be plenty of Danes in Frankfurt come kick-off so expect a noisy atmosphere from our Scandinavian counterparts.

The miracle of Euro 1992

Denmark fans at Euro 2024 will be more than aware of their nation's underdog status heading into the tournament. They are certainly not among the favourites to win the ultimate prize, and for most people, they likely aren't their ‘dark horses' pick either.

However, that was also the case in 1992, and as they did 32 years ago, the supporters will thrive and cheer their side on to the very end.

When Denmark won the competition all those years ago, they hadn't even qualified for the tournament and instead were ushered into the group stages after Yugoslavia were expelled. Against all the odds, the Danes made it to the final and then, somehow, managed to beat Germany by a 2-0 margin.

With the miracle of Euro 1992 still very fresh in the mind of every Denmark fan, they will once again want to relish the underdog position they find themselves in and cause yet another upset.

Danish clap hats

A huge tradition among Danish football fans is their notorious ‘clap hats' that first began to emerge in the stands during Denmark games in the 1980s. While they are no longer as popular as they once were, if you are attending the match between England and the Danes make sure to keep an eye out as there will still be fans donning the famous hat.

Approach with caution mind you, as there is a Danish word, Klaphat, that is pronounced very similarly and loosely translates to an idiot – context is therefore crucial here.

Rivalry with Germany

One thing that both England and Denmark fans at Euro 2024 can bond over is their shared rivalry with the host country, Germany.

Unsurprisingly, Denmark's fiercest rivals come in the form of Sweden – a fellow Scandinavian nation. However, the Euro 1992 champions are also located extremely close to Germany, and as a result, there is a certain amount of tension between the two sets of fans whenever they meet on the pitch.

As the old saying goes, “An enemy of an enemy is a friend”, and with that in mind, the England and Denmark fanbases may just form an unlikely alliance at Euro 2024 with both nations desperate to win the tournament in the backyard of one of their biggest rivals.

Harry Dowsett

Freelance football writer with experience writing for multiple digital platforms, such as GIVEMESPORT. Recently graduated from Portsmouth University with a media studies degree - completing a dissertation on the evolution of sports journalism in the process. He has a love for Arsenal Football Club and a passion for football as a whole.

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