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A guide to the AC Milan Ultras

The AC Milan Ultras are one of the most well-known supporters' groups in the world. Located in the Curva Sud of the San Siro, the AC Milan Ultras are well-known for their non-stop chanting, pyrotechnic displays, and creative tifos.

Rise and Fall of Fossa dei Leoni

Fossa dei Leoni was formed in 1968 and they were one of the first Ultras Group in Italy. They gathered on Ramp 18 of Settori Popolari in the San Siro before moving to the Curva Sud in 1972.

The group featured in an Italian film in 1982 called “Eccezzziunale…veramente” where Diego Abatantuono played the role of the Fossa dei Leoni leader.

Fossa dei Leoni disbanded in 2005 due to an incident concerning two stolen banners in the Curva Sud. Members of the Fossa dei Leoni were accused of involving DIGOS (General Investigations and Special Operations Division) to try and return a banner that members of the Juventus Ultras group, Viking, had stolen. This was seen as improper conduct by members of Fossa and other ultras fan groups in Italy, resulting in the group’s dissolution.

It has been speculated, however, that the dissolution of the group was a result of other issues such as political disagreements with the other AC Milan Ultras groups and financial issues.

Curva Sud Milano – AC Milan Ultras

On December 31, 2005, the Guerrieri Ultras Curva Sud Milano (Ultras Warriors) was formed, including former members of the Fossa dei Leoni. This group is now part of the united umbrella of Curva Sud Milano, which includes other AC Milan Ultras groups such as the Brigate Rossonere.

Brigate Rossonere have been renowned for their choreography and creative tifos since forming in 1975. One of the other famous historical AC Milan Ultras groups, Commandos Tigre, disbanded in 2016.

Famous Tifos

The first tifo that was produced in the Curva Sud was in 1984. A giant red, black and white cloth covered the entire stand with the message “Come on old red and black heart.” Since then, Curva Sud Milano have continued to produce impressive visual displays.

An example of this was in 2018. Together with Ultras Warriors, Brigate Rossonere and other sub-sections of the Curva Sud Milano, produced a spectacular tifo honouring 50 years since the formation of the Fossa dei Leoni.

The tifo depicted a devil with two fans on either side. Both fans are shown with tattoos of the names of notable Curva Sud members on their bodies since the formation of Fossa dei Leoni in 1968.

During this year’s Champions League campaign, AC Milan played PSG home and away in the group stage. The PSG Ultras produced a tifo at the Parc des Princes depicting the actor, Jean-Paul Belmondo, pointing a gun at a devil that represented AC Milan.

In response to this, Curva Sud Milano produced a tifo at the San Siro for the return game with Neo from the Matrix dodging bulllets, referencing the iconic scene in the film. As well as this, they revealed banners in the adjacent and opposite stands reading ‘Toujours Milan’ and ‘Always Milan’, respectively.

AC Milan Ultras Tifo
AC Milan Ultras produced a Matrix-inspired tifo for their home match against PSG in this year's UEFA Champions League – Photo by Icon Sport

There have been countless examples of breathtaking choreography from the AC Milan Ultras over the years, solidifying themselves as one of the most famous Ultras groups in the world.

On February 16, 2010, Manchester United played AC Milan in the first leg of the Round of 16. Sir Alex Ferguson said: “The one thing that’s so amazing is that for the first 15 minutes I felt in shock, really in shock, because the atmosphere.” He continued: “No matter how much experience you have got, you get drawn into that cauldron of noise.”

The power and impact of Ultras groups on football matches cannot be underestimated, especially the AC Milan Ultras of the Curva Sud.

Will Murray

Freelance football journalist. Experience writing for When Saturday, Comes,, Elite Scholars and Total Football Analysis. Recently finished an MA in Sport Journalism at the University of Brighton. Long-time season ticket holder at the two-time European Champions Nottingham Forest.

Articles: 266