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Scotland fan chants: A guide to the Tartan Army’s favourite songs

Scotland fans have been looking forward to Euro 2024 for some time now after their team secured qualification for the tournament back in October 2023.

However, the long wait is now nearly over with Scotland set to play in the opening match of the tournament against Germany on 14 June.

Current estimates suggest that more than 100,000 Scotland fans will travel to Germany for the tournament and considering they only have 10,000 tickets per match, the Tartan Army are going to be very prominent in the streets of Munich, Cologne and Stuttgart.

As a result, Scotland fan chants are expected to be heard across all corners of Germany throughout June. Ahead of the tournament, the guide below will introduce you to some of the Tartan Army's most popular chants.

Scotland fan chants
Scotland fans are going to make themselves heard in Germany – Photo by Icon Sport

Scotland fan chants – what to expect in Germany

Flower of Scotland

The Flower of Scotland is the official national anthem of Scotland and is sung proudly by Scotland football fans before, during and after matches.

“O Flower of Scotland,
When will we see Your like again,
That fought and died for,
Your wee bit Hill and Glen, A
nd stood against him (against who?),
Proud Edward's Army,
And sent him homeward,
To think again.”

Loch Lomond

Scotland fans are proud of their country and all of its beauty. One of their most iconic anthems is all about the famous Loch Lomond.

“For you'll take the high road and I'll take the low road,
And I'll be in Scotland afore ye,
Where me and my true love will never meet again,
By the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond…”

Yes sir, I can boogie

The 1977 dance classic became Scotland's unofficial anthem for Euro 2020 to the point where Hampden Park burst into a rendition of the song on the night Scotland secured qualification for the tournament. The song first became synonymous with the Scotland team when videos from the dressing room showed the players singing along to it after some big wins before feeding into the stands.

Yes sir, I can boogie
But I need a certain song
I can boogie, boogie-boogie all night long!
Yes sir, I can boogie If you stay, you can't go wrong
I can boogie, boogie-boogie all night long!”

We hate England

It isn't exactly a secret that Scotland fans hate England and they like to sing about that fact, too. One song that often does the rounds at Scotland fans is one to the popular tune of ‘You're not singing anymore'

“We hate England,
We hate England,
We hate England more than you,
We hate England more than you…”

Scott McTominay

Manchester United's Scott McTominay has become a firm favourite for the Tartan Army for two reasons. First of all, he turned down the advances of Gareth Southgate to commit his future to Scotland when he broke through at club level. Secondly, he has scored some huge goals for his country, particularly in Euro 2024 qualifying.

Expect to hear this belter plenty of times this summer –

“Scott McTominay,
I love him till my heartaches,
He loves the Tartan Army,
He turned the English Dooown…”

Andy Delaney

Andy is a freelance sports writer with ten years of experience covering major sporting events across Europe. He has also been a season ticket holder at Old Trafford since 2008 and has visited over 40 football stadiums in the United Kingdom and abroad following the Reds.

Articles: 465