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‘Disillusioned’ Wolves fans release damning statement in response to rise in season ticket prices

Wolves fans have issued a strongly-worded statement in response to Jeff Shi’s announcement of season ticket prices yesterday. Seven supporters’ groups from the West Midlands club have come together to demand the owners to “reconsider its approach”. On average, adults have been asked to pay around 17 per cent more for the 2024/25 campaign, while children’s tickets in some areas of the ground have seen a 176 per cent rise.

Wolves fans condemn ‘offensive’ season ticket pricing

Seven supporters’ groups issued a statement condemning the rise in season ticket prices. They were: Old Gold Pack, 1877 Trust, Talking Wolves, Wolves Fancast, The Wolves Report, The Wolves 77 Club, and Always Wolves. The joint statement said: “The recent announcement of the cost of season ticket prices for the 2024/25 season has sent shockwaves through the fanbase.

“Match going fans are the lifeblood of any football club, the very essence of what a football club is.

“These very fans are now left disillusioned, with feelings of frustration and anger at yesterday’s announcement.

“In a cost-of-living crisis and a city that has the second-highest unemployment rate in the UK, these prices are offensive and will now force many to question if they can afford to renew – perhaps even putting some in financial difficulty to fund the one thing that they treasure.

“Priced out of a love, a passion, and a community that has remained constant in their lives.

“We have seen the great work done by the club in the local community and more recently around mental health – something to be incredibly proud of.

“Meanwhile, Gary O’Neil and the players have helped to rebuild that special connection with the fans.

Wolves fans
Gary O'Neill led Wolves to a 14th place finish in the Premier League. (Photo by Conor Molloy/News Images/Sipa USA) – Photo by Icon Sport

“Unfortunately, Thursday’s announcement shows how detached the club’s decision-makers are from the great work of the Wolves Foundation for our city and its people.

“We encourage those at the club to reconsider the approach to ticket prices before irreversible damage is done to the fanbase and the local community.

“It is not too late to reconsider and preserve the future of the club for the fans that helped get us where we are today. To preserve the very lifeblood of this famous old club.

“As fans, we remain loyal to our club through the good times and the bad. But since this announcement we’ve seen many people question the direction of where we are heading, and if they want to be a part of it anymore.

“Wolverhampton Wanderers FC has always been a pillar of the local community and surrounding areas. How much the club values that community is now very much in question.

“We strongly encourage the club to reconsider its approach.”

Wolves chairman doubles down on pricing

Wolves chairman Jeff Shi is yet to respond to the statement from the Wolves fans, but yesterday he doubled down on the hike in season ticket prices. After the announcement, he said: “When it comes to setting ticket prices, we benchmark our prices against those of the other 19 Premier League clubs, especially those with similar fanbase sizes, stadium capacities and sporting achievements.

Jeff Shi defends season ticket prices which has angered Wolves fans
Jeff Shi defended the rise in season ticket prices, which has angered Wolves fans – Photo by Icon Sport

“We do listen to fan feedback, and we understand that price increases are unpopular, but our aim is to ensure our prices are neither significantly higher nor lower than our peers. Our ticketing team has thoroughly researched and compared Wolves with other clubs, and I believe our pricing reflects a fair and reasonable balance based on our current position, past growth and future aspirations.”

Wolves announce changes to season ticket prices after fan backlash

Following a meeting between Wolves representatives and members of the club’s advisory board on Tuesday, June 5, the West Midlands club announced a change to their season ticket price strategy. They also said that season ticket holders would be contacted via email about the changes. In a statement, Wolves outlined the three main concessions as follows:

  1. “A guaranteed freeze on adult season ticket prices for the 2025/26 season.
  2. “No price increase for under-14s for the 2024/25 season.
  3. “The pricing strategy and structure of junior season tickets will be reviewed for the 2025/2026 season, in consultation with the FAB.”

They finished their club statement with, “We thank the Fan Advisory Board for their time, energy and commitment to our discussions and look forward to our ongoing relationship, as we work with them closely to continue to represent the fans’ voice in our club’s future.”

Wolves Supporters Trust respond to concessions

In response to the concessions made by the Wolves hierarchy following the original hike in season ticket prices, the 1877 Supporters Trust issued the following statement:

“The Trust met with the club last night as part of the Fan Advisory Board structure set up under Premier League rules. The meeting came about thanks to the sustained pressure the Trust and various fan groups have placed on the club in response to its proposed ticket price increases.

“The meeting gave us a chance for a full and frank exchange of views and we laid bare the strength of feeling among the fan groups who have come together to fight these increases.

“At the meeting, the club proposed a number of concessions. Proposals include:

“A freeze on adult ticket prices for the 2025-2026 season

“A reversal on all increases planned this year for under 14 tickets

“The exploration of an affordable family package in future seasons

“Better consultation with fans on major proposals in the future.

“These steps are alongside the decision, now taken by the club, not to convert the Stan Cullis bar into a hospitality area, as originally announced.

“The next step is for the Trust to consult with its members and coalition partners to gauge the response of our fellow fans.

“The meeting has been an important step in opening dialogue with the true custodians of this club – its fans – and we are encouraged that the club agreed to it. While we hope to continue a constructive conversation with the club, our primary job is to ensure that the voice of these groups continues to be heard, loud and clear and the Trust will continue to fulfil that role.

“The Trust welcomes new members, we are set up under Football Supporters Association rules; as affiliate members, we are part of a nationwide network of supporter trusts.”

Will Murray

Freelance football journalist. Experience writing for When Saturday, Comes,, Elite Scholars and Total Football Analysis. Recently finished an MA in Sport Journalism at the University of Brighton. Long-time season ticket holder at the two-time European Champions Nottingham Forest.

Articles: 266