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Unibet Football Betting: Odds & Tips

Read through this guide to get more information on the football betting experience at Unibet. Make sure you take a look at their Unibet sign up offer for new customers only.



Best of Unibet Offers for Football Punters in 2024

unibet football

The range of benefits that can be claimed by a football punter at Unibet would begin with a welcome offer that is quite substantial in size. This welcome offer will reward a new customer with a cashback offer if the first bet loses. This cashback offer is limited to a maximum of £40 using the promo code UNI-UK and any of the bets placed on racing do not qualify as a first bet. Furthermore, the offer is also accompanied with a £10 bonus which is applicable on casinos titles.

After becoming a member of the platform, a user will have the opportunity to receive several football-related offers on the Unibet platform. This is largely down to the heavy concentration of football odds apart from the focus on horse races. For example, one can get a £5 in-play bet for free when the bet builder feature is used to come up with a pre-match bet worth £10. The feature has to be used for creating for a bet with at least two selections and minimum odds of 2/1. This offer is applicable only in select matches and 24 hours before the kick-off.

One can also use a similar offer on select Champions League games to pick up the £5 free bet that is valid only on this competition.

Best Football Events/Tournaments that Punters Can Consider


There are many popular football tournaments to be considered for the purpose of betting. The matches in these tournaments tend to receive an enormous amount of interest and the choices of markets are also much higher than normal.

English Premier League

The English Premier League is easily one of the most watched football tournaments in the world. It has several million fans around the globe and this translates into an elevated interest from bookmakers into providing several unique markets. A punter can easily expect more than 100 markets on a Premier League game and this would easily double in the case of top matches (Manchester derby, North London derby, and more).

Champions League

The Champions League is the premier European competition where the top clubs from different European leagues face off against each other for the coveted title of being the champion of Europe. The intensity of games, quality of the opposition, and calibre of players make the Champions League as one of the premier football competitions in the world. Naturally, it attracts a huge deal of attention from Unibet in the form of markets and special bonuses.

World Cup/European Championships

Among the various international football tournaments, the World Cup and the European Championships occupy a special position. The betting interest spikes when these tournaments, which takes place once every four years, are around the corner.

In-play Betting and Live Streaming Options for Football Punters at Unibet

football stream at unibet

Unibet is one of the few online bookmakers to provide the live streaming option. A punter can use the live streams to watch a number of high-profile games without having to spend an extra in terms of fees. In fact, the live stream section from Unibet is so good that it is even possible to become a substitute for the satellite TV coverage. On occasions, Unibet even offers the ability to watch games that are not covered on satellite TV.

The live streaming section has its biggest advantage when trying to place live bets, which is another major advantage of the platform. The in-play bets come with the ability to wager on a game even if it is currently taking place in any part of the world. The odds for an event in this section would change dynamically. A great way to stay on top of the action would be to use the live stream section in conjunction with the in-play bets for added advantage. Furthermore, a range of statistics is also available on the platform.

How Do Betting Odds from Unibet Compare against Competitors?

Irrespective of all the features offered by an online bookmaker, it is very important that the quality of odds is up to the best. This is a crucial feature that ensures profitability for the punter. In this regard, Unibet has consistently ranked as one of the best. The high quantity of global traffic is a great sign about the quality of odds available on this platform. This quality is later confirmed when pitting against odds offered by competitors for the same markets. The presence of a lower betting margin means that punters often get the best value. This is especially seen in sports like basketball and football. However, this trend in prices is not seen in other sports markets where there can be variations.

Best Betting Tips Available for Success in Football Betting

Apart from providing markets on multiple football tournaments and matches, Unibet also comes out with a betting tips section that is available on a regular basis. The betting tips are published in the blog section, which also manages to house the latest news from various sports as well. The football betting tips from Unibet are especially prominent when major tournaments like the Premier League, World Cup, and Champions League are around the corner.

The betting tips would cover all the key statistics from the particular encounter, come up with predictions, and provide information about the odds for basic markets like money line. Even with these tips, a football punter will be able to achieve success in their respective field by making sure that they are on top of the statistics.

Some of the different parameters that need to be understood by a punter before coming up with predictions are:

Analysis of Form

There is no surprise that form plays a crucial role in the game of football. A punter has to be on top of the current trends to come out in a profitable state. Some of the trends that can have a major impact are the home/away form of a particular team, form of a particular player, recent record of a particular level against a particular team, and more. In the game of football, confidence level can have a big impact on the result.

Taking Bets with Value

A successful punter would not take bets just for the sake of taking a wager. Instead, the bet has to be taken only when there is value on multiple fronts. All the ominous signs and statistics should point to a particular result, while the punter should also be getting excellent odds on the market. The latter part is dependent on choosing a great bookmaker like Unibet.

Specialising in Certain Leagues

The vast number of football games that take place every week may present punters with many opportunities, but it helps to be a specialist in certain leagues/matches. For example, a punter who is an ardent supporter of a team will be able to stay on top of the current form, injury situation, and many other factors. A punter simply cannot be jumping between different leagues/teams in the

Best Features from Unibet to Assist Football Punters

Cash Out

A nifty feature on the Unibet betting platform with the cash out, which makes it easy for punters to get out of a bet before it concludes. This feature allows lock profits or to reduce the size of a loss by exiting a position well before the bet is settled. Of course, the prices offered in the cash out segment are not the same as the odds initially agreed, but the convenience of being able to fix the loss or profit levels from an encounter is excellent. A growing number of online bookmakers are starting to adopt the Cash Out feature and Unibet is one of the front-runners.

Bet Builder

Unibet comes up with a great way to create markets when they are not available on the platform as a ready-made product. This is made possible by the inclusion of the bet builder feature. A nice advantage would be the availability of special offers when a punter is using this feature for creating bets. For example, it is possible to pick up free bets when using the bet builder feature to create markets on the Champions League or Premier league encounters.

Verdict of the Football Betting Experience at Unibet

The football betting experience at Unibet will certainly leave any punter – irrespective of their experience – quite satisfied. The quantity of markets provided by the brand is enormous and new punters get the advantage of being able to get a welcome offer to go along with the substantial amount of choice at their disposal. The odds provided by Unibet are also great and they help take advantage of many features like live bets and live streams.

It is not a surprise that Unibet consistently ranks as one of the best for placing bets on football. We would not differ from this opinion, as this Unibet review has come across an excellent betting platform for football enthusiasts. There are very few areas where Unibet can make a sizable improvement.


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