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Celta Vigo (Stadium Balaídos)

Estadio Municipal de Balaídos

Capacity: 31,800
Address: Avenida de Balaídos, s/n 36210 Vigo, Pontevedra
Telephone: +34 (986) 110 900
Pitch Size: 105 x 70 m
Pitch Type: Hybrid grass
Club Nickname: Os Celestes (The Sky Blues)
Year Ground Opened: 1928
Undersoil Heating: No


Estadio Municipal de Balaídos is a modern facility that underwent a major renovation between 2015 and 2021. Not only the capacity was expanded from 24,791 to 31,800 during these latest renovations but Stadium Balaídos was converted into a modern football ground that uses mainly solar energy for its needs. 

Since the latest renovations, the access for disabled people to Celta Vigo’s stadium has improved a lot too. No matter, the disability now everyone can attend and enjoy a football game.

There are four distinct Stands. The Tribuna Stand runs parallel to the pitch. This is where all the VIP Boxes and Media seats are located. Also, this is where the fans can find the Celta Vigo Bar. 

Opposite it, on the other side of the pitch, is another two-tier stand called Rio Alto.

The main ticket office and entrance, right next to which is the new Celta Vigo Museum, is located at the Grada Gol Stand. This is where the most passionate of home fans are usually located, right behind one of the goals. 

Opposite that is the only one-tier stand left. The Marcador Stand is designated for away fans and only since 2021 it finally has a roof to shelter the supporters from blazing sun or heavy rain. 

Full capacity: 31,800
Home seats: 27,325
Away seats: 4,775
Space for wheelchair users: 75
Media seats: 45

Photo by Icon Sport

When was Stadium Balaídos built?

It was built between 1925 and 1928. 

Other uses for Stadium Balaídos?

In terms of sports, Stadium Balaídos is used only for football. The Celta Vigo stadium is also used for concerts from time to time. The first-ever concert was on 26 August 1983 when Miguel Rios performed. 

​The story of Stadium Balaídos

Way back in 1924 a group of local Galician businessmen bought a piece of land (75,000 sq.m.) between 1925 and 1928, and they built Stadium Balaídos. 

The first match was played on 30 December 1928 and it saw the only football team to ever use this stadium as a permanent home Celta Vigo beat Real Union 7-0. 

In 1967 the stadium was expanded with an extra stand. The second major expansion was in 1982 in preparation for the 1982 World Cup as Celta Vigo’s stadium was one of the grounds used for that tournament. This latest expansion brought the highest-ever attendance recorded at Stadium Balaídos. In May 1982 in a Secunda Division match Celta Vigo vs Getafe 45,000 fans were in attendance. 

Since then Stadium Balaídos has been reduced in capacity several times as it is unsustainable for the ground to be that big when the average attendance has never been higher than 24,000. 

In recent years, between 2015-18 and 2019-21, Celta Vigo’s stadium was modernised a lot and right now it looks very slick and modern facility. 

Celta Vigo’s official website offers various options for Stadium Balaídos tours. Those are usually conducted on days on which there are no scheduled matches.
As of 2019 Celta Vigo also has a Stadium Museum open for visits. It is located at the entrance of the ‘Grada Gol’ Stand and is usually open 6 days a week, including on matchdays. No advanced bookings are needed to visit the Celta Vigo Museum.

Matchday tickets can be purchased online, or as is often the case directly from the Club’s Shop and the ticket offices at the gates of the stadium. Celta Vigo’s Stadium Balaídos matches rarely sell out, so one can usually buy a ticket from the gates right up until kick-off time. 

Photo : Marca / Icon Sport

The price of tickets varies from as low as €20.00 for the upper tiers to as much as €110.00 for VIP box accommodation. 

How to get to Stadium Balaídos by train/bus?

Urzaiz train station, Vigo’s main train station, is located about 5 km away from Celta Vigo stadium. On foot, it will take only 45 minutes to cover the distance and it’s worth it as the walk will take you through the historic town centre and offer you the opportunity to explore some of the main attractions of this part of Galicia, outside football. 

For those that opt to take a taxi from the train station to Stadium Balaídos, it should take about 15 minutes and the price will be around €20.00. 

Bus connections are also a possibility. All of the following bus lines 5a, 7, 8, 11, 12b and 17 are useful and will get you right to Stadium Balaídos. 

How to get to Celta Vigo’s stadium by car?

The stadium is not far away from the main high-speed road of Galicia VG-20. Once close to Vigo just look for the signs directing towards Celta Vigo’s stadium and take one of the several exits available. 

Then all you need to do is follow one of the Rúa de Citroën or Rúa Val Miñor, depending on which exit you’ve entered Vigo, and this should take you right to the football ground. 

The parking options close to Stadium Balaídos are not great. Only a small amount of parking spaces are available and generally, the local council prefers visitors to use public transport and not block the streets and pavements around Celta Vigo’s stadium with vehicles. 

After the most recent renovation, Stadium Balaídos has its own Celta Vigo Bar, so drinks and snacks can be found there. 

Outside the stadium the options are not that rich. ‘Bunny’ is the pub located closest to the grounds. It sells beers and spirits, and despite not being great it has its advantages as it is only a 5-minute walk from Stadium Balaídos. 

The favourite among locals pub before and after games is located about a 20-minute walk from Celta Vigo’s stadium and it is called ‘El Encuentro’. Its atmosphere is great and most locals praise its food too. 

For those seeking proximity, there are not that many options within walking distance of Stadium Balaídos. ‘Hesperia Vigo’, ‘Hotel Coia de Vigo’ and ‘Hostal Geneve’ are the only three options for accommodation within a 30-minute walk from Celta Vigo’s stadium.
There are many more hotels, B&Bs and hostels in the historic town centre and near the train station, so finding a bed for the night in Vigo shouldn’t be an issue for anyone.

Updated 9th January 2024