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Al Bayt Stadium : Qatar World Cup 2022 – Al Khor’s capacity, matches and expectations

The Al Bayt Stadium is where the World Cup 2022 is going to take place, and precisely, is also the place where Qatar’s national team is making its debut.

This is how it was constructed

Known as the portable tent, Al Bayt Stadium was constructed under the shape of an Arabic traditional shop as a symbol of preserving their heritage.

Traditionally, these tent walls are made of fabric-covered stamped with some Arabic designs. Therefore, they used that model to make this huge stadium for their national team to debut in there, as is about to happen on November 21st.

The German Albert Speer Jr. was the architect of the Al Bayt Stadium.

Formerly, The Al Khor Stadium was the main home of one of the country’s teams, as its name suggests, the Al Khor team. After that stadium was demolished and replaced by the new Al Bayt Stadium, the team played there on a regular basis.

AL Bayt Stadium

Purpose for the Stadium on 2022 World Cup

The idea of a ‘’portable tent’’, as the name Bayt al sha’ar implies, is what they call these nomadic tents, is a new concept to dismantle some parts of the structure, such as the upper part of the stands, once the World Cup 2022 is over. In order to continue the tradition and legacy of the competition, the aim is to donate this material to other nations in progress that may need some sporting support.

The stadium also complies with the “ACTogether” campaign, which implies that everyone who gets access to this place, had to be vaccinated against the most recent global disease. This is, without any doubt, one of the characteristics that make this place one of the best in the world these days.

Al Bayt Stadium Capacity

The Al Bayt Stadium capacity is made of 60.000 seats for fans and other more than 1.000 for the press. In addition, it counts more than 400 buses and 1.000 taxis to help people to get there and enjoy the experience. Another pro is that Al Bayt Stadium capacity allows connecting the entrance with the Doha subway line, which facilitates access and mass mobilisation.

And as if that was not enough, the Stadium is provided with 96 luxury suites for all those who want to live the real football experience, by staying in one of the most modern and sophisticated rooms with the greatest views even of the field. Also features high-end lighting and decoration, with luxurious traditional carpets and a built-in bar.

Meet some of the guests' Al Bayt Stadium is having

Qatar’s national team is debuting at the Al Bayt Stadium soon and it is all set up. However, some other national teams are being prepared for playing there too. As it would be Ecuador, Germany or even Spain and United States.

These are the matches that will take place at the stadium in this World Cup, 2022:

Team A Team B

Group A

Qatarshutterstock 107328506

Ecuadorshutterstock 191890727

shutterstock 188762234 scaled

Qatarshutterstock 107328506

Group B

Englandshutterstock 304681397

United Statesshutterstock 185507090

Group E

Spainshutterstock 1793626930

Germanyshutterstock 1695865267

Costa Ricashutterstock 94748317

Germanyshutterstock 1695865267

Group F

Moroccoshutterstock 165142058

Croatiashutterstock 28091671

In total it would be six matches played and also it would take place some other three, that will correspond to the round of sixteen, quarter-finals and semi-finals.

All these facts add so much intrigue and excitement to the fact to be there and be part of what could probably be a global record, speaking of the Al Bayt Stadium capacity respects. Becoming, possibly, one of the stadiums with the most sold-out seats at most of its games.

The perfect debut of Qatar’s national team

It is already known that it will be the most important debut of the year, but why is it going to happen in this stadium? If there are more hosting other games too. The answer to this question is easy. Not only because the fact that this stadium highlights the culture of the country, but also because during the 2021 Arabian Cup, they played there on three occasions and each time they manage to win, leaving the players confident and sure to continue this legacy of victories.

The team has never been able to represent Asia at a football World Cup. However, in 2010, FIFA designated Qatar to host the 2022 World Cup. This will be the first time a Middle Eastern country has hosted the event.

Al Bayt Stadium and its comparisons

Al Bayt Stadium was built with the purpose of being the most eye-catching and memorable stadium in this World Cup, being started in 2015 and finished in June of 2020.

Still, it's not the only amazing stadium in Qatar, as other stadiums have also been built to the highest standards. Some of these stadiums are known as Lusail Stadium, Al Janoub, 974, Al Thumama, and International Khalifa, among others.

Lusail Stadium is the biggest stadium in Qatar. Which has a capacity of 80.000 seats for fans, overcoming the Al Bayt Stadium capacity of 60.000. However, the Al Bayt Stadium is the most impressive and iconic one in the country, giving it all the meaning and sense of community that it needs to be part of the World Cup legacy.

To get an idea, On one hand, the Etihad Stadium, Manchester City's home, counts with a capacity of 55.097 seats. On the other hand, the Anfield Stadium, home of Liverpool, counts with a capacity of 53.394 seats. This leaves Al Bayt Stadium even bigger than two of the more imposing fields in the world.

AL Bayt Stadium

Investment for the construction

Just in the construction of the Al Bayt Stadium 64.000.000 dollars had been spent. It is estimated that for all World Cup events, Qatar has been spending more than 200 million dollars. Building and making some improvements to other stadiums, such as building 100 more hotels, 3 subway lines and one airport.

Eight stadiums, distributed in five cities, will be receiving the 32 countries in the World Cup. This will mark a historic milestone in terms of world events.

FAQ about Al Bayt Stadium

Is anyone allowed to entry to the stadium?

Everyone who had been vaccinated and paid an entry can be allowed inside the Al Bayt Stadium.

Who owns the stadium?

The main owner of the Al Bayt Stadium is the Government of Qatar.

Which one club plays as local at this stadium?

The club that plays as local at the stadium is the Al Khor of Qatar Stars League.

Al Bayt Stadium : Qatar World Cup 2022 – Al Khor’s capacity, matches and expectations

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