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AL Janoub Stadium | FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 | Capacity, Size, Matches and more

The greatest footballing spectacle is just around the corner, with Qatar being its host. Since it won the bid to host the world cup, Qatar has made significant steps towards achieving a memorable competition by constructing various world-class stadiums. The AL Janoub Stadium is one of the newly built stadiums, and it bears the history of the great city of Al Wakrah. So tag along as we cover everything you need to know about the AL Janoub Stadium.

About the AL Janoub Stadium

The AL Janoub stadium was known as Al Wakrah stadium before the Emir of Qatar announced that he would change its name. This stadium was officially inaugurated on 16th May, with the final of the Amir cup being played. It is the second of the eight stadiums that will host the 2022 world cup, and it is located in the city of Al Wakrah.

AL Janoub Stadium

Furthermore, the stadium design was influenced by the dhow fishing boats, which were popular among the local pearl divers and fishermen. In addition, the AL stadium can house over 40,000 spectators, and its excellent aesthetics make it a beautiful sight.

Architectural Design and Construction Process

The AL Janoub stadium was designed by the late British- Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid who was known for her futuristic and stylish buildings. However, AL Janoub does not fall short of the mark, with it being regarded as one of the most beautiful FIFA world cup venues.

The construction of the stadium lasted between the year 2016 to 2019. Zaha Hadid Architects and AECOM were the design contractors, with KEO International consultants being the project manager. Moreover, its construction was a combination of local and International contractors listed below:

  • PORR Qatar
  • Six Construct and more.

Stand out Features of the AL Janoub Stadium

AL Janoub Stadium

Besides its beautiful design, the stadium's main attraction is its retractable roof. It is made from plastic PTFE materials and cables. Moreover, its 92metre long retractable roof will help the players and fans during harsh weather conditions. In addition, it is the first stadium equipped with a 5G network signal, increasing fans' engagement within the stadium.

Many football fans and players have expressed concern about the scorching weather in Qatar. Therefore, this has been settled with the Stadium having a pitch cooling system with eight air handling units; four placed on the east and the other four on the west.

In addition, it also has more than 100 ventilation units spread all over the stadium for the fans. However, this system can cool the temperature down to 18 degrees celsius for sports lovers, which is quite comfortable.

2022 Qatar World Cup: Match Fixtures

With the first stadium built from the ground up, the AL Janoub stadium is primed and ready to host the top football nations for the 2022 FIFA world cup. The first official game played at the stadium was the 2019 Amir cup final, with over 39,000 fans in attendance.

However, it has gone on to host other top competitions. These tournaments include the 2020 AFC Champions League Final and matches from the FIFA Arab Cup 2021. AL Janoub would host seven games, six from the group stage and a quarter-final match during the world cup.

Its opening fixture would see France, the current world cup champion aiming to defend their title against Serbia. Therefore, players like Kylian Mbappe and Paul Pogba will be seen applying their trade on the beautiful pitch. Listed below are the group stage fixtures to be played on this ground.

Date Match Time (Local)

Match Date UK kick-off Time

France vs Australia

Tuesday, 22nd Nov


Tunisia vs Australia

Saturday, 26th Nov


Australia vs Denmark

Wednesday, 30th Nov


Switzerland vs Cameroon

Thursday, 24th Nov


Cameroon vs Serbia

Monday, 28th Nov


Ghana vs Uruguay

Friday, 2nd Dec


The Future of The AL Janoub Stadium

Qatar is aiming to foster the growth of football in other countries. Therefore after the completion of the 2022 world cup, 20,000 seats will be removed.

However, these seats will be sent to developing countries needing sports amenities. Furthermore, the stadium would host local and international field and track events besides football.

Effect of the Al Janoub Stadium on the Lives of Qataris

The stadium construction has brought massive revenue for local companies in Qatar. For example, the seats were produced by Coastal Qatar. Moreover, the steel used during construction was made by SOLB26, both local companies operating in Qatar.

The city of Al Wakrah, where the stadium is located, is a tourist hotspot with its beaches and hotels. Therefore, the stadium construction will attract many foreigners who will help boost the city's revenue.

AL Janoub Stadium

In addition, the stadium is surrounded by vegetation and playgrounds, which are being developed. Therefore, the AL Janoub stadium is now a haven for the peaceful people of Al Wakrah.


How Hot Would It Be During Matches?

It is essential to know that the 2022 world cup will be held during winter, meaning the temperature won't be as extreme as in the summertime. Therefore, the average maximum temperature of matches played during the daytime is expected to be 25 degrees Celsius.

What Can I Do For Fun When Not At The Stadium?

It would be wrong to visit Al Wakrah and not visit its beautiful beach at least once. With its low tides, the beach is an excellent way to spend time with loved ones and enjoy the lovely sun. Furthermore, you can also visit the local museums, eat barbecue from the local stands or go to the restaurant.

How Can I Get To The Stadium From The Capital?

The Qatar government has made various provisions for transportation for the fans. The distance from the city in which the stadium is located to the capital is approximately 25km. Therefore, fans can use the metro system or get an Al Wakrah taxi from Doha.

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Nick Gallagher is a betting expert with six years of experience writing content for sports betting in the United Kingdom. He grew up playing competitive football and studied at the University of York, so he knows and loves the ins and outs of sports, writing about sports, and betting on sports.

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