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AL Rayyan Stadium – 2022 World Cup Qatar

Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium, popularly called Al Rayyan Stadium, officially opened in 2020 and will be one of the venues utilized for the Qatar World Cup in 2022.

AL Rayyan Stadium

Initially, engineers intended to rebuild and enlarge the current stadium, but in the end, a brand-new stadium was constructed. After Al Rayyan Football Club played the final game in the old stadium, engineers dismantled it, and construction on the new stadium began. They submitted final drawings in 2015, and late 2016 saw the beginning of foundation work.

The stadium can hold about 40,000 spectators for the upcoming 2022 World Cup matches. After the world cup, nearly half of Al Rayyan stadium will be taken out, leaving a capacity of 21,000 in place. Furthermore, the facade integrates numerous emblems of Qatari culture and mode of operation. Moreover, it draws inspiration from the adjacent desert's dunes – its most distinctive feature.

Al Rayyan Stadium – History and Design Details

The Al Rayyan facility was intended to be used for the 2022 World Cup, according to the original designs from 2010. However, after only seven years of existence, it was regarded as one of the greatest in the nation. Designers then intend to completely overhaul its current infrastructure by adding nearly 20,000 temporary seats.

A decision was taken in 2014 that it would be better to destroy the facility and construct a new one. The current World Cup arena was built on the same site using recycled rubble and contains 90 percent of old materials. These materials include floodlights, seats, and transformers. Additionally, the government gave certain materials to art projects. Finally, in April 2015, the new stadium's design was unveiled, and the Stadium's initial launch date was set for March 2019. But later, the completion date was repeatedly pushed back by the management. Finally, the team played one inaugural game on December 18th in the stadium. This match marks Qatar's National Day after the end of the investment in 2020.

The illuminated front of the stadium has a surface area of 39,000 square meters and is composed of multimedia screens. Moreover, the entrance is covered by a transparent metal screen which is its most distinctive feature. The facade's design also incorporates aspects of Qatar's national scenery and core principles. For example, the method thickens towards the base and thins out more at the top.

AL Rayyan Stadium

Stadium Facilities

Numerous facilities, including a mosque, aquatics center, and athletics track, will be located next to the stadium. In addition, the football training fields will have cooling facilities and floodlights available all year.

In addition, the stadium will have a skate park, a cycling track, a running track, and outdoor exercise equipment. These tools will be on landscaped grounds with winding, air-conditioned covered walkways. In addition, the stadium's outdoor facilities will include Aspetar – the region's top sports medicine facility, and a FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence.

World Cup 2022 Fixtures at the Al Rayyan Stadium

The stadium will host five first-round group games and one round-of-16 game during the World Cup. Below are the fixtures that will take place in the Al Rayyan football stadium during the 2022 World Cup:

Matches ​ Date

*All times are in London Local Time

Match Date UK kick-off Time

USA vs Wales

Monday 21st Nov


Wales vs Iran

Friday, 25th Nov


Wales vs England

Tuesday, 29th Nov


Japan vs Costa Rica

Sunday, 27th Nov


Belgium vs Canada

Wednesday, 23rd Nov


Croatia vs Belgium

Thursday, 1st Dec


The Future of Al Rayyan Football Stadium

After the World Cup, the government will lower the stadium's seating capacity to around 21,000. Nations needing sporting infrastructure will receive the modular upper tier as a gift.

Benefits Of The Newly Built Stadium In The City

Fans should anticipate the tradition's warm welcome and love, a trademark of Al Rayyan football club and the citizens. For easy navigation, the Mall of Qatar, a brand-new mall, is also located close to the stadium.

The stadium's capacity will be cut in half after the competition to accommodate the neighbourhood's needs better. A new train connects the stadium, which is perched on the edge of the desert, to the city.

Therefore, the area surrounding the stadium will serve as a regional sports and recreation hub after the World Cup. Six football grounds, a cricket field, and a horse riding track will all be made available to locals.

AL Rayyan Stadium

Positive Effect of Al Rayyan Stadium on Al Rayyan Football Club

Al Rayyan Football Club – one of Qatar's most prominent football teams, will call the stadium home after reducing capacity. However, this new arrangement will open up more opportunities for the club's finances.

Additionally, it will help to get the best Al Rayyan Manager or keep the existing ones if they suit the club. Furthermore, this opportunity allows the Al Rayyan manager to make the best decisions regarding player selection. This reasonable decision will result from a better training environment provided by the Al Rayyan stadium.


How Can I Get To The Al Rayyan Stadium?

You can find Al Rayyan Stadium on the eastern outskirts of the Doha metropolitan region. Moreover, Doha's city center is about 20 kilometres from the stadium’s location.

From the heart of Doha, the stadium is conveniently accessible by metro. A short distance from the stadium is the Al Riffa Metro Station which is the final train stop. However, you can access the heart of Doha easily from the stadium.

Fans can also navigate the Al Bidda station or the Al Rayyan's Education City Stadium. Football lovers should note the trip takes about 25 minutes from the center.

Where Will Be The Best Place To Stay During The Qatar Fifa World Cup?

The opulent Al Rayyan Hotel Doha – a component of the Mall of Qatar, is the closest hotel to Al Rayyan Stadium. Therefore, this is the best accommodation for football fans hoping to watch games at the Al Rayyan Stadium.

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