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Lusail Stadium Qatar | Iconic FIFA World Cup 2022 Stadium: Behind the scenes

The Qatar World Cup 2022 is just around the corner, and Lusail Stadium is one of the prominent sports grounds to hold these events. So follow along as we provide all you need to know about the Lusail stadium in 2022.

About the Lusail Stadium

The Lusail iconic stadium is a project designed to showcase the traditional vessel bowls and art pieces of Arabic conventions. It is the largest of the many newly constructed stadiums for World Cup and aims to proclaim the legacy of the Lusail metropolitan city.  Located 15km from Doha, Lusail stadium is operated and regulated by Qatar Football. Nevertheless, this venue has 80 000 seats and several accommodating features, making the arena suitable for the 2022 World Cup final.

Lusail Stadium Construction and Design Details

The building process of the Lusail stadium was started in 2014 by two notable world construction companies. Furthermore, these two reliable companies are BK Contracting (HBK) and China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC). In addition, British firm Foster and MANICA Architecture plan the designs.

Lusail Stadium

The stadium has an oval shape and an elaborate sloping roof based on the vessels and tools used traditionally in the middle east. Moreover, the exterior is muted gold with an advanced lighting system. However, many tourists have considered the stadium a treat for the eyes as the designs provide an incomparable football experience.

Stadium Facilities

The retractable roof and arrangement of the seat system in the stadium are incredible. Near the pitch are some reliable housing estates for both regular and VIP accommodation.

The stadium also possesses a large car park with conducive parking lines for all categories of cars. Moreover, these parks have canopies powered by energies from the pre-installed solar collectors.

FIFA 2022 Fixtures at the Lusail Iconic Stadium

With a $4 billion investment in the Lusail stadium, there is every reason to expect it to be a historical event centre. Moreover, in preparing for the FIFA World Cup 2022, the Qatar Football Association has planned some friendly matches featuring notable countries on the pitch.

Initially, the Lusail Iconic stadium was chosen as the 2022 world cup opening game venue. Unfortunately, the extensive construction process has made the government reverse that decision and select Al Bayt for the first game. Nevertheless, the stadium is set to hold ten fixtures in the world cup 2022.

These games include 6 in the group stage and will hold one game each for every knockout stage. Therefore, players such as Lionel Messi and Neymar will feature in this stadium. Below is a list of the fixtures that will take place in the Lusail stadium during the 2022 world cup:

Matches and Dates

Match Date UK kick-off Time

Argentina vs Saudi Arabia 

Tuesday 22nd Nov


Brazil vs Serbia

Thursday, 24th Nov


Argentina vs Mexico

Saturday, 26th Nov


Portugal vs Uruguay

Monday, 28th Nov


Saudi Arabia vs Mexico

Wednesday, 30th Nov


Cameroon vs Brazil

Friday, 2nd Dec


The Future of Lusail Stadium

Like the other stadiums prepared for the world cup in Qatar, the Lusail capacity will experience a reduction and renovation after the World Cup. The seat section will be reduced by 12.5%, equivalent to 20,000, and people will use other stadium parts for diverse activities.

However, the design of this magnificent building will remain intact as alterations are not planned. Moreover, its shape, which symbolizes the Arab and Islamic civilizations, will retain its heritage after the world event.

Benefits Of The Newly Built Stadium In The City

The Lusail city is planned and geared toward providing hospitable situations for visitors proving confirmation of its use as a tourist centre. Currently, the town can accommodate 200,000 people and sustain the citizens comfortably. The management has proposed using the stadium for social and educational events, including shopping and learning.

Following the World Cup, the location of the stadium will become the centrepiece of Lusail city. Moreover, it promises to be a good source of tourist attraction, and it will feature the rich history of the Qatar nation.

Hubs and schools will replace empty stadium spaces to foster community social growth. Additionally, some of the facilities no longer needed in the stadium will be donated to other sporting projects to further improve the stadium's legacy.

Positive Effect of Lusail Stadium on the Local Team

One of the significant advantages of this iconic stadium will be an improvement to the local team – Lusail FC. The group represents the district in the Qatari football league. Currently, the Lusail Fc team plays in the Qatari second division.

Lusail Stadium

However, the publicity and general awareness created by the newly built district stadium will improve the local team's status. Moreover, players of the team will have the opportunity to play and train in an environment with basic facilities.


How Can I Get To The Lusail Iconic Stadium?

The government of Qatar has made locating this iconic venue easy for all travellers around the globe. In addition, there will be the provision of well-connected roads that are easily accessible with directions by the local government.

Moreover, fans will be able to use the Qatar metro on the Red Line, which will be available at Hamad International Airport. Other options such as public transport systems or taxis will be available from the Doha airport, and the duration costs about thirty minutes.

Where Will Be The Best Place To Stay During The Qatar Fifa World Cup?

Qatar's compactness and incredible sustainability features give evidence of an enjoyable and hospitable visit to the country. Fans of football hoping to watch live World Cup games will enjoy an extended range of options when choosing shelter.

There are numerous 3 to 5-star hotels available for travellers in Qatar, and these venues have rooms with different styles and offers. However, you can explore the internet to make accommodation reservations before arriving in the host country. Consequently, football fans are confident of good hospitality and a sustainable environment in Qatar.