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Argentina Primera Division betting tips 2023: Odds & Predictions

Fancy some fun with the Argentinian Primera League betting markets? Make sure you read through our tips and predictions before you wager!

Argentina Primera Division

Argentinian Primera League tips and predictions

The Argentinian Primera Division is hugely competitive, as you might imagine, and there are loads of enticing betting markets for this competition. The league is already well underway for the 2020/2021 season, which is why we’ve created some key betting tips for you to take advantage of right here.

It is likely that the odds provided in the above table will change as the Argentinian Primera League continues on, so we would recommend looking at these markets yourself for the most updated odds.

Argentinian Primera Division outright betting

The Argentinian Primera League, like other football leagues, is played as a round-robin format, first of all, followed by a Championships competition. This means that there is plenty of football to be played in this league, yet it’s not always the individual games that you will want to wager on. This is where the outright markets come into play, and we’ve shown you the top ones below.

Top goalscorer

Rather than trying to pick and choose how each of the teams will perform, why not focus on an individual striker and back him to top the league in this department? This is a great market as this is the sole factor that you need to concern yourself with, and the Argentinian Primera League is full of great strikers. However, we believe that Silvio Romero of Independiente has what it takes this season.

Most clean sheets

Strikers often receive much of the credit for success in football, but being able to keep a clean sheet is just as important as scoring goals. After all, if you don’t concede, you will be looking good to rack up a significant number of points in the league. On that note, the team that we feel will concede the fewest goals in the Argentinian Primera League this season is Independiente.

To win the Championships

This is a tricky one to predict, as there are a few teams in the Argentinian Primera League that have the potential to go on and win the Championships. In our opinion, both Boca Juniors and Independiente could run away with the title this season, and the odds are fluctuating all the time for these guys. For that reason, we’d encourage you to check in with your chosen betting site to see how much value is in the market for you.

Alternative markets – Argentinian Primera Division

If you’re looking to spice things up a bit, then you can always make your way over to the alternative markets rather than the mainstream pre-match markets. By doing so, you’ll be presented with all kinds of bets that you can make, and we’ve labelled a couple of these alternative markets below.

Time of the first goal

This is a very specialized market, and it is extremely difficult to predict the exact outcome. However, due to this difficulty, the odds are often huge, meaning that you could gain a rather appealing return should you bet correctly. These time periods are usually given in periods of 10 minutes, meaning that you could bet that the first goal is scored within the first 10 minutes, within the following 10 minutes, and so on. Once again, this is quite an ambitious and speculative market, so we would approach with caution concerning how much you stake.

Anytime goalscorer

Unlike the previous market mentioned above, the anytime goalscorer market is definitely easier to predict. You basically have two options through this market – you can go for the favourite or the strikers that are in form, or you can go for an unlikely hero, in which the odds will be quite high. It’s all down to the level of risk that you want to take on as to which of the two possibilities you go for, but you’ll typically find odds for almost all of the starting 11.

Top sites for betting on the Argentinian Primera League

At the leading UK betting sites, you can find far more than just markets for domestic football. In fact, most sites cover a wide range of Argentinian Primera League games, although the odds and other features of the site will inevitably be different from others. With that in mind, why not check out some of these awesome betting sites below?

Links to sign up offers details for each bookie:

  1. Betfair
  2. Mansion Bet
  3. Bet365

Although the odds and markets do vary at these top sites, you can still expect these factors to be much better than the market average. In addition to this, each and every site has a dedicated mobile app you can download and bet from, and you can even watch some of the high-profile Argentinian Primera League games too.

FAQs – Argentinian Primera League

Is live streaming free?

As long as you keep a positive monetary balance in your account (meaning anything above £0), you will be able to stream as many games as you please. However, if your account balance hits zero, or you haven’t recently made a wager, you might find that you cannot access streaming.

What’s the best browser to bet on these sites from?

Betting sites are so advanced these days that they perform well through just about any browser. With that said, for the most optimal performances, we’d suggest that you log in and bet through browsers such as Internet Explorer, Safari, or Google Chrome.

Will my bets definitely be paid out if they win?

Of course. These online betting sites are required to pay out on winning bets by law. With that in mind, there will be maximum payouts that each betting site has in place, although these are often up to £500,000 and even higher. So as you can see, you've got to win a rather large amount to have any problems.

last update : November 2023

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