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Borussia Dortmund

Signal Iduna Park

Capacity: 81,365 (53,028 seated and 28,337 standing)
Address: SIGNAL IDUNA PARK, Strobelallee 50, 44139 Dortmund, Germany
Telephone: +49 (231) 90200
Ticket Office: +49 (231) 90200
StadiumTours: +49 (231) 90200
Pitch Size: 105m x 68m
Pitch Type: Grass
Club Nickname: Die Borussen
Year Ground Opened: 1974
Undersoil Heating: Yes
Shirt Sponsors: 1&1 Ionos
Kit Manufacturer:Puma
Home Kit: Yellow and Black
Away Kit: Black and Grey


All fans will be able to enjoy the Signal Iduna Park with stadium tours that are conducted throughout the year. Apart from visiting the stadium on match days, fans will be able to make use of these tours to have an extensive look at the stadium’s facilities that are otherwise off the limits. These include the VIP areas, tunnels that lead to the pitch, club museum, press room, and more. One can expect the tour to last for around 90 minutes in the basic version, while it would extend to 120 minutes in the PLUS version.

These tours are run at specific times of the day. Even though there is no special need to register for the tours in advance, it is better that fans do the same if they have special requests. All the tickets can be purchased online and it is not possible to choose a date when matches are held.

The biggest attractiveness of these tours is the availability in both German and English languages. There are many customisation options available for fans. They can choose an Express Tour which will complete in less than 60 minutes and it covers very short distances. It is ideal for elderly visitors and young children. A private tour is also available with an extensive audio guide and you have the advantage of being able to customise this private tour with luxuries like drinks reception, fan merchandise, snacks, and more. It is even possible to schedule a lunch as part of tour. For those who want to book a special trip for groups, there are special packages and prices depending on the number of individuals and purpose. Even disabled individuals get to enjoy their own version of stadium tours.

The ticket prices set by Dortmund are dependent on the seating plan, type of opponent, and competition. There are several categories available in the ticket section. The category 1 games are the most expensive with fans having to shell out €57.60. The category 6 games, meanwhile, will only cost around €33. These prices are for the seating plans, while a special price is available for the standing places. A fan has to pay €17.7 for a standing place. If there are games against the top opponents like Bayern Munich, there will be a 20% surcharge. Such a similar surcharge also applies for the games against Champions League knockout opponents.

When picking up the tickets, you can make sure that the time at Signal Iduna Park is best enjoyed when money is not an objective. This is due to the presence of VIP areas delicious meals and reserved tables are available. There are special sections for hospitality.

It is very easy to reach the Signal Iduna Park due to excellent connections with the Autobahns nearby. The stadium is located in the south of the city. The A1 that heads towards Dortmund-Unna junction will be your pick for reaching the stadium from the North. Then, you have to take the A44/B1 to reach the stadium. If you are coming from the East, then you should take the A2 on the way to the Dortmund-Nordost junction. From there, you have to take the B235 until Schwerte before switching to the B1. If you are travelling from the south, the A45 to the Dortmund-Sud junction will be your option. From there, you can take the B54 that heads into the stadium. The A40/B1 is the choice for those coming from the west.

After driving to the stadium, you will encounter several options to park your car. The stadium has more than 10,000 parking spots, while there are more spaces available at Westfalenhalle.

If you do not wish to drive yourself, there is easy connectivity to the Dortmund Hauptbahnhof airport in the form of many taxis. The taxis will cost around €15 and it takes about 10 minutes to reach the stadium. An added advantage would be the presence of many ride possibilities that are operated by the club, who also provide parking options in plenty.

By train or metro

Signal Iduna Park is located in an advantageous position for reaching by a train. The main railway station is about 3 km away from the stadium. The process of finding the right train station is made a lot easier since the closest station is known as the Dortmund Signal Iduna Park. A journey from London will take around seven hours and you will be passing through the likes of Brussels before reaching the city. There are many connections from the likes of Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, and Wolfsburg. After reaching Dortmund, you can easily take a regional train that will take you to the Signal Iduna Park.

Alternatively, you can also pick the U-Bahn tramline. This can be a lot more convenient due to the presence of many stations in the city. If you are taking the tramline, you have to get off at the Westfalenhallen. The lines 45 and 46 are ideal for this purpose. After getting down, you are just five minutes away from reaching the ground. On match days, you can even try using the next stop – Westfalen Stadion – since the walk is even less.

The train services are abundant in number with around 3 to 4 available every hour. The prices are very light in the pocket, as you will be spending around a few euros at the most.

It is very common for away supporters to be put inside the corner of a ground, but that is not the case with Signal Iduna Park, where you will be sitting in the central section of the North stand. This is a remarkable touch that will impress supporters straightaway, but the ticket allocation usually ranges from 2000 to 3000 – and it is also dependent on the opposition.

A great way to make the most of the visit to Dortmund would be to access the numerous pubs and bars that are dotted across the city. One of the best places for a hangout just before the game would be Strobels Bar, which is in the north-east section of the stadium. Apart from housing a large outdoor area, this place also serves excellent beer. Unlike in stadiums across Europe, you are allowed to take beer into the ground and Strobels bar is perfect for this purpose.

A highly-rated bar in the city will be Brauhaus Wenkers. The central location of this pub really helps its case and it is also a great destination to hang out if you do not have tickets for the game, as there are many TV screens that are used to show live football.

As an away supporter, you also need to try out the brilliant food options in the city. There are dining options like the Steakhouse Rodizio and NRW Cocktails bar. These are available surrounding the stadium. Apart from the highly rated restaurants, there are many fast food outlets to make sure that you are full enough to enjoy your time in Germany.

Germany is one of the renowned destinations for beer and it is not a surprise that many pubs are available in town for you to enjoy just before the game or even after the game. The top pubs are

Strobels Bar

Almost located within the shadow of the stadium, Strobels Bar is a great place for getting good beer just before the game. They also happen to serve delicious food and show live football. You are unlikely to have any trouble as long as you are not a fan of Dortmund’s rivals likes Schalke.

Brauhaus Wenkers

This brewhouse is very popular amongst locals and all football fans who have previously visited. Apart from offering local beer and great food, this is also a great place for watching live sports.

Bam Boomerang Australian Pub & Grill

It is common to spot an Irish bar in almost every major European city, but Dortmund is rather different since it specialises in Walkabout bars. Bam Boomerang is one such place where you will be able to grab delicious food, cocktails, and beer.

While these are the best pubs in the city, there are many other restaurants that can satisfy your need for an awesome culinary experience. Apart from spotting excellent restaurants in different parts of the city, it would not be a surprise if you discover excellent dining options in the stadium.

The Signal Iduna Park was opened in 1974 to serve as one of the host stadiums for the World Cup. As a result, this is a stadium that enjoys a lot of history and you will be able to feel the same when you visit the ground, which was previously known as the Westfalenstadion. This historically rich ground manages to stay quite unique with a rectangular shape, which is quite different from the bowl style adopted by many European grounds during this period. There are also separate stands that are very reminiscent of the British-style stadiums.

The key sections of the stadium are:

Nord Stand – This is a steep section of the stadium. It is capable of providing very close views of the action due to this incline. An advantage of this stand would be the presence of a cantilevered roof. This is also the section where away supporters are placed.

Sud Stand – This is easily one of the iconic aspects of the Signal Iduna Park and it is widely known as the Yellow Wall. The stand has been able to pick up this name as a result of being the largest single-tier section in a European stadium. This section alone has the capacity to hold 24,500 fans. In many ways, this stand directly goes with Liverpool’s Kop stand – including the rituals like singing ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ before a game.

West Stand – Regarded as the main section of the stadium, the West stand holds all the changing rooms, dugouts, and tunnels through which players make their way to the pitch. This stand is also where fans with hospitality tickets are accommodated.

Ost Stand – This is the section of Signal Iduna Park that comes with executive boxes and stands that are very close to the sides of the pitch. There can be a maximum of 17,000 supporters in this section alone.

Record Attendance

83,000 v Schalke, Stuttgart, Bayern Munich, Rostock (2004-05 & 2005-06 season)

Average Attendance

2019-2020: 57,297 (Bundesliga)

2018-2019: 80,841 (Bundesliga)

2017-2018: 79,496 (Bundesliga)

A number of measures are taken by Borussia Dortmund to make life easier for the disabled fans to visit the Signal Iduna Park. For starters, there is a healthy availability of 150 parking spaces for the disabled. There is also a special entrance to the stadium. In order to be eligible for the privileges, fans must make sure that they have all the necessary documents to prove their disability. The discounted tickets are also one of the ways followed by Dortmund to encourage disabled fans to visit the matches. The price for a severely handicapped ticket will be €16.8 while an accompanying person has to pay €39.90.

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Updated 29th September 2020