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Betfair App: Download for free the iOS & Android apk

In this small article, we will go through the Betfair betting application and look closer at its many features! Bring the betting action with you when you are out and about!


The Betfair betting application


How do I download the Betfair application?

The Betfair application is available for both Android and IOS devices and can be downloaded directly from the Google App Store or the Apple App Store. You download like it exactly like you would download any other application, but you can also go to the Betfair website and find the links on the promotions page. We highly recommend that you download the application and bring everything with you! It comes highly recommended by experienced betters – never miss out on a bet again!


How do I open an account and use a promo code?

It is very easy to get started on the Betfair platform and to sign up for an account. Follow these few steps to get started in a matter of no time and remember to use your promo code or bonus code when you sign up! It really helps you out. First, go to the Betfair platform and click on SIGN UP to get started!

  1. Input your name and date of birth.
  2. Select UK as your country and input your social security details.
  3. Start writing your address and let the system autocomplete it. Input your phone number.
  4. Input your e-mail address and your password. Next, select a security question and answer it.
  5. Select GBP as the currency and select if you would like to impose a maximum to bet with each week or month.
  6. Input your promo code or your Betfair promo code to get a great start on Betfair.
  7. Tick the boxes to indicate that you are legally allowed to play on the platform and that you accept its terms and conditions.

That was it! Click sign up and make your first deposit on the platform!


Bet on tennis, football, baseball and everything else in between!


Which sports can I place bets on when I use the Betfair mobile application?

You can pretty much find any imaginable sport on Betfair! While football tends to be the favourite amongst betters, there is plenty of more action to dive into. You can bet on basketball, tennis, volleyball and even virtual sports! Betfair offers one of the biggest selections of sports you can bet on, so there should be something for just about anyone. Check out the Betfair website right now and look at the loooong list of sports available for betting! We are pretty sure that you will be able to find everything that you might be looking for.

Easy steps to get started on placing bets on the Betfair mobile application

After creating your account and verifying it by click on the e-mail you receive from Betfair, you need to login to the application or the website. We highly recommend that you download the application as it makes it easier to place bets at all times and you will be notified through push notifications when new bonuses or attractive bets are available. Next, you need to make a deposit so you have funds to place a bet. You can do this under the deposit tab under banking and there are many different payment methods to choose from. Once you have done this, it is time to dive into the action and browsing through the different sports. If you already know what you want to bet on, then go on ahead! If not, we recommend that you go through the wide selection of sports available and see what betting opportunities are available.

Take your time and get to know the Betfair platform – there are new opportunities waiting around every corner and we highly recommend that you log in regularly to see what new bonuses have been added. There is always something new to discover on the Betfair platform!


Which options do I have to make a deposit into my Betfair account?

After you have created your new account, you just need to click on DEPOSIT and go to the banking section and choose one of the many deposit methods. Depending on which method you choose, the deposit will be available within just a few minutes. If you have questions regarding the various payment methods, we recommend that you get in touch with one of the friendly customer service agents who will be able to answer all your questions. How long does it take for your deposit to arrive? Are there any fees? Reach out and get in touch! You can choose between the following deposit methods:

  • All major debit and credit cards (MasterCard, Visa etc.)
  • Skrill
  • PayPal
  • Web Money
  • PaySafeCard


All of the top features in the Betfair mobile application

It is very easy to access the Betfair application and it only takes a second or two to input your security pin code to access all of the action. Forget about having to log in using your e-mail and your password. Betfair has made it easy for players to dive straight into the action when they have a moment to spare. You can also cash out your winnings directly from the application – no need to get to a computer! With a few taps on your screen, the payout will be available in just a matter of minutes. Besides all of this, you also have an application which is easy to navigate and where you can both place bets and watch them unfold and push notifications that let you know when your bet has been settled or when the match or event is starting.


The design and user-feel of the Betfair mobile application

The Betfair application is very easy to navigate and you have everything within the reach of your thumb(s). You can discover new betting opportunities, place bets or keep up to date with the matches you have placed bets on. It does not really get any easier than this! The application offers the same functionality as the Betfair website and makes it easy to bring everything with you. Forget about ever missing out on placing a bet again! Not only is the application functional, but it is also beautifully designed and very pleasant to use – even for many hours. It does take a bit of time to get used to, but once you have the hang of it, it is very easy to use and the navigation just makes sense. The application also takes a bit of time to install, but once you have it installed, it is lightning fast to both load and to use!


Does Betfair have other applications I can download?

Yes! Betfair actually has what they call The App Directory, where players can find applications to help them as they bet. There are more than 30 different applications to choose from and it is clear that Betfair really wants its players to have the best possible tools and guides available when they place bets and that actually shows a lot of consideration on their end. Betfair knows that happy traders tend to stick around longer, so no wonder that all these applications have been made available. As mentioned, there are many applications to choose from, but here is just a small selection of the featured apps for Betfair:

  • Pouncebet Auto Pounce – Create your own trading bot!
  • Mercious Trader – Create a trading bot based on AI
  • Betsplit – Get access to the Betfair Exchange
  • Betting Assistant – Stay ahead of the bets with this assistant
  • RaceStatsApp – A new unique look at racing statistics
  • Bet Angel Professional – Streaming service where you can bet as you watch.


Can the Betfair app be recommended for brand new players?

Yes! It is very easy to get started and whether you are a new to betting or an experienced better, you will be able to find your way around the application easily. The odds are favourable and there is always a nice bonus to choose from, not to mention that you can easily switch back and forth between the many different sports you can bet on. You have access to everything you can find on the website and you could even say that it offers even more functionality. It is fast and easy to log in and the push notifications are really helpful when you want to keep up to date with everything. Of the majority of betting applications out there, Betfair really stands out amongst the crowd. The application is a must-have for anyone who places bets on Betfair and a necessity in any new betters’ toolkit. The application is also easy to use, but even if you should need assistance with something, then the customer support department is just a click away and you can even chat with them, which makes it easy to get fast assistance. What else could you really ask for? Go download the Betfair application right now and see for yourself! There is a reason why so many thousands have downloaded it and continue to use it every single day to check up on their bets and of course to place new bets.