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Football Bet of the day

Bet of The day: Our exclusive tips

Today's betting tips Best Odds* Bookmaker Bet here
Europa League
Arsenal vs Olympiakos
Over 2.5 Goals @ 13/20 (1.65)
Europa League
Young Boys vs Ajax
Ajax to win & BTTS @ 9/4 (3.25)
bet365 tips
Europa League
AC Milan vs Man Utd
Rangers vs Slavia Prague
Man Utd & Rangers to win @ 49/10 (5.9)
1xbet predictions

With sports betting being such big business from all around the world, there are many sites out there that want to help you when making your predictions. Unfortunately, some sites want to try and charge for such information, but there are loads of sites that are also out there that will provide you with wagers and tips for free. In fact, through certain daily releases such as ‘bet of the day’ predictions on popular sites, you can always get the benefit of hand-picked selections from a research team.

By making use of these predictions, you are basically setting yourself up for a greater chance of making a successful bet. Needless to say, nothing is a sure bet in sport, and even if you do stick to bet of the day predictions, there is still a chance that you could lose. While it’s important to keep this in mind, you have to think, by looking at these posts each day you can get a nice guide for your sports bets, even if you don’t follow through and place the wager.

But just what are these bets of the day predictions and how do you actually take advantage of them? All of this is covered within the information below, so let’s get on with it.

Types of football bets you might find for ‘bet of the day’

It goes without saying that not all of the ‘bet of the day’ posts that you see will be focused on the same kind of betting markets. There is actually quite a variety of bets that you will see within these prediction posts, so let’s shed a bit of light now on the type of bets you might actually see, and can then subsequently place wagers on.

Both teams to score

This is quite a common market for players to bet on, and the reasons are quite extensive. Basically, if you back this market and both teams manage to find the back of the net, you will win your bet. This completely removes the need to worry about what team will win the game, or how it ends at all, as once both teams have scored the bet is settled. It’s also quite cool that when you place this bet, you aren’t actually supporting either team – you are simply supporting them to score.


As the most common type of bet on football, it is quite normal to see a moneyline bet within the bet of the day posts on a site. A outright bet, also referred to as a 1×2/singles bet, is a type of bet where you are backing how the game will finish. You can bet on the home team to win, the away team to win, or that the game ends in a draw. It’s somewhat easier to predict outtight bets compared with other markets, due to team form and recent results, but as we all know, nothing should be assumed as a given when it comes to football.

Spread bet

A spread bet is where you wager on the total goals at the end of a game, and you are betting in favour of one team or the other here. The favourite team is always shown with a negative symbol next to a value, and the underdog is also shown with a positive symbol next to a value. For example, if you bet on Manchester United to win a game with a spread of -2.5, this means that they must win by a margin of at least 3 goals for your bet to win.

Accumulator bet

While this is not the easiest of bets to win, it’s also exciting when an accumulator makes an appearance in the bet of the day predictions. You’ll sometimes see around 2-3 teams as part of a special accumulator bet, and of course, each of the teams must win for you to get a return of anything at all. Keep in mind that with an accumulator bet, you might also get a great cash-out offer if things are going well early in the games.

Who comes up with these predictions?

When you see bet of the day predictions on any site, you can be fairly confident in the fact that a team of researchers or statisticians have come up with the predictions. Obviously, the quality of these researchers can vary depending on the site that you are looking at, but on the plus side, you can check out the prediction and then do your own research if you felt so inclined.

By doing this, you can save yourself hours of research, and there’s always the chance that these teams of researchers can be correct from time to time! Once again – never assume anything in sport, and always calculate your risk vs reward appropriately.

Where to make your bet of the day wagers

It can sometimes be the case that these bet of the day tips are posted on mainstream bookmaker sites. If that is the case, you can then just jump across to the sportsbook to make your bet, assuming you already have an account set up that is. If you see a bet of the day tip on a third-party site (separate from the bookmaker) however, you will then need to go to the URL of the website in question so that you can make your wager.


Bet of the day tips can come from various resources, but the bottom line is that these tips can save you a whole load of time and effort when thinking about what bets to make. You can choose to bet on the exact predictions that you can find or go with something else, however, you can always make use of the information shown and use it as a guide when looking into the betting markets for yourself.

Finally – we'd like to wish you every success with your football bets!

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