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What is an acca bet? Get the accumulators explained!

Sports betting has come a long way since the regular outright (Moneyline) wagers. There are plenty of bet types for most popular sports, and in this article, we will explain some of the most popular and unusual bet types – accumulators. Read the full article to understand everything you need to know to place these bets on your favorite Sportsbook.

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Accumulator Bets – Explanation and Examples

If you aren't well informed on multiple bets, you probably aren't acquainted with accumulators, which are sometimes called “ACCA” for short. They are a form of multiple bet that combines several selections in a single wager. This bet type is trendy in the UK, and punters mostly use it on football matches, but some people also place accumulators on other sports, such as, but not limited to:

  • American Football
  • Cricket
  • Rugby
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Horse Racing

People place ACCAs in both online Sportsbooks and betting shops. These types of bet have high potential, but there is a catch. To win your wager, you must guess all the legs of the accumulator bet correctly. Even if one selection loses, you will lose the whole wager. Different bookmakers sometimes offer promotions where if you lose one leg of the accumulator bet, you can still win the entire bet. Still, there are specific terms and conditions you have to follow for these types of bonuses.

For your bet to be considered an ACCA, you have to have at least four selection on your betting slip. There are, of course, ACCAs with more than four selections, or also called legs. There isn't any upper limit to the number of legs you can wager. Each of the bets you put in the ACCA bet has different odds, so before you place the bet, all the odds are combined, which means that you might get a very high payout if you win the bet.

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An Example of a Six-Fold Accumulator Bet

Let’s say that you place the following ACCA wager on any online Sportsbook or in any betting shop:

  1. Liverpool to beat Manchester City at 2/1
  2. Chelsea to beat Arsenal at 2/1
  3. Manchester United to beat West Ham United at 4/1
  4. Leicester City to beat Bournemouth at 3/1
  5. Cardiff City to beat Newcastle United at 3/1
  6. Wolverhampton Wanderers to beat Tottenham Hotspur at 4/1

If you stake £2 on this ACCA wager, in the end, you could win £7,200. Each time a selection wins, the amount you win gets transferred as the stake of the next event in the ACCA bet slip. That is why these sorts of bets have a huge payout potential, as shown in the example above, from a £2 bet, and you can win £7,200.  But if any of the selections lose, you lose the whole wager, unless you participate in ACCA Insurance promotion of some kind.

acca bet

Types of Accumulator Bets

Even though ACCAs don't have an upper limit, not many people risk placing wagers with high legs because their chances of winning get slimmer with each new leg, but the good news is that the profit also grows. People sometimes put bets with two or three selections in the ACCA bet category, which isn't accurate because ACCAs are only multiple bets with four or more wagers combined.

  • Accumulators with four legs are called Four-Fold Accumulator bets.
  • Accumulators with five legs are called Five-Fold Accumulator bets.
  • Accumulators with six legs are called Six-Fold Accumulator bets.
  • Accumulators with seven legs are called Seven-Fold Accumulator bets.
  • Accumulators with eight legs are called Eight-Fold Accumulator bets.

You can also place each-way accumulator bets. If you place them, you bet on one selection to win and the second one to be placed. These bets increase your chances of winning something, but the amount you win is less than betting with normal accumulators.

ACCA Insurance

ACCA Insurance is a popular bonus that many bookmakers offer on their Sportsbooks. The cool thing about it is that even if you lose one leg on your selection, you can still win the bet. For example, let's say you place a wager for Everton, Arsenal, Tottenham, West Ham, and Liverpool to win against their opponents. The results of the games are that all teams win in their matches except for West Ham. If ACCA Insurance is available and you opted-in and placed an ACCA bet with the minimum required selection number, you would still receive the winnings from your wager. Sometimes if you lose a leg, the bookmaker offers a refund in the form of a free bet. The free wagers last for different periods, and you need to read the terms of the offer to find out which events you would be able to use them. Most bookmakers offer ACCA Insurance on football matches, but some offer the bonus on other sports like Paddy Power and 888 Sport.

Popular Bookmakers that Offer ACCA Insurance and other ACCA-related Promotions

Many fantastic bookmakers offer ACCA Insurance; the offer is mostly the same on all of the Sportsbooks. Here are the top bookmakers who offer ACCA Insurance:

Some bookmakers provide different types of ACCA bonuses, such as ACCA bet boosts. You can find these types of bonuses at William Hill, Betfair, and Coral.

Final Conclusion on Accumulator Bets and Promotions

ACCA wagers are quite popular among customers on all the popular Sportsbook platforms. They are easy-to-place wagers and don't require placing large stakes. But if you win, the benefits can be exhilarating. That is what people most enjoy about ACCA bets – they have to potential to win a large amount with a small stake. The bookmakers also attract people to this betting by providing ACCA-related bonuses like Bet Boosts or ACCA Insurance. While there are Sportsbooks who offer ACCA bonuses both online and offline, not all of the bookmakers make a habit of providing this type of bonus. Don't hesitate to try out ACCA bets, and if you don't like them, that's okay, but you may end up enjoying them.

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