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Germany as a football destination: A guide to the Euro 2024 host nation

Germany has had some of the greatest memories in football and this year is no different.

Germany's football story is far from over, from hosting the FIFA World Cup in 2006, winning football's most coveted trophies to being the Euro 2024 host nation.

In this post, we focus on the Euro 2024 host nation, especially as a football destination even as we provide you with an in-depth guide ahead of this year's UEFA Euro kick-off on 14 June 2024.

Read on for details.

Germany - Euro 2024 host nation

Why is Germany regarded as a great football destination?

Germany's success in football has earned the Bavarian nation a huge reputation over the years. The Rhine region that incorporates Duisburg, Dusseldorf, and Dortmund and stretches to the border will Holland boast a rich football history.

Thus, apart from the much-talked-about German beer that has seen tourists travel far and wide to taste, German-made football crowns the revered German-made machines in the automobile industry.

So why is Germany regarded as a football destination and probably a must-visit for anyone looking to soak into football culture? If you love football, Germany as the Euro 2024 host nation should be a reference point.

The honours

Germany won the European Championship three times in the years 1972, 1980 and most recently, in 1996 when England hosted the championship.

Moreover, the Bavarians have had a great campaign in the UEFA EURO tournament, finishing outside the top eight only thrice, in 2000, 2004 and 2020. Eyes are on the Euro 2024 host nation, especially if they progress beyond the group stages.

As the Euro 2024 host nation, Germany will play the opening match against Scotland on 14 June before clashing with Hungary and finally Switzerland in the group stages.

It is not an easy group but Germany is the highest-ranked by FIFA in group A of the Euro 2024.

Apart from European Championship access, Germany has also been a powerhouse in world football. The FIFA World Cup has always been a showcase for the Germans as they have produced incredible moments for fans and football lovers.

So, while we will not go into the details of Germany's success stories in the FIFA World Cup as we are currently focusing on Euro 2024, the country is one of the most successful setups in the world's biggest football stage. They boast four FIFA World Cup titles and have finished in the top three at least eight times.

The players

Next in Germany's decorated football history are the players who have brought honour to their country. When ranking Germany's best players in history, you would probably want to include even the active ones like Tony Kroos and Thomas Muller but that is only the tip of the iceberg for a country that has birthed football ‘gods'.

In retrospect, players like Oliver Kahn, Fritz Walter, Miroslav Klose, Manuel Neuer, Gunther Netzer, Philipp Lahm, and Lothar Matthaus are worth endless accolades as they have brought the country great honour and reputation.

The stadiums

With the 2024 European Championship fast approaching, the Euro 2024 host nation is once again brought to the limelight. Germany and UEFA are once at the centre of it and there is no doubt the country will grab the headlines for the next month and beyond.

Germany has some of the best stadiums in the world, so this is the time to visit Allianz Arena, Signal Iduna Park and many other venues that will host the UEFA EURO competition this year. More noteworthy are the architectural designs that make Germany's football stadiums stand out from the rest. Read our article on Euro 2024 stadiums for more.

Euro 2024 host nation – which German cities will host the UEFA EURO 2024?

The Euro 2024 will take place across 8 cities. Berlin will host matches at the Olympiastadion which has a capacity of 71,000 seats. It is the home venue for Hertha Berlin in the country's topflight, Bundesliga.

Cologne is another city set to host several matches in the upcoming European Championship, thanks to Cologne Stadium which has a capacity of 43, 000. It is the home stadium for FC Koln in the Bundesliga.

The next venue in the Euro 2024 is Signal Signal Iduna Park, which will be known as the BVB Stadion Dortmund during the period of the tournament. The home ground for Borussia Dortmund has a capacity of at least 62,000.

In the city of Dusseldorf, Euro 2024 matches will be played at Dusseldorf Arena, the home ground for Fortuna Dusseldorf. It has a capacity of 47,000. Frankfurt City, known for its expansive transport network, including the busiest German airport will host European Championship matches at Frankfurt Arena. The home stadium for Eintracht Frankfurt has a capacity of 47,000.

Other cities that will host Euro 2024 are Gelsenkirchen where matches will be played at Arena Aufschalke, Hamburg that will host games at the Volksparkstadion, Red Bull Stadium in Leipzig, Allianz Arena in Munich and Stuttgart Arena in Stuttgart.

Euro 2024 host nation
German National team with their head coach. Photo by Icon Sport

German beer in Euro 2024

Beer has been a popular citing in football celebrations. From UEFA Champions League victories, Bundesliga title celebrations, and FIFA World Cup madness to European Championships, beer often jests up the fan of winning a major trophy.

You have seen players pour beer on themselves in dressing rooms or on the pitch after trophy awards, so that could become even more pronounced in the Euro 2024 host nation.

Moreover, beer companies have also played pivotal roles in sponsoring major football tournaments. Euro 2024 will be no different, so while England fans have been warned about the strength of German beer, a few pints of the Bavarian drink shouldn't hurt anyone who will fancy a taste.

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