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List of famous Chelsea fans | Tim Lovejoy, Emma Watson & more

London boasts an impressive number of top English football clubs, especially those that ply their trade in the Premier League. Chelsea FC is one such outfit that has always enjoyed a massive following in the capital, especially in West London. Most importantly, famous Chelsea fans are regarded as some of the most loyal supporters of the club in world football.

For decades, Chelsea FC have amassed a massive following locally and abroad. And amid the fanatic support, the Blues have equally had a great following from famous people around the world just as Arsenal, Man United, Liverpool, Man City and Tottenham who make up the big six in England. So while rumour mills had it that the Queen had a special place for Arsenal in her heart, a question about prominent personalities harbouring unwavering and fanatical support for Chelsea FC reigns supreme.

We sort to explore this topic and in this post, we have prepared a comprehensive list of famous people who support Chelsea Football Club. Read on for details.

Do the Clintons support Chelsea?

Chelsea Victoria Clinton is the only child of the Clintons. But don't get it twisted or misconstrue her name to mean something else. The name of the former first daughter had nothing to do with football fandom. Former US First Lady, Hillary Clinton, said her daughter's name was inspired by the song ‘Chelsea Morning'.

But for Bill, rumour had it that the former US president is among the famous Chelsea fans, at least at some point in his early life while studying at Oxford University in the UK. Even though Bill Clinton has never confirmed supporting the Blues, the fact that he attended Chelsea home matches at Stamford Bridge with friends in the 1960s evokes memories of the golden ages.

Celebrity fans and film/TV personalities who support the Blues

Away from the fame that comes with being on the silver screen, actors and actresses too have some sort of allegiance to various football clubs in the UK. And for a UK movie market that is worth billions of dollars, spending a weekend in West London or at any stadium in the UK is often incomplete without spotting a celebrity figure on the big screen.

We have seen some famous Chelsea fans cheering their favourite club from the stands and high-fiving other matchgoers in rare moments of fame. Talk of seeing your favourite film ‘god' in the VIP section at Wembley and you immediately jog your mind down the memory lane of celebrity singers wowing audiences before big football finals.

There are hundreds of celebrities whose support for Chelsea has been proven, so in no particular order, we look at some of them below.

Lord Richard Attenborough (deceased), a lifelong Blues supporter

Until his death on 14 August 2024, popular film director Lord Richard Attenborough did not hide his dalliance with Chelsea FC. As a lifelong Chelsea supporter, Attenborough's support for the Blues was perhaps the best story out there – about loyalty to a football club. He was a Blues fan for more than 70 years. Even more interesting is that Lord Richard Attenborough recalled marrying his girlfriend because she agreed to follow Chelsea FC.

The UK film director and actor was a life president of the Blues and served as a board member at Stamford Bridge between 1969 and 1982. After his death, Chelsea FC paid tribute to their fallen lifelong supporter by wearing a black armband during a clash with Everton in 2014. Lord Richard Attenborough was an Oscar Award winner in film directing. He also got to meet Jose Mourinho on several occasions when the Portuguese was a manager at Stamford Bridge.

TV Presenter Tim Lovejoy never hid his love for the Blues

Then comes another lifelong supporter and one of the most famous Chelsea fans, Tim Lovejoy, a celebrated TV presenter whose love for Chelsea is in the public domain. The 56-year-old hosted Soccer AM, a morning football show in the UK that he joined in 1996. He openly confessed his support for Chelsea FC and was always glued to watching live games if he did not make it to the stadium.

At some point, Time Lovejoy became an important part of the Blues fans' movement before stepping back to focus on cooking shows such as Sunday Brunch and Something for the Weekend.

Lovejoy's social media activity at the height of his Chelsea support was often about hyping his favourite UK football, Chelsea FC. Here is an example:

Is Bryan Adams a celebrity Chelsea supporter?

Most celebrities overtly support football clubs in the UK to avoid stoking controversy. But few like Canadian songwriter and singer, Bryan Adams, have come out openly to make their stance known to the extent of attending games to cheer their favourite club from the VIP section. Bryan Adams often attends Chelsea games at Stamford Bridge, so he is not a new face in this list of Chelsea celebrity fans.

However, having someone like Bryan Adams support your club is a huge plus as it positively impacts the Chelsea brand globally, winning over more fans to Stamford Bridge.

Other noteworthy famous Chelsea fans

Chelsea Football Club is undoubtedly one of the most followed clubs in world football today. From celebrities in the music industry, film stars, former players like Didier Drogba, to players such as Peter Crouch who had a difficult time splitting his loyalty between Tottenham and the Blues, fans of Chelsea FC come from all walks of life.

While have only emphasised the most prolific names, especially the lifelong fans who can never missed from the list of fame at Stamford Bridge, we note that of the more than 121 million social media followers (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), are famous loyalists. Others like Pranay Pandya, Emma Watson, Boris Becker, and Ellie Goulding are only some of the many famous people known to support Chelsea FC.

Okello Steve

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