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Aberdeen new stadium: Latest updates about Beachfront Ground

Looking for details on the Aberdeen new stadium? Look no further, we've got you covered in this article.

The club has been given the green light to start plans to build the Aberdeen new stadium at the beachfront of the city in a redevelopment strategy that has been put in place for the city, with the aim for the new stadium to be built by the 2025/2026 season for the Scottish Premier League club.

Aberdeen new stadium
Photo: Icon Sport

Aberdeen new stadium – renovation plans and timeline

In January 2021, discussions began to take place between the club and the city council over the Aberdeen new stadium proposal.

While local politicians widely welcomed it, the proposal was further detailed to include more amenities to help boost the area, with other sports grounds and facilities included.

An agreement made by the councillors of Aberdeen has issued a £150 million investment into rejuvenation of the city's beach, with the stadium being an option left open to Aberdeen Football Club should they decide to go ahead with the project.

However, it has been notified that no further funding will be giving to the project of building the Aberdeen new stadium.

The stadium itself is estimated to cost around £80 Million but will be of benefit to the surrounding area.  If the stadium proposal is taken up and the project goes ahead, it will be built north of the existing Beach Leisure Centre.

Other plans in the proposal include a new Ballroom being built and a new leisure centre

The stadium itself is to become the world's first net zero stadium, giving Aberdeen FC historic status regarding climate change and its proposed brand new stadium.

In April of this year, club officials backed up their talk by signing up to the UN Sports for Climate Action Framework. They expressed their desire to build a sustainable football stadium, reducing emissions by 50% by 20230 and achieving net zero by 2040.

While construction plans are still in the early stages, the stadium itself is said to set a 17,000-seat capacity with a finished date set to be for the 2025/26 season, at the earliest, according to club chairman, Dave Cormack.

The stadium would be named the Kingsford Stadium, officially. However, sponsorship rights could mean their could be a name change.

Fan reaction to the Aberdeen new stadium

In April 2022, a survey was sent out to fans regard the Aberdeen new stadium, asking if they would be in favour of a new stadium being built for their football club, and the new location being included.

Some 6,500 responses were recorded and an overwhelming amount of the respondents were in favour of the move. A huge 92% of the fans who responded said they would be in favour of the move to the beachfront.

Issues like transport, affordability and atmosphere were top priorities to the fans, who indicated that all of these factors should be addressed before a switch was made. However, transport and sustainability were less of a priority for fans.

While the majority of football fans are happy with the plans some local residents, who are not football fans, have concerns that it might turn the area into a no-go place which may create anti-social problems.

Aberdeen new stadium: History of Pittodrie Stadium

Pittodrie Stadium is located in Aberdeen, Scotland. It is the home stadium of Aberdeen Football Club. The stadium has a rich history dating back to its opening in 1899.

It has hosted many memorable matches and undergone various renovations throughout the years, with the latest one sure to excite the Aberdeen fans.

The current home ground of Aberdeen FC, The Pittodrie, has four stands, the Richard Donald Stand, The Merkland Stand, the South Stand and the Beach End.

At present, the capacity of Pittodrie Stadium is 20,866. A few interesting features of the stadium are the ‘Beach End' stand, where fans can stand on a sloping terrace.

Known affectionately as ‘The Theatre of Dreams' by the Aberdeen fans, it is located right by the North Sea, giving football fans who travel there a stunning view to its picturesque settings.

Philip O'Rourke

Philip O Rourke is a Dublin-based journalist and author of Forgotten Football Clubs, 50 Clubs Around the World. He appears on the Forgotten Football Clubs podcast and, in his spare time, travels around Europe to different football stadiums, trying to watch as many different clubs as he can.

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